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Labor Day 40% Off Sale - Fitting Room Reviews

Earlier this week I tried on a few things on at Express with the hope that everything would go on sale for Labor Day weekend, and sure enough it did! They just announced their storewide 40% off sale starting today! Since I had my try-ons and reviews ready to go I didn't see the point in waiting until my normal Friday post to share this. Especially since things sell out quickly during these sales! Here's what I tried on and my thoughts on fit and so forth for each of the pieces.

Fitting Room Reviews:

Group One (1-3):

 Tee | Skirt | Shoes | Necklace (not on sale)

Tee: I only tried this on because I needed something to go with the skirt. It's not something I need in my wardrobe right now. That said, it runs very small and the Soft Ivory version I'm wearing is pretty sheer. I went up one size and it was still pretty tight.

Skirt: This is one of my favorite pieces I tried on! It's just so cute and flattering with unique details. I went up one size because that was all they had in store, and that made it very loose around the waist, albeit longer since it was sitting lower on the hips. I do think it runs true to size, so depending on your preference you can order your normal size or go one size up if you want it a little longer. I really can't think of a single occasion to wear this skirt right now otherwise I would be getting it!

Taupe Mules: You'll see these shoes in multiple try-on pictures in this post, and I plan to order these during the sale because they go with so much and I love the convenient on/off of this style of shoe. Also, the heel wasn't too high so they were reasonably comfortable. I normally wear a 7.5 and they only had a 7 in store. That fit fine but I'll order my true size online just because I can.

Top | Jeans | Shoes | Necklace (not on sale)

Top: I loved this top and especially this color (Autumnal Blush) since I don't have anything similar. The top was true-to-size, very comfortable, and gets bonus points for being able to wear a regular bra with it. The open mid-length sleeve, open shoulders, and of course the color will make it a great transitional piece, and the tie detail on the sleeve is a fun touch. It comes in four other colors as well.

Jeans: These ran true to size, although on the smaller side of that range so if you're between sizes I'd go with your bigger size. These are the type of jeans my kids don't like me to wear (too many holes), so they won't be coming home with me but if you favor a lot of distressing they're a good option. They're the Performance Stretch type, which I don't find as soft and comfortable as the regular Jean Leggings or Supersoft jeans at Express, but some people favor the way they hold their shape so again, just personal preference on that.


Top: True-to-size and a very soft, silky fabric. I love this top and would love to own it and gladly recommend it, but since I already have a very similar striped one-shoulder top, I don't think I have enough events to justify owning two in this particular style.

Group Two (4-6): 

Top | Jeans | Shoes (c/o)

V Neck Cami: If this cami is the replacement for the discontinued Barcelona Cami, then I am a happy camper! It's true-to-size and the fabric is softer and feels nicer than a Barcelona Cami. It's also much softer than the Banana Republic Easy Care Cami, which makes me wish I had these instead of those! I'm not sure if I'll end up getting these during the sale (maybe the blush one below) since I already have good basic camis, but they are a great piece if that's something you need.

Jeans: I'm wearing these jeans in several other outfits below, and I absolutely loved them! Very flattering, comfortable and true-to-size. Turns out...I already own them! I think they redid the stock photo for them so I didn't recognize them online at first, but when I put them on in store I could tell they were they exact pair I already own (as seen in outfit one in this post). They do have the frayed ankle which tends to get more frayed over time like mine have.

Black Mules: You'll see these shoes in several outfits below, and they're what I happened to be wearing that day. They are c/o Amazon from one of their new in-house fashion lines called "The Fix." They are so comfortable! I was unsure if this style would stay on my feet, but that wasn't a problem at all, and they didn't make any annoying flopping sounds when I walked or anything. The heel height is also just 2.25 inches, so very reasonable for everyday wear.

Sweater | Cami | Jeans | Shoes (c/o)

Bell Sleeve Sweater: This looked like a nice, neutral, basic cover-up/cardigan on the hanger. The color and fabric are great but the sleeves were too impractical and a deal breaker for me. Except for the sleeves (which run very long, although I'm sure that's intentional), this runs true to size and if you don't mind sleeves that will fall into everything from your food to the toilet, it's a nice piece!

Sweater Cami | Jeans | Shoes (c/o) | Necklace

Blush Cover Up: I wanted to try this to see if it would be a good option to recommend in place of my sold-out blush cover up that looks very similar, and the answer is yes! It's a nicely done basic cardigan/cover up. It also comes in several other basic colors, as well as a Heather Gray and Marled Grey under separate product listings. (I wish they would just put all the color options of one style in one place!)

Group Three (7-9):

TopJeans | Shoes (c/o)

Corset Waist Sweatshirt: I'm starting to see this corset waist detail trend cropping up all over the place so I decided to try this piece on just for fun. It's sweatshirt material so it is very soft and comfortable, and it ran true to size. I wouldn't mind having one piece in this trend, but I won't need anything as warm as this exact top until November/December so it probably won't make my sale shopping cart. But otherwise no complaints on this so if it suits your style it's a good option.

TopJeans | Shoes (c/o)

Pinstripe City Shirt: I think this shirt is going to be a hit for Express and great option for a lot of office workers. It's like an updated Portofino, and I have to say I really prefer the fabric on this one to the Portofino. It's softer and silkier (similar to the material on the one-shoulder top above) and in general just feels nicer on the skin than a Portofino shirt. It runs true-to-size, paired easily with jeans in the fitting room and I'm think it would look really nice (i.e. more professional) with a pencil skirt or dress pants like The Editor or Columnist. I'm trying not to buy any more button-down shirts for the time being since I have plenty given my casual lifestyle, but if I need one in the near future it's going to be this. You can see all the print and color options here.

Sweater | Cami Jeans | Shoes (c/o)

Cami: This is the exact cami as shown in all three outfits in Group Two, just a different color option. Again it's true-to-size and a great staple to dress up or down. Funny, it says "Online Exclusive" in the product description but I found it in store so obviously that's not the case!

Cover Up: I posted this sweater here and was happy to see it in store so I could try it on. It comes in two versatile, neutral colors and runs true to size. Again the shorter sleeve length makes it nice for transitional weather, and much more practical than the bell sleeve cover-up I posted above. It's darling and I think it will sell out quickly this season. I haven't decided if I will get this myself or not's very cute but I need to see if I already have other pieces that will serve the same purpose.

* * *
That's it for this try-on session! Since I originally planned to post all this on Friday I'm not sure whether or not I'll have another post ready to go tomorrow. But I will try to share what I ended up ordering at some point before the sale ends! There are a few items I've had my eye on that weren't available in store so I'll try to post my order here in case you want to take advantage of the sale on any of those as well!

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  1. I have to check the sale to see if I want anything, great review.


  2. That corset waist sweatshirt is such a great piece! I'm also loving the tops in #2 & #3! Thanks for sharing your reviews!

    Doused in Pink

  3. There are so many cute things at Express right now! I am in love with those distressed jeans and that pretty skirt!

  4. First, I love the mules on you! The black ones are perfect for Fall and Winter here since we can wear open toe shoes all year long really. And I'm happy that express is bringing some old favorites back but in nicer fabrics. I don't wear my portofinos at all but can't bear to part with them. Not sure why, but I just can't! I love the ruffle cardigan on you and think you should get it ;) I'm off to order the cardigan I want now! Thank you for putting this up early!

  5. That striped one shoulder and Autumn Blush top are my fave of this bunch. But I do love all the interesting details each piece you tried has to offer! That skirt is so fun!
    Caryl |

  6. oh that skirt is adorable! i wouldn't have anywhere to wear it either, but it is super cute. that bell sleeve sweater is ridiculous and hilarious. i would get it dirty in like 3 seconds. i actually really like the top in outfit 3, even if you didn't get it. very flattering! i haven't really seen the corset trend (except people wearing actual corsets/waist trainers) so that's interesting lol. looks comfy!


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