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Last Minute 50% Off Purchases

Today is the last day of the 50% off sale at Express and there's also a 50% off sale at LOFT.  I wanted to share the items I ordered from both of those stores to give you all a chance to purchase any items that catch your eye at the same bargain price I'm getting, since by the time I get the orders and put them into outfits, prices won't be as low. You all probably know I don't shop at LOFT all that often but I decided to check out their sale and ended up placing an order. I was specifically looking for throw-on-and-go sweaters for the coming winter months and they had some good options, so I'm hoping some of these will work out!

Express Sale purchases Dec 2016

Details on Each Item:

Green and Burgundy Sweater: I like the color on both of these sweaters although I'm a bit concerned that I won't like the torso length or the funnel neck. But for lack of anything similar to these in my closet, I'm giving them a chance. Plus I have the grey distressed jeans that the model is wearing with the burgundy sweater (see how I wore them hereso that makes the outfit styling easy if it does work out!

Military Shirt Jacket: Personally I can never have too many olive shirts and jackets, so why not a shirt jacket?  That said, I do fear this will be too boxy when I try it on in person, but if by some chance it does work out, better to get it at 50% off!

Jean Leggings: Express jean leggings are my very favorite jeans, and I'm always happy when there is a new wash available in my size. I do find I especially like having more lighter washes like this to pair with my darker tops in winter.

Socks: I bought a pair of these socks last year on a whim just so I could get my order to a certain amount to use a coupon. Well, I ended up loving them and wanting to wear them every day. They're so soft and comfortable and don't constrict around the ankles the way some socks do. I ended up stocking up on three more pairs with this sale so I can wear them every single day!

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LOFT 50% off sale purchases Dec 2016

Details on Each Item:

Marled Cable Tunic Sweater: This is a completely basic piece and yet I don't have anything like it! I'm hoping it will be long enough to wear with leggings, and the marled black and white makes it easy to pair with black (jeans or leggings), white or just regular jeans.

Mixed Media Sweater: This is also comes in white, and I kind of regret not getting white! But regardless, I like the subtle details on this sweater to give it a little more interest than just a plain sweater. Yet still a great neutral, easy-to-pair color.

Tie Neck Sweater: Just like the previous sweater, I like how this has some extra details at the neck and sleeve to make it a little more intersting. I already have olive pants like the model is wearing so bonus points for ready-to-go outfit styling.

Striped Open Sweater: This doesn't qualify for the throw-on-and-go easy styling criteria I used for my other purchases, but I like it a lot and already have plenty of t-shirts that will work with it. Hopefully the fabric isn't itchy because that will be a deal breaker!

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(Some alternate color options are displayed but my choices are still available.)

As always I'll try to keep you all posted on what I ended up keeping vs. returning once I get all my orders and try them on!



  1. I need to go check to see if the grey jeans I wanted are back in stock. Such a good sale! LOFT is one of my favorite stores too. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas Gina!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. I love loft! I treat it the same way as express so it's hard for me to resist! They have sales every week and it can be overwhelming so lately I'm steering clear but you've made some great choices! Love the Marled sweater :)

  3. LOFT is one of those stores that I have better luck shopping if I don't shop there as often. If that makes sense. I can't wait to see how all of this works out for you! And what a fun fact to know the Express socks are so good!
    Carylee |

  4. That skirt jacket looks amazing! Great offer!

  5. love those express socks! i wear socks alllll the time at home, and get irritated easily so i'm really picky about the socks i wear (wow, i sound super exciting haha). i'll have to check them out. love that basic sweater from loft, hope it works out for you! i just got 2 new sweaters from target for christmas and i LOVE them. they are super long, but thin, and they are the perfect throw on and go sweaters.


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