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Striped Sweater Outfit + LOFT Reviews

Express has been my go-to store for a lot of years, but I have to say it was not my jam this season when it came to sweaters and warm layers. I tried several options (see recent reviews here and here) and they just weren't for me. They had a lot of trendy options and not as many classic styles as I prefer. The only one that worked out for me was the basic black fitted option in this post. To build my winter wardrobe, I've had to shop a lot more at other stores than usual, with some success, like this striped moto sweater from LOFT that I wore on a rainy day last week.
Sweater: LOFT | Tee: Gap (Similar) | Jeans: Express | Boots: Amazon (Exact in other colors - I also own black and tan, Similar in Grey) | Bag: Amazon (Similar) | Jewelry: The Contra Ring & Pendant c/o Megan Auman (Get 15% off your purchase through 1/12/17 with code: onthedailyx)

Outfit Notes:

While this sweater isn't as soft and cozy as my Target favorite (see it in outfits herehere and here), it is very warm and unlike anything else I currently own, which were my main objectives. I'm wearing it with a long sleeve t-shirt and it wasn't itchy with that, but I wouldn't be willing to wear it with short sleeves. LOFT sizing can run a little large but I'm wearing my normal size here and am happy with the fit. It wasn't too tight or boxy - just right. It didn't shed or have any other issues to note. All in all I'm very happy with this purchase.

Front View: 

Shop the Look:

Here's a look at the stock photos for each of the LOFT items I ordered along with this sweater (originally posted here) followed my reviews on each of them:

LOFT 50% off sale purchases Dec 2016

And here's how it all looked in real life:


Marled Sweater (Sold Out): Eh. This didn't feel especially flattering on me, and it was shorter in the back than in the front, so I wouldn't be able to wear it with leggings. Since that was one of my objectives for this piece, it didn't make the cut. Returned.

Mixed Media Sweater: I'm not sure how best to describe the fabric on this top. It wasn't a soft sweater material. It felt like a heavy curtain. I didn't like the material or the sleeve length or the overall fit, so once again, returned.

Tie Neck Sweater: This is a tough one. I expected this to be a sweater (as the name implied), and purchased it with the hope that it would be warm enough to wear on its own this winter. But since it's more of a thick t-shirt, I will mostly have to layer it. But adding a layer = covering up the details on the shoulder and sleeve that I like (they're harder to see in the black version, more visible in the red version on the website)! But I do like the shirttail hem, length and the neckline. So I'm leaning towards keep on this one.

* * *
With all of my talk about winter wardrobes and sweaters, some of you who've been reading for awhile might be wondering what happened to the London sweaters I loved so much in the past. This has been an interesting year for me...there are either one of two things happening:

1) San Diego gets colder every winter that I live here, so the 3/4 length sleeves of the London sweater just feel too cold to wear now. Or....

2) I acclimate more to the mild climate each year that I live here, so "cold" has a different definition than it once did. Coming fresh from Seattle, a 60° Winter day in San Diego was relatively warm and 3/4 sleeves were fine. Lately we've had highs in upper 50s/Low 60s, and it feels way too cold without long sleeves...and generally I want another layer over those sleeves for good measure and layering options.

Most likely it's some combination of the two things, but I do think it has affected my winter style and shopping choices this year.

And now that I'm all caught up on shopping reviews, I'm ready to move on to some New Year topics. I wasn't sure I was going to do a New Year resolution type post this year, but after reflecting on it since we welcomed 2017, I do have things to share so check back on Wednesday for all of that!

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  1. Loft is my go-to store for my lace tops, they always make pretty ones. I remember San Diego was windy so I can see how upper 50s would be cold for yea, yea the london sweater wouldn't work for me there either.


  2. I don't shop at Loft very often but it sounds like they have some great sweater options. Your striped moto sweater is so cute! I also love the tie neck sweater!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Loft has been my go to lately! They have such great pieces right now!!! Love the tie neck sweater so fab!

  4. I really like that mixed media sweater a lot! I haven't shopped at LOFT in awhile, I used to shop there a lot when I worked. I have a poncho in sort of the same color/stripes as your sweater that I love!


  5. Looking nice; Like the white jeans. I should probably get me one of these.

  6. oooh i really like the look of the marled sweater, i'm glad it's sold out. haha. sucks it was shorter in the back, what the heck? doubly glad then, because no thanks.
    i wear the same thing in kentucky winter as i did in sydney winter, though the degrees vary ridiculously. you really do acclimate quickly. i love my one london sweater but wear it rarely because of the 3/4 sleeves, and it's too bulky under a coat. such a bummer, but it's good for early fall.

  7. That striped sweater looks so cozy! I love the collar and thick knit of it!

  8. That is kind of funny because I just told someone today that Express is killing it this year with their sweater game! Haha!! I hadn't liked their sweaters in the past. But this season I was all about them. I too wonder if my taste has changed a bit or if they just have that much of a different aesthetic? I dunno! But I do enjoy seeing your picks from other stores! I haven't shopped LOFT in quite some time. Not for any real reason! Thanks for keeping it top of mind!
    Carylee |

  9. I always see people in LOFT stuff and love it on them- but then never shop there. I wonder if I need to branch out.

    Even though you're in a milder climate, winter can still be tricky- especially with the wind!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. That sweater is so cute! Love the cut!


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