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Black Moto Jacket Outfit + Express Reviews

Happy Friday and greetings from my new office space! Alright, I confess I am making that sound a lot more important and official than it actually is. I used to work at a desk in a dark corner of my living room (downstairs), and now my desk is in an upstairs bedroom next to a window! So it kind of makes me feel like I got promoted even though no such thing actually happened. But it's giving me a fresh outlook for 2017 and I'm enjoying it.

This winter I've had a tough time finding sweaters or other warm clothes that I like, so I've relied a lot on my closet staples (like this moto jacket) paired with some new jewelry to keep me from feeling 100% redundant with my outfits.
Jacket: Express | Tee: Target | Jewelry: Contra Ring & Contra Pendant  c/o Megan Auman (Use code: onthedailyx for 15% off your order through January 12, 2017) | Jeans: Express (Similar) | Bag: Amazon (Similar) | Boots: c/o Amazon | Nails: OPI "Let's Be Friends"

Outfit Notes:

This Jacket is an all-time favorite and I've done several posts about it. Most recently I styled it eight ways here, or you can go way back to the first post I ever did about it here, with lots of celebrity style inspo in that one.

My necklace and ring are c/o Megan Auman jewelry and I was extremely flattered and excited when she asked if I would be willing to feature them on my Instagram and blog. They are gorgeous and such a great combination of classic shapes with unique, original design elements. I love how they add so much impact to my basic t-shirt and jeans outfit. Megan offered me a promo code to share with my readers, so if you're interested in purchasing your own pieces use code: onthedailyx to save 15% off your purchase through January 12, 2017.

These boots were yet another shoe purchase inspired by Carylee. I think she has every type of shoe known to womankind, so if I'm thinking about getting a pair I check her Instagram feed to see if she has a similar style, how she's worn them, and if I have similar items in my closet that will work. I've always liked her similar pair of grey mid-calf boots (low calf? not sure, but see them in the first two outfits in this post) and since grey boots of any style get the most use in my outfits, this seemed like a good option to add to my closet. The reviews were a bit confusing. Some said they ran big, some small. I ordered my true size and that worked out for me.

Front View:
Jacket: Express | Tee: Target | Jewelry: Contra Ring & Contra Pendant  c/o Megan Auman (Use code: onthedailyx for 15% off your order through January 12, 2017) | Jeans: Express (Similar) | Bag: Amazon (Similar) | Boots: c/o Amazon | Nails: OPI "Let's Be Friends"

Recent Express Try-Ons:
This year, something I'm working on with the blog is being more consistent in following up on what worked and what didn't when I share specific items I've ordered. So on that note, here's the follow-up on the Express purchases I shared in this post. The LOFT items I ordered will be reviewed next week.

ONE: Tee: Express | Jeans: Express | Shoes: Amazon

1. These jeans were part of my sale order and I ended up returning them. The fit was fine and as expected for Express jean leggings. But they looked darker in person than in the stock photo, they weren't quite as soft as most of my Express Jean Leggings, and they were too similar to another pair I own (worn in Two and Three above), and it just so happens I like the fading on the other pair I own better.

TWO: Tee: Express | Jeans: Express | Shoes: Amazon

2. For comparison, these are the Faded Medium Wash jeans (not a recent order) that I referenced above. They were too similar for me to really need both, and since I prefer this one, the other return was an easy choice.

THREE:  Sweater: Express | Jeans: Express | Shoes: Amazon

3. I knew this turtleneck sweater was a gamble since I don't usually like turtlenecks, and this gamble did not pay off. I hated how hard it was to get my head through the top. It was a little stretchy but not stretchy enough to avoid completely destroying your hairstyle. I bought this in two colors but didn't need to try the second one to know it wasn't going to work. Both colors were returned.

FOUR:  Shirt Jacket: Express | Jeans: Express | Boots: Target (Similar) | Tee: Target

4. I really love this shirt jacket. It's a bit boxy and sometimes I don't like that, but for this piece I thought it worked. Here's my problem: I have a lot of olive jackets (it's my favorite color for jackets), and I can't think of a single unique way that I style this vs. any of my other olive jackets. This was an impulse buy because it was cute and on sale, but after analyzing my wardrobe, sadly, it needs to go back because it's too similar to other pieces. That said, if you don't have 20 olive jackets and can find this in store, it's worth a try!

* * *
The first week back to "normal" went by rather quickly and I'm looking forward to a fun weekend with friends and family activities. I hope yours went smoothly as well and I'll see you back on Monday!

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  1. Those booties from Amazon are so cute and congrats on the new office space. Being by a window is an upgrade for sure.


  2. Having your office space next to a window makes a huge difference! Love your necklace! I'll have to check out Megan Auman!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Love the jacket!


  4. Not *every* shoe known to womankind. I mean. I don't have Crocs! :) But yay! I'm glad you could pull some inspiration from me and I am really happy with the pair you chose! Perfect shape! And that pendant and ring combo is even more stunning in the top down photo!
    Carylee |

  5. Yes! Thank you for these posts, I think they're one of my favorite any fashion blogger offers. I love hearing honest reviews on clothing! Keep this up!

  6. Congrats on your new office space! It's exciting to have a special spot to blog.
    And I really do love your jewelry! Not that I need to add any to my collection but these are tempting :)

  7. congrats on your promotion ;)
    i really like the olive jacket but totally understand why you returned it, i would have too. oy vey, the turtleneck. not a fan. glad you returned it haha (i say that lovingly). love love love LOVE those booties. so pretty.

  8. Love that Megan Auman jewelry! Those pieces are stunning! I need to go check out her store ASAP!


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