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Soft Olive Jacket + The Couple Next Door

Happy Friday! Just another outfit post today, and then a little something extra for those of you who read and enjoyed the book The Couple Next Door! We're headed for a dreary, rainy weekend here in San Diego but I'm trying not to let the weather put a damper on my spirits. We had a couple of nice days earlier this week though, so I got to wear this new jacket that I think will transition nicely into Spring as well!

Jacket: Target | Tee: Target | Custom Initial Choker: c/o The Fringe Studio | Jeans: Express (Similar) | Boots: Lucky Brand | Bag: Tory Burch (Option)

Outfit Notes:

This jacket was a Target in-store impulse buy, after I just said in a recent post that I should slow my roll on olive jackets. They are my favorite color of jacket, and I'm telling myself this one is different because it's a soft and kind of silky fabric, unlike any others I have. And it's under $30, making it easier to justify! I'm wearing an XS here. I often wear a Small in Target Junior's sizing, but this fits more like Express sizing.

I posted a few more details on these boots in this post, but in short they run true-to-size for me and I like them so much I ordered them in black!

This leather choker is another great piece from The Fringe Studio! It's a perfect completer piece with the fun custom initial detail. I've found that when I'm wearing a crossbody bag like this I prefer not to wear a longer necklace. Otherwise the strap from my bag and my necklace get tangled up and I'm afraid of breaking one or both of those things in trying to separate them.

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What to Read After The Couple Next Door:
Last month I recommended the book The Couple Next Door to anyone and everyone, and a few of you followed up with me that you read it and couldn't put it down either! I have my monthly book recap coming up next Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday, but in the meantime I wanted to share some good follow-up books for anyone having withdrawals from The Couple Next Door. I don't think these are similar in terms of characters, plot lines or the number of twists and turns (nothing comes to mind that tops The Couple Next Door for that!), but all of them grabbed my interest right away and held it to the end, which is exactly what I want after a book like that. I don't have the patience for, "it takes awhile to get into but it's worth it in the end!" books immediately after something so juicy.

Recommended Reading January 2017

I'll try to give a very high-level synopsis here without any major spoilers.

Try Not to Breathe
Basic plot: A reporter becomes fascinated with a woman who has been in a coma for over a decade, and decides to investigate her story since some things don't add up.
What I liked: The mystery and suspense.
What I didn't like: The main character overlooked some obvious suspects, when she was otherwise very smart and intuitive. (I suppose that's how they keep the story going, though!)

The Sound of Rain
Basic plot: A police detective is unsettled by a kidnapping/murder case that was "solved" by her department, but she doesn't agree with their findings.
What I liked: I might be biased because this takes place in my old neighborhood (e.g. the kidnapping took place at Factoria Target in Bellevue, WA where I used to shop) so there were a lot of local nuances that connected with me. Aside from that, the case was very intriguing and kept me guessing until the end. I've made a mental note that I need to read more by this author because I'd never heard of him prior to this book (the book came up on Amazon under "other people also bought..."), and so far I like his style.
What I didn't like: The ending got a little confusing. (I can't say more than that without spoiling but I'd definitely love to chat with anyone else who reads this!)

The Kind Worth Killing
Basic Plot: A man and woman meet by chance in an airport bar and make a plot to kill someone who (maybe?) deserves to die.
What I liked: I loved the TV show Dexter and how thought provoking it was about whether life (and taking a life) is as black and white as we'd like it to be. This book had similar themes and elements.
What I didn't like: I can't really think of anything I didn't like. Maybe my memory is just fading since I read this back in June/July. But I think this book is really underrated since I never hear anyone talk about it and I really liked it.

These last two books are a different genre than The Couple Next Door. They aren't really mystery/suspense and there's no murder/kidnapping etc. That said, I do think most of my real life/blog friends would like these a lot! They are page-turners that hook you quickly and have some really good surprises and twists.

It Ends With Us
Basic Plot: Girl meets boy who seems too good to be true and they share some secrets with each other because they think won't see each other again. Well...they do. (Sorry, teeny spoiler but not really.)
What I liked: The well developed, complex characters and complicated choices.
What I didn't like: Some characters were a little too perfect (or had just one major flaw), making it a little harder to relate.

November 9
Basic Plot: Girl meets boy as she's getting ready to move across country. But since they have such good chemistry they decide to meet every year on November 9 to stay in touch and see if life leads them back to each other when the timing is better.
What I liked: Major, unexpected plot twist!
What I didn't like: Up until the major plot twist, I was thinking this story was a little too cheesy.

Hope this helps some of you all pick your next book! If you've read any of these, let me know what you thought or if you have suggestions for others you loved, I'm always looking for those. Have a great weekend!

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  1. I too really enjoyed The Couple Next Door and The Kind Worth Killing. Behind Closed Doors was at the top of my list, but I've hesitated since reading your not so stellar review. I think I may have to try Try Not to Breath. The plot sounds intriguing. Although it's a completely different genre, I'm telling everyone and anyone to read Born a Crime. If you ever do audio books, the audio version is great.

    1. Thanks for the book suggestion, Megan! Yeah, I'll talk about Behind Closed Doors again on Wednesday but I really didn't like it. If I were to break it down into what I liked/didn't as I did in this post, I'm coming up blank on "what I liked" but have a long list of "what I didn't" e.g. animal cruelty and robotic dialogue. I finished it to see how it ended, but all in all it was a disappointment for me.

  2. I just finished Try Not to Breathe and have The Couple Next Door on hold at the library. I love anything with initials and monograms and your choker is so cute!

    Doused In Pink

  3. I think I need to sign up for a new library card so I can get these books, November 9th sounds good and you know I loved the couple next door.


  4. The Kind Worth Killing was one of my favorite books that I read last year and I read over 100 books. I just read his new one, Her Every Fear. It was good but not at good as The Kind Worth Killing. I also recommend You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott, The Dinner by Herman Koch, The Perfect Neighbors by Sarah Pekkanen, and The Vanishing Year by Kate Moretti (The Dinner is going to be a movie with Richard Gere coming out later this year). And The Twilight Wife by AJ Banner. This is a quick read with one of those kind of hard to believe plots but I still enjoyed it. I picked it up from an airport book store on our way back from our Christmas trip and read the whole thing before we got home. If you ever want to know about a book feel free to ask me. I've probably read it or am about to read it especially if it is a thriller :-)

    1. Ah! Thanks so much for this great list! I read a few books by Sarah Pekkanen (actually, I think all of the ones she had written at the time!) and I really enjoyed her style so I will definitely check that out and also add all of these to my list! Thanks again for the recommendation of Try Not to Breathe. I mentioned you the last time I posted about it but forgot to say it here again. :)

  5. I really loved It Ends With Us and now I am going to check out the November book you reviewed. I am also going to add The Couple Next Door to my to read list! I am not sure if you are on Goodreads, but I love using that site to organize what I've read or want to read... plus, a lot of bloggers are on it and you can friend them and see what everyone is reading, etc. I really love that choker on you! I have a couple of chokers I was wearing a lot and I sort of forgot about them, I need to get them out again!


    1. If you liked It Ends with Us I definitely think you'll like November 9! I had a Goodreads account once upon a time but never really got into using it. I need to give it another look because I am always in the market for good books and I love hearing what others thought of the same books!

  6. Great round up!


  7. I really need to read more, and you're the 2nd person who has recommended The Couple Next Door to me, so I might have to download it. Love this outfit, that color combo is one of my faves. xo

  8. I have The Couple Next Door on hold (I'm on the wait list) at the library. You are making me wish people would hurry up and read it so it's my turn!

  9. Thank you for these recommendations. I will have to add it to my books to borrow.

    IG: happinessatmidlife

  10. yay book recs! i STILL haven't read the couple next door. so much for our little book club thingy. sorry! life. i'll be back to normal soon i think.
    oooh that green jacket is so pretty. i think i need it also.


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