Outfit Recap 11/11/16

When you're trying to get back to "normal" after the death of a loved one...well, it's just kind of surreal. (Read here if you have no idea what I'm talking about.) When your life perspective shifts, it's hard to focus on some of your previous activities through the new lens. Going through the motions of the everyday necessary tasks (laundry, dishes, errands, take kids here and there) has been fine. Where I struggle is in finding motivation for things like blogging that aren't really necessary. Yet I'm afraid that the longer I wait, the harder it's going to be to get back to it. So here I am, just trying to keep my normal habits one day at time. I posted some outfits on Instagram this week because that felt like an easy step back into normal-mode, so here's a recap of recent outfits and a few other thoughts for the day.

Outfit Recap:

Jacket: Nordstrom (Similar) | Tee: Express | Jeans: Express | Necklace: Amazon | Bag: Amazon | Booties: Target

This jacket is one of my favorite purchases of the season, but naturally it's been sold out since September (before it was even cool enough for me to wear it). The best current option I can find (linked in text and with the image below) is a faux leather olive jacket with a similar fit and similar draped collar.

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Top: Amazon | Necklace: Express (Similar) | Jeans: Express (Similar) | Shoes: Amazon | Bracelets: c/o Charmed Stacks | Ring: Express (Similar) | Bag: Tory Burch

I have a little confession here. Instead of wearing a strapless bra with this top, I wore a black bra and just let the strap show and pretended that it was one of the straps of the top. It wasn't evenly spaced with the other straps nor the same fabric, but I doubt anyone would notice without me telling them, and it was worth it to me for the comfort of a regular bra. I love the relaxed fit and length of this top, and it does come in quite a few other colors. I took one size up from my normal Express sizing in this.

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Top: Express | Jeans: Express | Shoes: Sole Society (Similar) | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Watch: Fossil | Bag: Amazon | Ring: Nordstrom | Nails: Essie Model Clicks

This top has just a couple of sizes left, and if you don't see your size but want a very similar color plaid print you can try this option. I've seen a number of other bloggers wearing it and I have to do a double take and stop myself before I comment with the "Dancing Twins" because I keep thinking it's the same as mine.

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Tee: Express | Jeans: Express | Necklace: LOFT (Similar) | Booties: Amazon  | Bag: c/o  Fossil | Ring: Rebecca Minkoff (Gift, Similar)| Nails: Essie Model Clicks

I just found out that these booties have been re-stocked in almost all sizes. What you can't see from any of my pics is that they have a really cute side lace-up detail (perfect ventilation for all the hot weather we've been having). They ran true to size for me (some of the reviews on Amazon were conflicting about that). Initially I found them a little stiff, but after a day or two of wear they broke in and have quickly become favorites. The heel height and shape is very comfortable, and of course the color is a great neutral that goes with everything (hence the reason I've worn them so many times!).

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Front View:
Individual front view versions for Outfit 1-2 Here | Outfit 3-4 Here

Friday Feelings:

I am really and truly overwhelmed and humbled with gratitude and appreciation for the outpouring of support and compassion I've received from this community over the loss of my dad and great-niece. The thoughtful comments on my blog, Instagram and Snapchat have been a great comfort.

My home is filled with these gorgeous flower arrangements from some incredible people (thank you Caryl, Rachelle, Kristi, and Kristen and our personal friends Bryan & Teresa). Caryl and Rachelle went way above and beyond and donated to the National Foundation on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition because they know my dad was an amazing athlete in his youth, dedicated to fitness his entire life, and definitely the reason I have a passion for fitness in my DNA. I'm touched and honored and appreciate you all so much!

If any of you are so inclined to learn more about my great-niece who passed away and/or donate to help her family with the costs incurred when you have a child and bury them in the same week, a Go Fund Me page has been set up here. By no means do I wish to pressure anyone into donating to a complete stranger, but I do feel like I terrible aunt and great-aunt if I don't at the very least share the information here.

This weekend I will be traveling with my family to attend my dad's funeral. It will probably take me a couple of days to get back in the swing of things and prepare any content next week, so again I appreciate your patience and support here as I navigate some challenging life situations.

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  1. You are so courageous and props for getting back in the swing of things. Know that you have my full support at all times. On a lighter note as always you look lovely.


  2. It's hard to get back into routines. You need to take your time and do what feels best. Thinking of you and your family.

    Doused In Pink

  3. It is hard and like you said, you just go through the motions. I hope blogging and the community you've built around you give you support because you've given it to so many.My thoughts are with you and your family. On a completely other note, I've been known to do the black bra strap trick and only buy black bras with simple, non-lacy straps for that reason.

  4. Condolences to you and your family on both losses. Sending compassion and wishing you peace. (Bh.pve)

  5. I had 3 family members pass last year around this time within about a month of each other. I definitely remember feeling like I was just going through the motions of it all. I will keep thinking and praying for you and your family! I love these outfits! I would definitely be doing the same thing with that black top. I am not a fan of strapless bras unless I absolutely have to!

  6. I love the first outfit! Praying for you and for them!

  7. i have a confession - when i wear my black barcelona cami, i also wear a normal bra (but cross the straps) and even though you can see the straps, it kind of blends into the cami and works. it does not work with other colours lol. when i was younger i would wear a normal bra with a strapless top. i know, i am embarrassed for me too.
    i honestly can't even imagine trying to be 'normal' after something like this happens.
    hugs to you. i am very sorry about your great-niece as well.


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