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Black Lace Trim Cami + Monday Motivation

I hope you all had a great weekend! Ours was nice for de-stressing from back-to-school madness, and hopefully it was enough to carry us through our first full week of school. Today is my second round of "So You Think You Can Be a Fashion Blogger" pictures. If you missed my first round, I shared all of the action that went on behind the scenes to make the pictures happen. I can't promise better quality pictures like these consistently, but I'm working on getting there little by little.

Cami: Abercrombie | Sweater: Abercrombie (Similar) |  Bag: c/o SheIn | Jeans: Express | Shoes: c/o Amazon | Watch: Fossil (Similar) | Bracelet: Amazon | Necklace: c/o Amazon

This cami runs true to size and has adjustable shoulder straps, which I really like since it makes for a better fit. It comes in seven colors, and I already own the white version as seen in this post. The fabric is very thin and light, but beware that makes the lighter colors a bit more sheer. It's an issue with black and likely wouldn't be with the olive and burgundy options they have for Fall.

My jeans and shoes both run true to size. The shoes are under $40 and an excellent budget-friendly option of this Vince Camuto pair for $150.

My exact cardigan from Abercrombie sold out earlier this summer, but they have four current options in identical or similar styles in the exact shade of grey:

Bag: c/o SheIn | Jeans: Express | Watch: Fossil (Similar) | Bracelet: Amazon 

This ring and chain embroidered bag comfortably holds all of my essentials (see a flat lay in this post to give an idea of scale of the bag vs. iPhone and other items). Sunglasses are the only item that don't fit that well inside since they don't lay flat. I've had several different chain link bracelets in search of one that fits well but is easy to get on and off, and this stretch link version is winning on both counts!

Monday Motivation: Updates
On Mondays I often share a little bit here about my struggles or successes at staying motivated to work on the values and goals I set for myself this year (see those here). I've done a few posts recently where I promised to update on my progress, and for lack of anything more pressing to discuss here, today seems like a good day for updates!

Embracing Change: Original Post Here
I have a confession to make about my original post on embracing change: one of the things that was weighing on my mind at the time was deciding whether to make changes on the blog front, specifically whether to make the time and money investment involved in upgrading the photos here. I wasn't ready to share those thoughts yet because after four years of doing things one way, I didn't really know if I could get myself to follow through! But writing that post and hearing back from you all on this topic was really helpful and motivating. Since that post I've also observed a lot of my friends and family making brave changes in their lives...cross-country moves, going back to school as an empty-nester, selling a beloved family home, and so on. I've come to really value a mindset that's open to change and progress and that's something I want to continually cultivate!

Meditation + Daily Five: Original Post Here
While I've done well on embracing change, I've pretty much failed at this! My goal was to take a few minutes each morning to "meditate" by writing five things I wanted to focus on that day. I lasted about a week! Then we went on vacation and all of that went out the window. I did find that writing those thoughts each day helped me be more mindful of the behaviors I want to work on (e.g. patience), but five was more than I could manage for a day. I'm not especially motivated to work on this again right now, but if that changes I will embrace it!

The Mental Diet: Original Post Here
My goal for last week's post was to eliminate one time-wasting website from my routine. Success! I made it one week and it felt pretty good! That said, I think I made up for that time by watching a few too many Instagram stories. I didn't know I followed so many bloggers that live in Houston until #hurricanewatch happened last and I couldn't stop watching updates! Back in June  I gave up Instagram Stories for a couple of weeks and it was a much needed mental diet at the time. I'm on the brink of another temporary ban, and it looks like I'm going to become a yo-yo mental dieter on this issue because I still don't think I can commit to giving it up forever! Once again, I'd love to hear how you manage your time on this one because I'd love to find a moderation approach that works for me!

Thanks for reading today and I'll be back on Wednesday for a "What's Up Wednesday" end of the month update!

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  1. very cute outfit and I got this cami in burgundy and pink, I think I need it in black and white as well. Change is hard and I have to be really challenged to give into it so I get your struggle. Actually next weekend I was thinking of doing a SM disconnect, I still post spent little to no time browsing. I could totally give up IG story as well.


  2. Such a cute cami! It looks like the one from Nordstrom that do many people have but I like this better because it's not lol.

    With IG stories, I only watch the people I care to like you :) otherwise I follow too many people and get sucked in. I still can't decide whether to do insta stories or snap but most people seem to post on IG so...the mental diet and SM is hard! It sounds like you're doing a good job at finding balance though!

  3. I really love your purse

  4. This is such a cute outfit! I really like that bag.

    For the Daily 5, I use something called the 5 minute journal everyday. It is basically a fill in the blank notebook that takes 3-4 mins in the morning and 2-3 at night. You can learn more here and I believe they also have an app: I've found it really beneficial to gain clarity and start my day on the right foot.

    Nicole to the Nines

  5. I love the embroidery on this bag - it's so cute!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  6. My crazy schedule has forced me to take a social media diet. And even a blog diet. I feel like such a bad blogger friend not being able to keep up with your posts!! But know that I'm still here and binge read when I have a moment! Blog photos are hard! Good for you for taking the leap! "You don't know what you don't know" is a good phrase I repeat when I'm debating on taking a risk on something new. I do love this cami so much. I need some lace camis in my life!!!
    Caryl |

  7. Absolutely unique!! yours nails look awesome on the background. Best Fashion Blogs In India

  8. That cami is so pretty and such a versatile piece! I am loving your peep toe booties too!

  9. that cami is super cute and i love the idea of adjustable shoulder straps. game changer. and oh my goodness, that embroidered bag is SO pretty! honestly, for me and my mental diet when it comes to snapchat or instagram? i just don't follow a lot of people, and for those that i do follow but don't want to watch their stories, i just skip them. i think the mental diet thing is important, but you don't have to give up everything. if it's honestly stressing you out or upsetting you, yeah, but i don't have strong feelings about instagram stories, so i don't. if i have strong feelings about someone specifically on instagram, i unfollow. for me it's the websites or specific people that matter more than the whole instagram stories thing or whatever. also, i try and limit my instagram story watching time to specific times, like if i am cooking and waiting for something to boil or i have to stir, i can watch at the same time. anyway.

  10. This was such a good post! I love the cami and how you've styled it! I've also been wanting to start meditating lately!

    Have an amazing day!
    xx Kris

  11. I barely have time for social media and could use a break from the little time I do spend on it. Your cami is so cute and I love seeing your new blog photos!

    Doused in Pink


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