Memorial Day Sale Purchases

 I squeezed in a quick trip to Express yesterday to try on a few of my Memorial Day Sale wishlist 
items so I wanted to follow up with a post today to share my hits and misses while the 40% off sale is still going on.

1. Fitting Room Reviews 
If you're following on Snapchat, you saw me try on these three items:

1. Boyfriend Shirt

This was the item Carylee suggested I try during the sale (in this post) and I can easily see why she loves and collects these shirts. The fabric is so soft! I know I can easily put this to use with my current wardrobe on its own or wearing it cardigan-style as she often does. I ended up purchasing this in white and olive (olive available here).

2. Off the Shoulder Top: 

I don't think I've tried on anything on Snapchat that got as many positive comments back as this top did! I wasn't planning to get this at all but I picked it up on a whim after I saw a woman earlier that day wearing a top in that color and I thought it looked so pretty for summer. It looked like fate when this top was right near the entrance at Express! When I looked for it online, I actually found that it comes in five different colors:
Express Off the Shoulder Tops
Off the Shoulder Blouse: Here

As tempting as it was to get this top after all the positive feedback on Snapchat, I decided not to get
it. I felt like it would just be too fussy for my taste between the bell sleeves and the shoulders that wanted to ride up. I may regret this choice, but I also know how little tolerance I have for fussy pieces.

3. Camo Jacket:

This was Erin's recommendation for me to check out (in this post) and I'm glad I did because I loved it! The fit was great - not too boxy and definitely not too tight. In person, I thought the print was a bit darker than online, which I liked because I felt it made the print more subtle. I want the camo print to be more of a neutral than a statement print, and I think the darker tones help with that.

Shop these items:

2. Purchased, Not Shown on Snapchat

Memorial Day sale buys 2016

1. White Off the Shoulder Top 
Another reason I didn't get the much-liked Off the Shoulder Top I tried on was because I knew I had this top coming in from a previous order. I like this trend but I think one piece of it is enough for me, so I'm hoping this one will feel less fussy. It doesn't have the bell sleeves like the other so maybe that will help. TBD.

2. Cognac Wedge Sandal
This is another previously-ordered item that I'll be trying on soon. I've been hoping to find a pair of cognac sandals with straps for summer. These have a 4" wedge so that concerns me as far as comfort but again, I have to try them to know one way or another.

3. Kendra Scott Ring
Obviously this is not an Express sale purchase, but Kendra Scott is having a good Memorial Day Sale too with free shipping on any order. Her double rings are my favorite to wear for any kind of date night/happy hour/night out. I've wanted a black version for awhile so I finally decided to get this one under $50.

4. Earrings
One thing I talked about in my accessorizing post (here) is that I'm always on the lookout for mixed metal jewelry. One thing I don't have is a pair of mixed metal earrings. These aren't technically mixed metal, but I did think the beads on them gave a similar look and should mean they'll go with almost any outfit.

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3. Wishlist Items I Didn't Buy

Express Memorial Day sale no-buy

This was not in stock in my store and that's probably a good thing because I would have been too tempted to buy it. I have this dress in three colors and I'm trying to convince myself that's enough (for now).

Again, I didn't see this in store so I wasn't tempted to get it. I'm also trying to hold off on this until fall and use my light one (featured in this post) until fall.

3. Romper
I love this particular romper but just don't think I will have enough opportunities to wear something like this to make it worth it. 

4. What I Wore
Last but not least, here's a breakdown of the outfit I wore to hit the mall since several of these pieces (top, shorts, shoes, necklace) are shown in the try-on photos above:
Top: Express | Shorts: Target | Shoes: Vince Camuto (Similar) | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Watch: c/o Fossil | Bracelets: LOFT | Bag: Tory Burch

Shop the Look:

* * *
That does it for me today and for Memorial Day Shopping! I think it's time for me to start deleting the "Sale!" emails from inbox without opening them so I don't get tempted by anything else! Hope you have a safe and happy weekend!



  1. The off the shoulder top is really pretty! But I know what you mean about fussy. I think that's why I prefer the cold shoulder options because they stay put without constantly having to force the elastic off your shoulders. I'm glad I didn't lead you astray with the boyfriend shirts! I will have to check out the white!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

    1. I'm with Caryl, I love cold shoulder, oTS can be fussy. You are giving major shopping envy. The boyfriend shirt is a keeper.

  2. I do feel the off the shoulder tops are rather fussy, at least the ones I have... I like the white one that you ordered, too and it does look a lot less fussy! I can't wait to see you style your new pieces. I have a Kendra Scott Naomi ring and love it, I can't wait to see how you style the black color...


    1. Thanks Carrie! I'll definitely try a cold-shoulder style next to see if that bothers me less!

  3. I am so happy you got the camo jacket. I love that and it looks great on you. I really liked the off-the-shoulder top on you and that color (and even considered going down to Express and trying it on myself), but I get it. I'm returning an off-the-shoulder top. I like what it looks like when I'm wearing it standing still, but can't stand the feeling of restriction on my shoulders. I hope the white one works for you. And that ring. Oh my, it is gorgeous.

  4. I have a few off the shoulder tops and I agree they are fussy, I am trying to commit to only buying cold shoulder versions. Love that boyfriend top. Tempting!

    1. Thanks Kellyann! I'm glad you can relate to the off the shoulder issue. I think I'm giving up on trying that style and will go for a cold shoulder version next. Fingers crossed that works out better for me!

  5. Loving the camo jacket - I like the slimmer cut and darker print. I want to try the OFS trend, but in a more streamlined style like you ordered. I don't think the fuller bell sleeves and flowy type would be flattering on me. Great fitting room review!

  6. I haven't been in an Express store forever, but I happened to stop in yesterday too. I found a few items I wanted, but it turns out they were One Eleven items and therefore not part of the sale. Bummer, right? They had 40% signs all over the store, so I thought it was store-wide.

    Also I wanted to add some commentary to that boyfriend shirt you posted about. I really wanted one like that, in olive, but even the XS was really long and shapeless on me. I was hoping for that "cool artist vibe in the oversized shirt" thing, but a friend told me no, just looked like I was wearing my dad's shirt. Haha. Even tucked in, it was not laying right because of all the extra fabric. I'm envious that it worked so well for you and Carylee! But if any of your readers have the same problem as me, I found an alternative at Nordstrom that I love. It's called the "Roll Sleeve Cotton Knit Shirt" by Caslon. It has a more fitted cut, but sizing up one size gave me the boyfriend style look I was going for (but still with some shape, if that makes sense). And it wasn't too long. Anyway just wanted to share that in case it's helpful for other readers. :)


    Other colors:

    1. Hi Kristi! Yes, so far I have only seen the One Eleven Collection go on sale twice. Last November they did Buy One Get One 50% off in that collection, then they did include it in the storewide 50% off sale for Black Friday. I have several pieces I want from that collection and usually use my rewards on them since sales are so rare and you can't use coupons on them either! It's frustrating for sure!

      Also, thank you for the tip on the alternate blouse! I actually do know what you mean about the length and the fit. I didn't try the olive shirt on in store but I did try to wear it yesterday and struggled a bit to make it look right (and not sloppy). So...we will see what happens with that. I may end up returning if it's too difficult to work with. :/

  7. That off the shoulder top is so pretty! I can see it being fussy to wear though. I still haven't hopped on this trend yet. Love that KS ring! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  8. I tried on the camo jacket this weekend! It was so cute but they didnt have the size I needed in store :(.

  9. Cute choices Gina! I feel so out of the loop because I wasn't really looking at anyone's social media this weekend because of the wedding. I wish I would have seen your snaps! I agree that one off the shoulder top is enough! It's tempting to buy more but I think one will do :) love everything you got!

  10. that off the shoulder top is a really pretty colour, but i am personally not a fan of the off the shoulder trend, or the bell sleeves. the white one you have coming to you looks cute though! and i mean, your shoulders are awesome, so... show them off! haha.


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