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I'm joining Kristen and Gretchen today for "What's New Thursday" and since last month I've had a couple of new purchases and other bloggable experiences so let's get right to it!

1. New Sneakers
Top: Target | Sports Bra: Target | Jean Shorts: Target (Similar) | Sneakers: Amazon | Necklace: Kendra Scott | (Front view of this outfit here)

Shop the Pieces:

The last time I went hiking was on our Los Angeles Trip when we hiked to the Hollywood sign. I wore my usual travel sneakers, the Nike Internationalist (shown in this post), and they are not meant for trail hiking so I didn't feel very sure-footed. They're great for city walking, but they don't have much traction at all so I knew I needed a new pair for my Utah trip last month since I knew we'd be hiking something a bit more rugged than city streets. I'm not an avid hiker by any means, so I didn't need "real" hiking boots, just one step up from city sneakers. I wanted them to be under $75 and I wanted a fun color since my neutral travel outfits get pretty boring. With some help from Rachelle, I settled on these New Balance Sneakers from Amazon:
They ended up being perfect! Just enough traction for a moderate hike but still sleek and comfortable. The sizing reviews were confusing, but the Amazon size recommendation of half-size up worked best for me. (I normally wear a 7.5 and took an 8 in these.) I got a few teasing comments from relatives like, "If you get lost in the woods we'll be able to find you with those shoes!" But frankly I don't see that as a bad thing at all!

2. New Target Favorite:

In the hiking outfit above, I'm wearing one of these relaxed racerback tanks from Target:
Target Relaxed Tanks
Lavender, Stripes, Coral: Here | Green : Here

Skye swears by these tanks and after seeing a few of the ways she styled the colors she has (e.g. marled grey, stripes, white), I gave them a shot. They are the perfect relaxed-but-not-baggy shape and a good length for a front tuck or even untucked with the shirttail hem. For the most part I've worn mine for lounging, sleeping, or as active wear (hiking, dance class, etc.) so they haven't been photographed for the blog or Instagram but for the current sale price of $7 they're a great buy! I recommended getting the same size as you would in Express tops. Sometimes Target Junior's Sizing runs smaller for me (like the Long and Lean Tank - I size up in those), but with the relaxed fit on these my normal size was just right.

Also, FYI the product listings online are a bit confusing since they have different colors listed under different product names (I have no clue why since they're all the same in person), whereas in store all the colors are on one display rack together like so:

3. New Book Recommendation
Last week I mentioned I was starting this book, The Kind Worth Killing:
Available on Amazon

I finished it on Monday, which is record timing for me! I usually read maybe 1-2 books a month, but I made some extra reading time over the holiday weekend and I couldn't put this down. The ending felt a little rushed for me, but it was still reasonable. Some reviews compared it to The Girl on The Train, and I didn't feel that way other than the suspense and twists. It's not exactly a summer beach read, but it's a good page turner. It's also set to become a movie eventually.

 4. New Independence Day Tradition: Patriot Jet Boat
Image via: Flagship SD

This 4th of July, our local friends were all out of town (or worse, had permanently moved out of town!), so we were on our own and wanted something fun and different to do. Back when we did our Easter Cruise, we saw these Patriot Jet Boats and decided to keep it in mind for summer. (You can do it all year but I would have been freezing.) We decided to give it a try on the 4th, my ten year old was pretty upset that we signed up for it without asking him. He's risk averse, hates roller coasters, etc. and did not think this would be fun at all. He ended up loving it and asking, "Can we do this every 4th of July?" when it was over. So if you're a local or a San Diego tourist and want something fun and exciting to do to beat the heat, I highly recommend this. Just plan on wanting to shower after the ride because you will get drenched. 

* * *

Those are some of the new things I'm doing and loving lately. If you've read any great summer books, outfit pieces or have fun family activity recommendations I'd love to hear them in the comments below!

Before you go, don't forget the $640 Nordstrom giveaway is still open. Head over to this post to enter. One lucky winner will have a great time shopping the Anniversary Sale this year!

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  1. The jet boat looks so fun and when i'm ready for a new book, I'll totally consider that one.


  2. Love the color of the sneakers you bought, and the boat ride looks awesome!

  3. I have that book as well. I haven't started it but am excited about reading it. Love the new shoes and tanks!
    xo, Lee

  4. So many great things in this post! We have a jet boat like that here too and it's so much fun! I need to add that book to my summer reading list! I love your bright sneakers!

    Doused In Pink

  5. Thanks for the good tips, as always. Saw those tanks at Target, too, but thought they may be uncomfortable in San Diego's humid times (have you found that?). Love the jet boat idea for my boys; I appreciate you passsing that on!

    1. We have had more humid days than usual this summer, haven't we? For me, they are perfect for that because they're lightweight, fairly breathable and not fitted to the body so I feel like my skin can breathe. Plus, I figure if Skye is in Houston and they hold up to Houston weather, SD weather even on a humid day should be a breeze!

    2. Thanks, Gina. The tanks sound just right. Sold.

  6. Oh, wow, that jet boat looks like fun - but a little scary! I have been looking for some stylish workout tanks - so I might have to check those out. Thanks, Gina!

    Daily Style Finds

  7. ohh that's so awesome that your 10 year old ended up loving it :) i have never done anything like that so i'll have to keep it in mind if i ever head out that way. added that book to my list after i saw you post it on snapchat. LOVE the pink shoes, bonus that they would help people find you in the woods haha. i really want a pair of new balance sneakers, i think they are so cute. and oh those tanks! i love them. i want them all. we are trying not to spend extra money right now for various reasons, which means i am not supposed to be shopping :( those tanks are so cute though and only $7! i need. i might go to target and try them on because sometimes their tanks are too short for me. i really love the loose fit, i wear those types of tanks to work out in.. i know lots of people like tight workout clothes but i am not one of them haha.

  8. i couldn't get into that book and i had such high hopes! perhaps it was because there was a book sitting on my shelf that i *really* wanted to read so i was distracted? in any case, i'm glad that it's a good one; i'll put that book on my "for later" shelf at the library.

  9. I loved those shoes when I saw you on Snapchat wearing them. Yes, they did stand out and no, that is not a bad thing at all. I'm going to have to check out those tanks. I was just there yesterday. I know I read The Kind Worth Killing, but cannot remember the ending, but also remember thinking that I liked it, but it wasn't as comparable to The Girl on the Train either. At some point you should read Station Eleven. It's not an easy beach read, but it is a page turner.

  10. The new balance sneakers! I want! I have a pair of Nike sneakers that are about two years old and I've never loved them. They are a bit too bulky and wide for my taste. I'm sneaker averse, even when working out so I'll keep these in mind :) They look very sleek!

    And that's awesome you guys did that boat ride for the 4th! I want to do it next year, if not sooner! I'll have to share this with Nate :)

  11. LOVE those new sneakers! I had a bright pink pair in college like those I sadly had to say goodbye to. Yours are so cute I think I need to consider getting a pair again!

  12. I love those shoes! I always wear my running shoes when I hike because the trails are pretty easy but those New Balance sneakers look perfect. That boat looks like so much fun! I'll have to add it to my list if I am ever in San Diego!

  13. Totally love your new sneakers! What a chic color! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  14. The patriot jet boat looks awesome and very fun !

    I love those sneakers especially the colour. I have way too many right now but a girl can always add to her wish list. :D

  15. Fun way to spend the 4th as a family! Looks awesome! The kid narrative cracked me up- as did the family fashion critique. I can only guess who! 😂 Will have to add that book to my to-read shelf. Thanks for the recommendation!

  16. I just added this book to my wishlist, I am not reading anything worth recommending. I have been reading a lot of books from kindle unlimited and they are just all okay.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

  17. Those sneakers are pretty awesome! Love them on you! And how fun about the jet boat! Clearly I need to spend more time in San Diego!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  18. I badly need some new trainers so I'm going to take both your recommendations and see which work out more cost effective here in the UK :) And thanks for the sizing tip!

    I so wish we had Target here. Those tanks look perfect!

  19. What a cool way to spend the fourth of july! That looks like a blast. If I'm ever in town I'll have to give it a try! Thanks for linking up with us Gina!!

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