Grey Moto Jacket + Motivation Monday

I've got a lengthy Monday Motivation segment all about relationships today, so I'll get right to the outfit details of the day and on with the post!

Jacket: c/o Amazon | Jeans: Express | Tee: Gap (Similar) | Necklace: Kendra Scott "Rae" (Budget Option) | Boots: c/o Amazon | Bag: Amazon (Exact style, different colors) | Ring: Stella & Dot | Nails: OPI "Let's Be Friends"

Outfit Notes:
This grey moto jacket is a splurge item, but after several failed attempts at finding just the right jacket (see three other options I tried here) and a few more months of shopping for a more affordable option of a jacket that looks exactly like this but at half the price, I gave up on that pipe dream and went for this. It's true-to-size, and it's a pretty warm jacket and quite a bit heavier than my Express (Minus the) Leather jackets. Once Spring weather decides to stick around, this will end up being used just for for chilly night-time weather.

I haven't worn these jeans in awhile for no particular reason, but they're the original Express jean leggings and still my favorites for a classic, non-distressed denim look. They're comfortable, flattering, true-to-size (they come in Short, Regular and Tall lengths, which is always helpful for getting a good fit). They hold their shape well throughout the day, and have a nice dark wash with just the right amount of subtle fading. These are my go-to classic denim and have been for a few years now!

Front View:
Jacket: c/o Amazon | Jeans: Express | Tee: Gap (Similar) | Necklace: Kendra Scott "Rae" (Budget Option) | Boots: c/o Amazon | Bag: Amazon (Exact style, different colors) | Ring: Stella & Dot | Nails: OPI "Let's Be Friends"

Monday Motivation:
Back in January, I shared my New Year values and goals, and one of them was to work on building stronger relationships with my friends and family and working on making myself a better mother/wife/sister/daughter/friend etc. Here's what I've been motivated to work on lately when it comes to building strong relationships.

1. Learning the Love Languages in my Family

About a year ago, my girlfriend sent me The 5 Love Languages for Children and I really enjoyed it. It was already obvious that my two kids were different from each other in many ways, but the book helped me really think about how exactly to express my love to each of them differently. e.g. One child needs more words of praise, whereas another need more quality time.

Thanks to my new audio book listening habit, I made the time this month to listen to the original Love Languages book for couples. I felt like I knew the basic principles from reading the children's book and from discussing it so often among family and friends over the years since it came out, but it's still been a great reminder of areas where I can improve. Even though my husband hasn't read the book, it's still helped prompt some healthy dialogue between us about what we want and need out of our marriage, so this book gets a positive recommendation from me. If any of you all have read books that helped you build stronger relationships (it doesn't have to be just about marriage either), I would love your recommendations as well!

2. Undivided Attention

Something that came up in The 5 Love Languages for Couples was how important it is to give loved ones our undivided attention. I know I've been guilty at times of listening to my husband or kids with one ear while I'm on my phone adding an item to my grocery list, setting a reminder about an appointment I need to cancel, or even liking pictures on Instagram. I really don't want to be remembered for always being on my phone or computer, so my goal is to work on putting away the phone when someone needs my attention. If that's not possible at that very minute, I need to tell them, "I really want to hear what you want to tell me, but I need to finish what I'm doing right now. Can you give me ten minutes to wrap this up so I can give you my full attention?"

3. Reaching Out

I have a few friends who are always so good at reaching out to me with just a simple text every now and then to say they're thinking about me or acknowledging something that's going on in my life (e.g. "hope your event went well this weekend!"). I appreciate that so much and am really working on reciprocating that behavior more often, as well as paying it forward with other friends and family, regardless of whether they reciprocate or do that sort of thing themselves.

* * *

Thanks so much for reading today! Hope your week is off to a good start and I'll see you back here on Wednesday with an update on some of the workout DVDs I've tried lately!

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  1. I'm dying over your new jacket, it's sooooo cute and I'm happy you finally found the perfect grey jacket for you.
    I'm also happy these books had a positive impact on you, I really do believe our relationships ALL of them are the most important thing in life. More than money or any material thing although we do need these as well. I know eventually I want to read these books.


  2. Ahh, that jacket!!! Obsessed with it!! Just love how you styled it!!! I need to work on my undivided attention, so hard these days when we are just so busy and surrounded by electronics.

    Great post Gina! Hope you have a great Monday!

    Xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  3. Your grey jacket is gorgeous and I love this cute look! I need to be better about reaching out. Time really flies and if you don't make an effort, next thing you know, it's been months and even years.

    Doused In Pink

  4. Absolutely loved this post! I'm sorry I've been MIA in my comments! Anyway, the Moto jacket is gorgeous. I love the color. I'm tempted to get one as well but am on the fence. I also love seeing people wearing non-distressed jeans! Such a clean look and I hope people start going back to them.
    As for the love languages, I'm going to order one off Amazon! Nate and I have a hard time being present and it's affecting our moods so I know that's something we need to work on.

  5. You definitely found the perfect grey jacket, even if you had to splurge a bit. When it's exactly what you want it is worth it! I have some friends I try to emulate as well. Some people are so good at keeping in touch and remembering to text or call. I love that they serve as such great examples for me too!

  6. I think this is the first time I have seen that jacket in grey and I dig it! If it weren't for my taupe moto jacket I splurged on this year, I'm sure I would have caved on that one. It's really good! And I love the reaching out bit. It means a lot to me too (like when blog friends live stream your TV debut) and it's such a quick and thoughtful way to stay connected!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  7. First of all, that jacket is gorgeous! I love the color. I've heard really good things about the 5 Love Languages from my friends who have used it in their relationships. I also struggle with the reaching out. I love receiving those messages and want to send me. I think I will add it to my goals!

    Nicole to the Nines

  8. i have 2 pairs of those jean jeggings and they are all i wear :)
    i haven't read the love languages book - it's on my shelf at home, but i've read about them and taken the test. i agree, it was good to start some healthy dialogue. i don't like to put my phone down when i'm going through instagram because then i lose my spot (especially if i am a few days behind) so i've had to tell KC - hold on just a tick, i don't do this often, let me finish this and i will actually listen. he got annoyed at first, but i was like it's either that or i don't pay attention? lol. i'm horrible at reaching out to people, i need to get better at that.


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