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Recent Hits and Misses

Over Thanksgiving weekend I made several Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases and promised to follow up with what worked and what didn't. I was honestly hoping that a lot pieces wouldn't work out so it would make my decisions easier and bring my budget back in check. That's more or less how it went down, so here's a breakdown on the pieces with my thoughts on the items.

 Nordstrom (Currently Sold Out)| Nordstrom Rack Suede | Rack Draped Jacket 

Other Items Displayed Above:
Tee: Nordstrom | Jeans: Express (Similar) | Shoes: Nordstrom | Necklace: Express (Similar) |

Returned: I returned Jacket One and Two. Initially I liked jacket one, but once I got jacket three I thought that was a little more flattering and a better choice than #1. Jacket Two was just cheap and awful in person. Thin, papery fabric, itchy seams, and flimsy all over. It's draped for the photo but in reality I couldn't walk two steps and have it stay that way.

Kept (for now): Jacket Three was my favorite of these and I don't have any complaints about it. I say I'm keeping it "for now" because I haven't worn it yet and I'm still thinking about whether I want to hold out for a jacket with a lighter shade of grey like I originally wanted (if I can find one!). If it had the color of Jacket One with this fit it would be perfect.

Sweaters:  Olive | Stripes | Pink
All Items Displayed Above:
ONE: Sweater: Express | Jeans: Express | Booties: Express
TWO: Sweater: Express | Jeans: Express | Booties: Old Navy
THREE: Sweater: Express | Cami: Target | Jeans: Express | Booties: Express

Returned: All three sweaters. Here's a little explanation on why I returned each one:

1. Sweater One (Olive) was just too cropped for my liking. I don't want to worry that my stomach will show when I lift my arms. It will also show my bra straps (or cami straps if I wore one to keep my stomach covered) at the shoulder and I just didn't want all that fuss.

2. Sweater Two (stripes) was too skin tight. Reviews said it runs small and they aren't exaggerating. I'm wearing a size XS in the Olive and Pink sweater, but I sized up to a Small for the striped sweater and it's still way too tight for my liking.

3. Sweater Three: This was cute and really comfy, but just looking at the pictures I didn't feel like it was the most flattering on me. I've also seen this on quite a few bloggers lately and each of them have a bit more trendy style than I do, so I just felt like this just wasn't quite "me." 


All Items Displayed Above:
ONE: Sweater: Macy's | Jeans: Express | Boots: Amazon | Necklace: Amazon
TWOSweater: Macy'sJeans: ExpressBoots: Amazon | Necklace: Amazon
THREE: Tee: Macy's | Jeans: Express | Boots: Express | Necklace: Express

Returned: Sweater One and Two. Sweater is an overstatement with these tops...they're really more like scratchy t-shirts. I really like how they look in the pictures, but the quality was lower than items I've purchased at Target so that was quite disappointing. They ran a bit small (I think they look okay in these pictures but they were very snug under the arms) and I would have been tempted to size up and try again since I liked the overall look, but the fact that they were so thin and uncomfortable was a deal breaker. I will probably avoid buying anything from this particular line again (Maison Jules) based on this experience.

Kept: Just a basic, fitted-but-not-tight striped top for layering with jackets, etc. It was only $10 during the sales so it was worth keeping. This is from the same line as the sweaters, so maybe I won't write it off entirely but proceed with caution and purchase only when I can get something at Target pricing.

Kendra Scott Stella Dot Favorites

Returned: The Kendra Scott Station Necklace (center necklace on the mannequin). The gold on this "gold" station necklace was very pale and washed out. I've had this happen quite a few times with Kendra pieces and it's always a disappointment. I am sure I can find a similar style of necklace for even less than the sale price of this that will have a true gold color, so this wasn't worth keeping.

Kept (for now): I kept and loved everything else. My only hesitation is with the pendant necklace (far left). I've tried it on with a couple of outfits and it didn't really complete the look the way I wanted. I will give it a few more tries before I think about returning because I really do like the look and style. But just like with the station necklace (or any Kendra piece really), for the price it really needs to be exactly what I want and functional with my wardrobe.

I also purchased this Glitter Clutch:

I am keeping this although I haven't had a chance to use it and it's currently 30% off if you have your eyes on it. So far my desire to attend holiday parties exceeds my need for glittery holiday attire this season. But I'm 100% prepared if that changes! I also don't plan to limit using this just to the holiday season, so yeah...keeping it!

* * *
So there you have it! Not exactly my most successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday in terms of finding great new items at great prices. Hope you all had better luck than I did!

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  1. I made a lot of returns as well, will cover them next wardrobe tracking post. At least we are saving money.


  2. A shame that that middle draped jacket didn't stay draped like that when you moved, it looks so pretty here!

  3. I really love the fit of the gray jacket you kept! It's too bad it's not lighter than what you wanted, but I do agree it's worth keeping. The sweaters at express are crazy tight this season! I tried a few on last week and was sucking it in the entire time! Not a fan of the low necklines either so I'm hoping they do away with all this. I found one from loft and one from h&m that you might like. I'll have to blog them soon :) so how do you like the Stella jewels?!

    1. The Stella pieces are great! You'll be seeing the rings a lot on Instagram I'm sure. And I've been wearing the earrings a lot too. :)

  4. I definitely think #3 is the best fitting of the 3 jackets. #2 is pretty, but after hearing the quality issues, I think you make the right choice!

  5. hmm i really like jacket three, but if you're not feeling the colour.. do you still have the one from Gap? that seems pretty similar, but not as structured? i'm glad you sent back all the sweaters. bummer about those layered tops/sweaters. i never shop at macy's but i will avoid that line as well. interesting about the tee though, i guess at $10 you can't really go wrong if it's just a basic. i really, really, really, really, REALLY like the clutch... i think i like the current one more the more i see it. but i seriously don't have any parties this year and i wouldn't be using it and i don't have a pretty sequined skirt like you so maybe i should just skip it.

    1. I like the color of three...but did originally want something lighter so just deciding if it's worth "settling" and/or if this shade will work just as well. I do still have the Gap jacket, but it's getting really worn and not holding its shape well. It's also not as warm as #3. It works great in the spring but I'd like something warmer in the winter.

  6. I love these types of posts! I buy a lot of stuff either in store or online and take it home to analyze, try on with different outfits, take pics, etc, and I'll buy multiples of a certain type of item (like your gray jacket), then have to return a lot. It's exhausting, and I wish I could be one of those people who could just buy one thing and be done with it but that's just not me. I find it interesting reading about others' thought processes on their purchases!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I used to do more posts like these but backed off because it seemed people were more interested in what I purchased/wore vs. what I didn't like. But I might consider doing them more regularly again if people find them helpful or interesting.

  7. It's so helpful to hear the breakdown on each item! I love the jacket you kept and your glitter clutch!

    Doused In Pink

  8. Sorry that so many things didn't work out for you! I think you made smart choices, even if everything looks great on you in the pictures :)

  9. I agree with your return decisions on all of these. I'm taking a mental note that I have a much shorter torso than you! Though I've always known that I'm pretty high waisted which is why i size up on skirts and shorts all the time to have them hang lower on me for better proportion. I guess this is the only time it works to my advantage!! The Kendra pieces you kept are all gorgeous. And fun to see you in buffalo plaid but yeah, it is not the most flattering and does look a bit cheap even in these photos.

    Sadly, I kept all of my purchases!! So no shopping until 2017!!!
    Carylee |

  10. I love when you do these types of posts. It's helpful to see things on others and get a good review. Bummer those first two tops/sweaters didn't work because I like that style.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  11. This juuuuust happened to me with a shopping haul- ended up returning a ton of it! Was disappointed the stuff didn't work out, but my budget is happier. ;)

    Love that gray jacket you kept- so pretty!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. what a fun post! love seeing what you kept and returned!

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