Outfits on the Daily 8/19/16

It's been a busy week here with the start of a new school year and new after-school to boot! Not to mention the four posts here this week (vs. my usual 2-3) and it's no surprise I'm planning to keep this one short and sweet! Just an outfit recap and a couple of quick favorites to share this Friday, so here we go....

Outfit Recap:

Navy Plaid Shirt + Jean Shorts:
Top: Express (Same Item, Similar Print) | Shorts: Target (Similar) | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bag: Express (Similar) | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Bracelets: Express | Watch: Fossil | Ring: Nordstrom

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Teal Cami + White Shorts:

Top: Express | Shorts: Target (Similar) | Sandals: Nordstrom Rack | Short Necklace: Kendra Scott | Long Necklace: Stella & Dot (Gift) | Bag: Jessica Simpson | Bracelet: Sage K & Co

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Black Tee + Olive Shorts:
Top: Nordstrom Rack | Shorts: Express (Similar) | Necklace: J Crew  | Sandals: Nordstrom | Bag: Amazon

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Berry Cami + Distressed Jean Shorts:
Top: Express | Shorts: Nordstrom Rack | Necklace: J Crew (Gift, Similar) | Bag: c/o Fossil | Shoes: Forever 21 | Ring: Rebecca Minkoff (Gift) | Bracelets: Express | Watch: c/o Fossil

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Front View:
Individual Front View Outfits Here

Friday Favorites:

Favorite Magazine Article:

I rarely read magazines these days, but I randomly decided to flip through this month's Marie Claire with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover:
Image Credit: Marie Claire

They had a very interesting article this month (page 171) on Fashion Blogging that I think most of my blogger friends would enjoy, and probably most regular blog readers too! It mainly highlights the top tier bloggers and I can't really relate to their lifestyle, but it had fascinating industry info nonetheless and I was struck by one comparison of blogging to this generation's California Gold Rush. I think there's a bit of truth to that and I can see the correlation!
Image Credit: Marie Claire

So if you'll be relaxing poolside this weekend and need an easy read, I recommend grabbing the latest Marie Claire for this article. (And the Sarah Jessica Parker piece was good, too!)

Favorite $40 Jeans...Again!
Last weekend, Express had all of their jeans on sale for $39.90. And this week...they'e doing it again! I shared my current, most-sizes-in-stock favorites last week so feel free to check out that post for my personal recommendations. I was initially leaning toward the pull-on jean leggings, but when I finally placed an order I opted for these instead:

The two reviews on them are not very good, so it's a gamble as to whether they work out. But I have nothing like this in my closet, whereas I have plenty of jeans, so why not at least try them when the price is lowest?

Fall Feature

The lovely ladies over at The Blended Blog invited me to take part in their Fall Favorites series, so to learn a little more about me and some of my favorites head on over to this post!

* * *

And that's it for today! Have a great weekend and I'll see you back on Tuesday for week four of our end of Summer Survival series!

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  1. you have a great collection of shorts, I picked up the magazine and I still need to read the article.


  2. I love that plaid shirt!!!

  3. I love your sandal collection! Those olive jeans are so cute! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  4. I love your first top - such a pretty color! Also, definitely going to need to pick up an issue of Marie Claire!

  5. Mi piace da morire il look che proponi nella decima foto, la t-shirt bianca con scritta e la gonnellina scura con stampa (e accessori, ovviamente) ** semplice e delizioso!
    E la foto sotto fa subito pranzo estivo, che meravigliaaaa!

    best education service

  6. I love the navy plaid outfit! The gold rush correlation to fashion blogging is so interesting!

  7. Glad to see you're still enjoying the Barcelona camis. Those jewel tones are great. Did you like Express' recent scalloped neckline addition to that collection, or does that take some of the edge away that you enjoy? (Also, I'm looking forward to your fall collaboration; your "fall outfit game" is strong!)

    1. I do like the scalloped and the cut-out Barcelona camis they added this year, but for some reason I just haven't felt like I really needed to add them to my closet. I don't know if it's that they are less "edgy" looking or just that I feel like my cami collection is already big enough and I'd rather get a different type of top altogether? Maybe a little bit of both!

  8. I really need to check up that Marie Claire magazine, very interesting! That navy and pink plaid shirt is so pretty. This was my kids first week of school too and I am just trying to adjust to all of the change- it has been a busy one!


  9. I will have to pick up the Marie Claire. That sounds like an interesting article. Also, I really like that plaid shirt. Both you and Rachelle have shared it recently. I might have to check it out in person. I hope you have a great weekend!

    Nicole to the Nines

  10. I love allllll of these outfits! That plaid shirt is darling!

    The Adored Life

  11. I always look forward to seeing your cute outfits! fun post!


  12. I haven't read a magazine in ages too ( sometimes I'll flip through one while waiting somewhere) but this Marie Claire issue has me interested! I'll have to pick up a copy. And I love those olive jeans! Anything olive is good :)

  13. Love that plaid express top! I am not a big magazine reader, but it's fun to get one occasionally for a treat! I will have to check out Marie Claire! I normally go for Glamour!

  14. oh the blogging article and the SJP one sound interesting. i quite like SJP, for no particular reason. i rarely read magazines either, though i used to be OBSESSED with them. crazy waste of money the way i bought them. anywho! hope the back to school and after school craze has settled down a bit :)


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