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Black and White Outfit + New Year Goals

Today's post is a pretty basic recent outfit along with my better-late-than-never goals for the New Year. I shared the initial try-on for this top along with the reviews of a few other LOFT pieces on Monday, and ended up wearing it over the weekend since we had some nicer weather and I didn't have to worry about covering up the details of the top with an outer layer.

Top: LOFT | Jeans: Express | Boots: Amazon | Bag: c/o Amazon | Nails: Essie Sole Mate |
Jewelry: The Contra Ring & Pendant c/o Megan Auman (Get 15% off your purchase through 1/12/17 with code: onthedailyx)

Outfit Notes:

I find myself loving neutrals even more than usual this winter (it just makes mixing and matching everything so easy), hence the addition of this bag and these boots to my wardrobe. The boots ran true-to-size for me, and you can't beat them for the under $30 price tag. I'm wearing the "Nude" shade, but they do come in a lot of other staple colors. Sometimes LOFT pieces run a little big in my opinion, but I took my normal size in this top and it worked out great.

Front View:

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New Year: Values and Goals
Around the end of December and even up until New Year's Day, I didn't really think I was going to do any Resolutions this year. I generally like them, but it just took me some extra time this year to narrow my objectives into specific, actionable tasks. That said, I feel like I finally have it narrowed down, although most of these goals aren't really "new" to me for 2017. They're more like my life values, with some areas that I'm specifically focusing on right now.

Value: Time Management
1. Punctuality: It's really important to me to be on time for things (whether it's a gathering with friends or a dental appointment) and while I'm not terrible, I could use some improvement. I'm specifically working on being on time for two things. One is Tae Kwon Do: we are consistently 2-3 minutes late...and I think that's partly because I know we do some individual warm-ups first and we aren't missing actual instruction so I don't really feel like I'm late. But still. I want to be on time. The second is that I want to leave earlier for school. To be clear we aren't arriving late for school as it is, but I don't like us to leave the house in a stressful, rushed way (followed by a stressful car ride with the traffic of all the other last-minute parents) because I don't want them to start their school day with any negative feelings. And currently there are too many mornings that are too stressful for my liking!

Value: Relationships
1. Languages of Love: Awhile back I read The Five Love Languages of Children and it helped me understand my kids better and cause me to shift my focus a bit in the way I show love to each of them. It also made me think about some of the other important relationships in my life and how I can best show those people how important they are to me. I won't go much deeper on this one here, but I do have a couple of specific things I want to improve. As one example, my mom is always the one who picks up the phone to call me, and this year I want to change that and make sure that I reach out to her more consistently.

Value: Personal Growth
1. More Reading Time: I really do find value in reading non-fiction books like the one I mentioned above or my two favorites of 2016 (in this post), but I'm rarely motivated to pick up this type of book in the first place. I'd rather read fiction! Reading is my down time, escape, and relaxation, and if I read a personal development book it feels like I'm doing homework, not relaxing. Even when it's a good book! So how do I come up with the extra time or motivation in a day to read another book on top of my "fun" choice of the moment? Well, late last year I saw on Snapchat that Paulina was listening to an audio book on her phone during her workout, and it's like a light bulb went off. My brain had been stuck in 90s technology thinking audio books were on CD (because the last time I listened to an audio book, it was on CD!), but once I realized I could have a book on my phone and listen to it while I'm folding laundry or doing my makeup in the morning etc., I had discovered that extra hour of my day that I wanted for reading non-fiction!

I have been using the Audible app through Amazon and am really happy with it. So far I have re-read my favorite non-fiction book of 2016 and am now halfway through my second favorite (both reviews here). After that, I'm starting a list of other highly-recommended non-fiction/self-improvement books and will go from there. I'm into every subject from fitness, nutrition, organization, relationships, etc., so if you've read anything in those categories that you loved, let me know so I can add it to my list!

And there you have it! Those are my main goals for 2017. I reserve the right to change or abandon any of these goals if they no longer suit me, but for now I feel motivated and ready to tackle 2017!

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  1. this sweater is so cute, I totally neglected loft this year and never even looked at their sweater section. That's exactly the types of books I plan on reading this year, I'm currently reading 'a return to love' by Marianne Williamson and next I want to pick up 'Present over perfect'. I read so many fiction books in my lifetime, I used to read a lot like 2-5 books weekly. So I decided now it's time to read material that can actually benefit me and improve my life. Hopefully I can keep it up.


  2. That sweater looks great on you! Love the black and white! I want to read more this year too and didn't realize you could listen to audio books on your phone! I'm going to have to check that out!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Oh! I really love that bag! Perfect with the booties! Loved reading these goals too! So much inspiration to pull from. I do need to try and audio books too. Especially with my rant on Snapchat about my commute being a horrible use of my time. Perhaps an audio book would help bridge that gap!
    Carylee |

  4. Neutrals are always a good idea, and I love the bag and boots!

    Your goals for this year are focused and doable so I know you'll be able to tackle them. I especially like number 2 because that's something I always need to work on.

  5. ooooh those boots are so cute. and under $30. i don't need them. but i want them.
    i am always on time for the reasons you mentioned - i can't handle the stress. KC is more of a 'arrive right on time' and i start freaking out. he hates being late, but he also hates being early. i'd rather be an hour early vs a minute late. i know it's silly and i don't have kids so it's much easier to just get myself out the door, but seriously. it stresses me out and sets the tone for the rest of the day. so i feel you. good luck!
    i think it's cool there is a 5 love languages for kids. i'm always the one calling my mum or nana, but only because they don't know how. i don't do it enough and it's one of my goals to call them both more this year. of course, too little too late with my mum right now, but i'm trying not to focus on that.
    yay audible! it's my favourite audiobook app, and so easy. it's the only way i can do non fiction, like you said, feels like homework otherwise. i do listen to fiction occasionally.. right now i'm listening to a kids series hahaha i just needed something light and fluffy for my workouts or drives.

  6. Great goals! Anything to lessen the chaos and stress on school mornings is a big win in my book. I'm a big fan of the 5 Love Languages, too. :)

  7. I didn't know there was a Five Love Languages for Children book. I really liked the original and think it puts relationships into perspective a lot and helps you understand both sides of them. I need to pick that one up!

  8. Lovely outfit! And a great goals for the 2017!


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