Grey Striped Cardigan + Buying vs. Banned

With the mild weather here lately I have been looking at my closet in a different way. Instead of just looking for the warmest pieces I own, I feel like I can go back to wearing what suits my mood or what I bought for Spring that I might as well use now, like this white and grey striped cardigan. I have a couple of cardigans with either black or navy stripes, but I am thinking the light grey stripes on this will be my most versatile option yet.
Sweater: Gap | Cami: Express | Jeans: ExpressNecklace: J Crew (Gift, Similar) | Boots: Amazon | Ring: Stella & Dot (Gift) | Nails: Essie Devil's Advocate

Outfit Notes:

There were no surprises in terms of fabric or fit for this sweater. It ran true-to-size and is a good medium-weight fabric that will work for several seasons of the year. Not too thin, not too heavy.

This cami is a wardrobe staple that I talk about and wear ad nauseum (although they did have a good Winter Break when it was too cold even as a layer!). You can find lots of other ways I've worn this by selecting "Barcelona Cami" from the drop down menu under Categories at the top of my page. New colors and prints come out every season, so my exact shade of pink is from a 1-2 years ago, but they still carry a current blush option that's almost identical.

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Buying vs. Banned:
I am always trying to be strategic with my clothing/accessory purchases, and although I've never found the discipline to do a full, self-imposed shopping ban, I've had better luck at analyzing my closet and banning specific categories where I can convince myself I have enough options for the time being. I'm sharing my list here to keep myself accountable and focused for the rest of Winter:


  • Necklaces: My necklace holders are overflowing (see all of my jewelry storage supplies here) and I am quite content with my options now. If I want to buy any more I need to get rid of a few first!
  • Warm Winter Clothes: Even if we have a few more cold spells here and there I am well equipped with what I already own.
  • Button-Down Shirts: Between my Portofino Shirts, Plaid Shirts, Chambray Shirts and miscellaneous other shirts, I think I'm set here for now.
  • Jeans: I do want to add one pair of lighter wash jeans to my closet (and I recently ordered a pair to fit that bill that I'm hoping will work), but once I fill that spot I don't need to add any more for awhile.
  • Satchel-Style Handbags: While I do love this style of bag, they take up a lot of space in my closet. I'm content with my color options now. Not to mention I'm favoring crossbody bags lately, so it just doesn't make sense for me to buy any right now. (I did order a light grey one awhile back, so when that starts showing up on the blog just know I ordered it well before I wrote this!)
  • Winter-Friendly Boots: Whether it's ankle boots, riding boots, over-the-knee boots etc., I don't need any more for Winter.


  • Crossbody Bags: Since I've been reaching for my crossbody bags more often lately, I could stand to replace a couple of my older, worn-out options with something current.
  • Earrings: Luckily I'm not out of storage space for these, and I do want to upgrade my current collection.
  • Spring Shoes: I need to sort through what I already own before I make any purchases in this department, but I love what I've been seeing of the shoe styles for this coming Spring/Summer!
  • Throw-and-go Spring Tops: I would love more options like the top I wore in this post (and in another outfit here). It's soft, comfortable, easy to grab-and-go, but it has some details that make it look like more than just a simple t-shirt. 

If you do the same type of analysis, I'd love to hear what categories you're still buying vs. which purchases you've banned!

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  1. Crossbody bags are the best I have so many things on my banned list. I need to stop with the button down shirts as well. This Gap cardi is so cute, love the length.


  2. I need to do a closet inventory so I know what I should be buying vs banning for spring. Your striped cardi is so cute and I love the soft pink color of your cami!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Yes, my analysis is that I should not shop again EVER. But yeah. Seriously though, I've definitely noticed a plethora of button ups. I need longer sleeves tops that aren't button up. I also need more skirts. And that's basically it. Also- that cardi does look soft and cozy! I agree that the grey stripe will be extra versatile!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  4. i like your analysis and looking at the areas you shouldn't buy any more of. as you know, i'm not shopping right now and i'm doing okay. my only shopping was on my trip with my mum and i bought things i'd thought about for 2 months, so no real impulse purchases. i mean, they were impulse-y as i bought them in stores, but i had an idea of everything i needed and didn't buy much outside of that. i am in desperate need of more workout clothes though, i wear the same stuff over and over, and i don't have enough to last me the week. so i asked for some for my birthday haha. i only have one thing on my list for when the shopping ban ends: black jeans lol. unless i lose a bunch of weight and fit into my good ones!
    the grey stripe cardi is SO pretty and definitely seems more versatile than other colours.

  5. That blush cami is so pretty and I bet it goes with everything! Blush is such a great color! I should probably do an analysis of what I need to stop buying. That would be a more realistic way to go about a 'shopping ban'!

  6. Ohh I love the idea of having a "ban" list instead of just doing a freeze. I definitely need to stop buying grey and black tops..that's pretty much the only thing I own!

  7. Love that striped cardigan with the soft pink cami! You know, I was just thinking about this today! I rarely wear my barcelona camis anymore, nor do I reach for my portofinos. I'm not sure why, but I just got over them, even though I refuse to part with the basic ones. I definitely need to stop buying jewelry and cold weather clothes, and will be looking for items geared to Spring and Summer since the weather here allows for more of that clothing anyway!

  8. Love that striped cardi. I haven't done a ban but I've kept a small "wish list" of holes I've identified in my wardrobe and I'm only looking for those items. We will see how that goes when spring comes around.


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