Saturday Shopping: 8/19/17

Hello and happy Saturday! It seemed like a few of you enjoyed last week's Saturday Shopping post with a huge round-up of designer dupes (find it here). These posts aren't too difficult to put together when I browse and link for my own purposes as throughout the week, so while I don't think I can commit to them consistently, they are fun to put together so I'll do them when I can! So here's another round of some designer dupes, sale picks, and then some!

Brand Name vs. Budget Bags:
I am running out of storage space for my own handbag collection so I can't purchase anymore unless I get rid of one or two, but I can't resist browsing this category anyway.

1. Shop Gigi New York Tote
2. Budget Tote $50 (Comes in 4 Great Neutrals)
3. Shop Brand Name Studded Bags  ("Navigator" displayed)
4. Budget Studded Crossbody Bag $36
5. Shop Designer Bucket Bags "Stacy" shown
6. Budget Bucket Bag $20 (Comes in 4 colors)

Target BOGO Shoe Sale:
I shared a couple of my favorite Target sandals in my Outfit Recap yesterday, but if you're startig to plan your Fall/Transition wardrobe, they have lots of great options in that category included in their BOGO 50% off Shoe Sale. I am yet to purchase any mules because I'm afraid they'll slip off to easily or be too noisy when I walk! But I am tempted to try a pair because I love how convenient they are to throw on.

Hope you're having a great weekend!



  1. Nice bags and shoes!


  2. That's cool. I like your blog. Go to my blog http://alamodenatine.blogspot.com

  3. I thought the peeptoes would be expensive! And I didn t think Target shipped to the Netherlands! I am shopping!!!

  4. I love the grey budget version of the tote you picked! It's super cute!


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