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Every now and then I check my Pinterest Analytics to see what's getting trending and getting Re-Pinned the most. Today I'm sharing my three most popular recent pins along with a chance for you to win some great prizes through a current Pinterest Giveaway I'm co-hosting with a group of other bloggers.

Believe it or not this pin has been my most re-pinned item lately. A simple T-shirt, jeans, and loafers.
I re-created this look back in June but to be honest I wasn't a huge fan of the outfit on myself. I think my tee was more fitted and gave a different look and vibe than what's pictured. I also don't love wearing loafers unless they're necessary because I'll be standing or walking a lot.
Tee: Target (Similar) / Jeans: Express / Shoes: Sole Society (Similar) / Necklace: Express

Shop the Pieces:

With the recent purchase of this camel moto jacket, I've been pinning a few different outfits with similar pieces for styling ideas.
Jacket: Express / Cami: Express / Necklace: Kendra Scott / Jeans: Express / Shoes: Sole Society (Individual view of outfit here)

Shop the Pieces:

I didn't even notice this until after I wore this and was going through my Pin Boards for this post, but Noelle actually wore a very similar outfit to this (here) two years ago. I'm sure it was stuck in my subconscious and inspired my initial outfit without even realizing it!

That said, two of the other outfits I pinned for inspiration have been getting frequent re-pins, specifically....

This outfit Pinned via Brooklyn Blonde:

I was drawn to this outfit because I have similar pieces to everything she's wearing and it looks great on her (of course). But after my last attempt with white on white (posted here), I'm reluctant to try it again...so TBD on whether this one will come to life or just be something I admire on someone else!

Once again, I have similar pieces so I have good intentions of attempting to style my jacket like this:
Pinned Here 
(Can't find original blogger/source but please let me know if you know it.)

And a Giveaway:
Finally, I have a big giveaway going on right now over on Pinterest that I wanted to mention in case you missed it. If you have a Pinterest account too and would like a chance to win this 13.3" Macbook Air and a Kate Spade set, head on over HERE to enter!
Enter HERE

That's it for today and I'll see you back here tomorrow with my usual outfit and fitness recap!

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  1. I love Helena's outfit the most, the key is to find a white that fits just like hers. This camel jacket looks so good on you.


  2. Love those camel jackets! I especially like the white on white look but I'm not sure if I would be able to pull that one off. The first look with the tee, black jeans and loafers is definitely my style!

    Doused In Pink

  3. It always surprises me what pins are the most popular. I think a huge part of it is who picks it up. Love those camel jackets.

  4. It's funny. I swear people just love simple outfit formulas!
    And this just makes me think I need a camel blazer! Love the all white plus camel!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

    1. It's so true about people loving simple outfit formulas. As bloggers I think we feel pressure to re-invent the wheel all the time so people don't get bored of us, but stuff like this is a good reminder of how much we are only doing that to ourselves.

  5. I really like that white on white outfit! I hope you will try it and share results. From my inexperienced eye, I think the belt might make a huge difference compared to the last attempt you linked. It is interesting what other people pin, for sure! All great looks.

    1. Well, if you insist that I try the white on white then I at least have to try it. I can't promise to actually wear it outside my bedroom if it doesn't feel right but I do have a similar belt to hers so I'll give it a go. Soon-ish. :)

  6. Awwww this just made my morning! I'm so glad you're into camel too! Unfortunately I donated that exact blazer because it just wasn't fitting anymore after my weight gain so I'm on the hunt for another one! I remember I used to buy those Blazers at Nordstrom in the juniors section. Hope they come out with more! Anyway, I love these looks Gina. In fact, one of your outfits that I pinned is constantly being repinned! I'll text you which that is. By the way, how do you find your Pinterest analytics? I have no clue!

    1. The option to view my Pinterest Analytics comes up on my Pinterest Home page and I click on that. (I just snapped you a "tutorial" of sorts!) I hope you're able to find another blazer that you love! :)

  7. Your camel moto jacket look has inspired me to get out my camel jacket and wear it! Some times it is the simplest board that becomes popular on Pinterest - the logic sometimes boggles my mind if I think about it. Great post, as usual, Gina.

    Daily Style Finds

  8. White and camel look so good for spring. It's funny about basic outfits getting pinned the most often because I tend to pin outfits that are a little unusual or have a piece worn in a way I never thought of.

  9. It IS interesting to see what is the most popular on your Pinterst analytics. Mine is a pin of different ways to style mint pants! Its been popular the last 2 years in the Spring! That camel jacket is AH-mazing! I can't wait to see all of the ways you style it!


  10. You know what would look really good with that camel jacket? That white Express dress that you need to get for summer. I do love it and think it would look fabulous with either the all white or the stripes. You'll get so much wear out of it.

  11. I love how casual chic all of the outfits are, and they're comprised of pieces we all have in our closets <3
    Green Fashionista

  12. Fun to have an extra post from you this week! I personally loved your white on white last time, and I really like that camel and white combo. Isn't it interesting to see what gets pinned the most? Sometimes I am so surprised.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  13. I love Brooklyn Blonde's outfit. I have been wanting a congac blazer from J Crew that I am waiting for it to go on sale. My white jeans are no longer feeling crisp so I probably need to get a new pair. Love these looks!

    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  14. oooh i love that third outfit with the stripes.. can't go wrong with stripes in my opinion haha. i don't think i will ever get a camel jacket, but i could try it with my grey one. the camel looks fabulous on you!


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