Denim Jacket, White Jeans + Beauty Hits and Misses

I've always said that Summer is my favorite season, but this year Spring is really winning me over. After a winter that was colder and rainier than usual, the moderate temperatures and sunshine feel more amazing and refreshing by comparison. I'm starting to think that the contestant on the movie "Miss Congeniality" wasn't as dumb as everyone thought when she described her perfect date as April 25th! (Quote here and video clip here if you aren't familiar.) It's not too hot or too cold, so all I need is a light jacket, like my denim jacket in today's outfit

Jacket: Nordstrom (Similar option for $60 with more sizes) | Tee: Express ("Wren Grey" sold out, Exact Color, slightly different tee) | Jeans: Express | Sandals: Amazon ("Taupe") | Bag: c/o Amazon | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Ring: Express (Similar) | Nails: China Glaze "Let's Chalk About It"

Outfit Notes:
None of the pieces in this outfit are new to the blog, but here's a little overview on sizing in case the pieces are are new to you!

This jacket was just re-stocked in multiple sizes...and then it sold out in many of them again. (I've noticed another "big" blogger recently got this jacket and I suspect that's why!)  But it's worth checking inventory often for a re-stock if you want this exact option. It ran true to size for me and I'm wearing an XS here. This option from AE is also very similar and about half the price of mine. I found when I saw someone in real life wearing it! It looked cute on her so after complimenting her I asked her where she got her jacket. Luckily she was very nice about it and didn't mind sharing, since I know that question can potentially be off-putting to some people. (I don't mind when people ask me that...even prior to the blog. What about you all?)

My tee is currently sold out in this color, but the style is one of my favorites for layering. It's extremely soft and comfortable and the right balance of fitted but not too tight. There are lots of other cute colors in stock, or you can get this exact color of Wren Grey in a slightly different cut.

My jeans and shoes both run true to size. I am tempted to get another pair of these exact jeans and try some DIY distressing to get the slit-knee look. Paige makes a slit-knee white jean option that I like, but I don't want to spend $200 on them. If you've had luck with DIY knee distressing or know of a good tutorial, let me know! 

Front View:
Jacket: Nordstrom (Similar option for $60 with more sizes) | Tee: Express ("Wren Grey" sold out, Exact Color, slightly different tee) | Jeans: Express | Sandals: Amazon ("Taupe") | Bag: c/o Amazon | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Ring: Express | Nails: China Glaze "Let's Chalk About It"

Beauty Hits and Misses:
I don't do a lot of beauty-related posts, partly because I prefer to re-purchase my staples rather than experiment with new products, and that doesn't give me a lot of new content to share here. But now and then I succumb to marketing and impulse purchases like anyone else, so here are a few things I've tried since my last beauty-centric posts (Tried and True Beauty Staples and 2016 Bargain Beauty Favorites) and how they worked for me:

Beauty hits March

ELF Lipstick Remover $3
When I re-apply lipstick throughout the day, I prefer to do it with a clean slate rather than just applying over top of what I was already wearing. Normally I cut a makeup removing wipe in half to remove lipstick, but this looked potentially more convenient and portable. I liked it! I used it with a tissue and it easily removed all of my lip products without leaving greasy residue so I could re-apply right away. It also has a pleasant taste, which was unexpected. I still think makeup removal wipes do a better job, but this is a good portable and more affordable option.

Style Sexy Hair Spray Clay $12
I re-purchased this many times and yet surprisingly I couldn't find a place where I had posted iabout it! This is my favorite volumizing spray for my thin, fine, straight hair. A little of this plus some backcombing at the roots gives mega volume. Possibly too much if I'm visiting a dry climate and it actually stays that way. But the humidity here flattens my hair to a limp, sad state, so this really helps it keep some volume at the crown.

Quick Tan Body Drench $10
This is like a hybrid of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs and a Gradual Self Tanner. It's a spray-on liquid that gives instant color, but unlike Airbrush legs that you wash off instantly, you can build your color with the built-in sunless tanner over multiple days. It smells nice to my nose and dries very quickly.

Beauty update March

(I'm not really sure why I'm linking to products below that I don't recommend, but if you want to research for yourself anyway...there you go!)

Express Wand Lip Gloss
Anytime I have an Express coupon, it's for an amount like $40 off $120, and inevitably the items I want add up to $118. So I will add lip gloss or socks to my shopping cart to meet the coupon requirement. I like the tube lip glosses at Express, but when they came out with the wand version I decided to try that too. Sadly, it wasn't for me. I am a MAC Lip Glass fan and this just didn't hold a candle to that. The color didn't have any staying power or much shine at all. (These have great reviews online though, so maybe it's just me!)

MAC Lip Liners
While I have worn MAC Lipstick and Lip Glass for over a decade, I held off on trying their liners because of the price even though they are so popular and highly recommended. Hey, I grew up using Wet & Wild 666 Lip Liner, which cost 99 cents. So it took years to bring myself to pay over $15 for a lip liner! I purchased two colors ("Soar" and "Absolutely It") and while I do think it's a very good quality product with great colors, it's just not good enough to justify the price for me. BH cosmetics liners are comparable but better in my opinion and only $5. But I still prefer an automatic lip pencil to any that require a sharpener, and Rimmel makes my favorite for only $7.

Clarisonic Mia
Yet another very popular product that just doesn't seem to do much for me at all. It didn't clear up my skin or make any significant improvements as far as I could tell, so it was a miss for me.

That's it for my recent hits and misses! If you have any bargain, must-try beauty items please let me know in the comments! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love your crisp white jeans I have a new pair arriving today to try, mine is not fitting me well this year. I think it really shrunk after I washed it. I wish I had new beauty stuff to tell you about but I use the same things over and over again. Have a great weekend!


    1. I try to stick to just buying the same things over and over in the beauty department! It definitely saves money. But now and then...something new is just too tempting.

  2. I'm anxious to try the tanner, I'm always on the hunt for a good one that doesn't break the bank. I agree with you about the Clarisonic and thought it was just me since everyone raves about it.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I'm glad to hear someone else felt the same way about the Clarisonic! I was in the same boat..."is it just me?? This isn't doing anything!" Hope you like the sunless tanner! I'm really pleased with it for the price.

  3. I'm with you on the Clarisonic. I never noticed a difference and ended up giving mine away. I'm going to have to try that Quick Tan. MAC does have the best lip products, don't they. I'm excited they're coming to Ulta because the MAC stores and counters kind of intimidate me. Loved this post. You should do more beauty posts.

    1. Ah!! I didn't know MAC was coming to Ulta! That is exciting! And woo hoo! Two people on this post who felt the same as I did about the Clarisonic! Thanks for the vote of confidence on the Beauty content! I would do more if I tried more new things, but I really try to limit those purchases so I have more $ for clothes! LOL.

  4. good to hear you didn't like the Clarisonic as i don't want to try one haha. they are so expensive so i keep telling myself i don't need it. definitely trying that spray, i need all the volume help i can get.

    1. You don't need a Clarisonic at all. But yeah...the volumizing spray...you should try it. I'm a huge skeptic about hair products. They never work, but this one is good! You can also try a travel size for pretty cheap on eBay or Amazon just to see if you like it!

  5. Oh my gosh, I love your white jeans outfit--I'm totally going to use this as outfit inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much Laura! Glad you like it!

  6. I love your outfit! It's the perfect effortless spring look! I really want to try the Style Sexy Spray and Quick Tan! Thanks for the recommendations!

    Doused In Pink

  7. ELF always surprises me with some of their products. There are some really fabulous items for super cheap! I love their highlighting/concealer duo. I use it under my eyes to hide dark circles. I will have to look into that Quick Tan! My legs are in dire need of color!

  8. Hi Gina! Cute outfit!

    I was happy to see you recommend a product for fine hair! My fine frizzy hair is awful and I'm always wanting to hear what works for others. Right now I am using the Sexy Root Pump Plus, but feel like I got a bad bottle this time, combined with an awful haircut, so it's not really doing much for me. How do you use the product you recommended? Do you put it on wet or dry? (And is it the spray and play, or spray clay? you have the picture of spray clay, but title of spray and play). Any tips would be appreciated!

    How is the less cardio working out for you? I'm taking break from cardio due to persistent hip pain, and since i stopped, my hip is feeling much better. Boo for aging bones/joints/tendons.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Margaret! First, I apologize for my incorrect product labeling. The product I use is the one pictured and linked, I just gave it the wrong name in my text but it should be fixed now. It's called Style Sexy Hair Spray Clay. The name is kind of misleading to me because it doesn't have a clay texture (and I was hesitant to try it at first because of the word clay!). It is a spray, but it's a thicker consistency than a regular hair spray, maybe spray mousse would be a good description. I blow dry my hair completely and when I'm ready to shape and style it (the same way as always...shown in my bio photo on the top of my blog), I spray this into a U-shaped section at the crown, then back comb the area where I've sprayed. Then I smooth it all out and finish with regular hair spray.

      As for the reduced cardio, I am loving it! I enjoy spending that time on stretching or sometimes reviewing material for my black belt test or my dance class. I still end up doing some cardio in my martial arts or dance classes, but it's usually not steady-state cardio like I would do in a Cathe step DVD. And for my lifestyle, I just need to keep my stamina to that level, not marathon endurance level. I'm enjoying my workout routine more because I'm doing more of the activities I enjoy, and my weight doesn't seem to fluctuate with the reduced cardio...only with changes in my diet or birth control (to be frank). So for now I'm sticking with this plan...subject to change at any point with my mood! Ha! Hope you are doing well and it's always great to see you checking in! :)


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