40% Off Sale at Express + Favorites

Happy Friday Eve and SURPRISE! There's a Friday Eve post to go along with a surprise storewide 40% off Sale at Express this weekend!

I really was not expecting this sale, although if I had checked my own blog archives I would have been better prepared because they did the same thing Easter weekend last year! As usual when there's a big sale at Express I share a few of my current favorites. I will not be linking to every single item displayed in a given outfit collage since that would take me 472 hours (approx.), mainly just the piece I'm discussing and the exact pieces that are still currently available, most of which are also on sale.

Favorite Jackets:
I will just own up to the fact that I'm a jacket addict, and unfortunately they don't seem to go on sale at Express as often as other things like Jeans and Tops. So when they do, I shop that category first, and I'm starting with it today because this is the number one area where I say, "Don't Wait!" if you have your eye on something here. It might be awhile before the prices are anywhere near this low again.

(Minus the) Leather Jacket:
[Both jacket color options HERE.] Black and Panama Beige are both currently available and coincidentally my two favorite, most-used colors of this jacket:

Shop the Jackets + Exact Outfit Pieces Above:

Textured Knit Jackets:
[Both Jacket Color Options HERE.] For reference I'm wearing an XS in this jacket as well as the (Minus the) Leather Jacket above. This one is stretchy and more lightweight than the previous version and gets more use from me in the Spring/Summer. The sleeves do run a bit long on the Textured Knit Jacket but it doesn't really bother me. I just roll it once or twice or leave it long. I guess I'm not that picky on fit in that area. It's still available in both color options (Black and Ivory) shown below.

Shop the Jackets + Exact Outfit Pieces Above:

Faux Suede Camel Jacket + Olive Twill Jacket
[Camel Faux Suede Jacket / Twill Jacket] Both of these jackets are more recent additions to my closet but I'm loving them a lot. The Camel jacket is heavier and warmer and runs true-to-size. I also ended up using Hollywood Fashion Tape (as discussed in this post) on this to make it drape the way I want, otherwise it tends to just fall shut. The "Olive" Twill Jacket is inaccurately named in terms of color. It's more taupe, and even the product name for an allegedly "olive" jacket is "Willow Green." Go figure. Either way, it's roomier/runs bigger than most of my Express jackets. Probably not quite big enough to require sizing down, but don't expect it to be fitted. I love the color a lot because it's more cool-toned than a typical olive military jacket, which looks more neutral with certain colors (like the ones I'm wearing above).

Shop the Jackets + Exact Outfit Pieces Above:

Same Old Love:

Back in February there was a 40% off sale on the remainder of these categories, and my favorites haven't changed since then. I still love and wear all of these. If you're a regular reader this will be a repeat from last month, but for new readers here are a few of my tried-and-true favorites in other categories along with some reference links for posts on sizing and ways to style certain pieces.

Favorite Jeans:
Here's a quick look at a few of my favorites in this category, and for a more detailed breakdown of the differences in fit and sizing for several of the types of jeans at Express (e.g. Jean Leggings vs. Supersoft vs. Performance Stretch) be sure to check out this post.

Current Favorite Blue Jeans: 

On the Model (Or click through to shop the same jeans):

Black/White/Grey Jeans: 

On the Model (Or click through to shop the same jeans):

Also, for reference I'm 5'4" and prefer the Short length in all of my jeans.

Favorite Tops:
My favorite tops can be summarized in two styles that have really stood the test of time and proven to be the most versatile for me: Portofino Shirts and Barcelona Camis.

Portofino Shirts:
  • For outfit ideas featuring Portofino shirts in a rainbow of colors check out this post. 
  • For outfit ideas for Black/White/Stripes Portofino shirts, try this post
  • You can also go way back to see how these shirts pair with everything from skirts to pants to shorts. 
All Solid Colors Here

Barcelona Camis:
The Barcelona Cami replaced the Portofino shirt as my personal favorite last year.
  • The number one question I get asked here is, "What kind of bra do you wear with that top?" Short answer: a basic strapless bra from Target. (If I don't plan to take off my jacket/sweater for the day I just wear a regular bra with straps because it's more comfortable and no one has to know. Until now...) For strapless bra recommendations from a few other bloggers who love this cami see this post and this post.
  • I'm wearing a Barcelona Cami in probably half of the pictures in this post, and you can see my entire collection of Barcelona Camis in this post. (Minus a few recent additions!)
White is an essential for me. I even bought a second one for back-up because I wear it so much!
Buy it Here

But I also love it in all the colors and stripes and the occasional print:
Purple /  Coral / Stripes / Feather


Ruched Racerback Dress 
Black/White/Pink/Blue Version: HERE / Grey Fringe Version: HERE

I just talked about this dress in my post about Candace Cameron Bure Style and said that I wouldn't get any more colors for now. But that was before they announced the sale! I think I might have to get the pink version while it's under $25! This dress does fit very snug through the hips and a little looser through the chest, but it still works for me in my normal size. Also, the Grey Fringe version is a thinner fabric than the Black/Blue/White/Pink/ Original version. That makes it very comfortable but also a bit more sheer, which I can see being an issue for certain situations.

Sale Picks:
Between this sale announcement and my real-life activities I've had to blog first, shop later, so I haven't finalized my own order yet. But I have Spring-to-Summer wardrobe pieces on my mind and a few items I'd like to try:

Express Easter Sale picks

I have not seen any of these items in person so from past experience I know there's a 50/50 chance they won't work out due to fit or color being different in person, etc. For instance the Drape Front Jacket color name is "Mink," and I have another Mink jacket from Express that's much more pink in person, so I'm already skeptical about ordering it. But I really like how it looks and hope it looks as beige in person as it does online.

I was able to stop by Express for about five minutes today. I didn't have time to try anything on but I did at least get to look at a couple of my wishlist items in person.

I mentioned above that I was considering getting the pink/peach version of the Racerback dress that I love. They had this color in store but not my size, and after seeing it in person, I decided not to get it. It's much brighter in person than it looks in this picture. I think some people will love that about it (the color is really pretty!) but right now I just wasn't ready for something that bright. Maybe in the summer.

Again, I'm glad I got to see this in person before I purchased it online because I could immediately tell the color wasn't going to work for me. This is a very brown-toned olive and it just will not look good on my skin tone. It's a similar weight to the Camel jacket I'm wearing above, so it's warmer than my Textured Knit jackets and probably too late in the year for me to buying something this warm.

* * *

Normally on Fridays I share an outfit and fitness recap, and I had that post almost complete before the sale announcement last night so I decided to put this post together and publish it now instead. No sense in wasting that effort altogether, so I'll publish that post that when it's finalized. There are also several fun link-ups I want to join next week if time permits, which means my normal Tuesday/Friday posting schedule is out the window right now! The best thing to do is follow along via email (subscribe on the sidebar) or Bloglovin' so you don't miss any updates and have a great weekend!

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  1. I need to check out this Barcelona Cami shirt. And, does Target have good strapless bras? Every single one I have tried is so uncomfortable!


    1. I think the Target bra I have is just okay. It was only $15 when I got it and I've used it for two summers so it's definitely been worth the money even if it's not amazing! But when summer rolls around I'd like to replace it with a better, more comfortable one. But still don't want to spend a fortune so we shall see what happens.

  2. I'm going there today. My mom is in town which means shopping. I wear my legging jeans all of the time and want to get another pair in a different wash. Happy Easter!

    1. Hooray for shopping with mom! Hopefully that means she'll be getting you an Easter present. :) Hope you'll share some of your finds on Insta!

  3. Oh that striped dress is tempting!! I should have taken my time and went through the site again last night!! Express needs to pay you as their spokesperson and subject matter expert. Just sayin.
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

    1. I always end up placing two orders because inevitably someone posts something on their blog or insta that I realize I needed!! But I hate waiting to order since sizes sell out SO fast.

  4. We can always count on Express for having a great sale around holiday weekends. I'm pretty sure I need all of those jackets! Happy Easter Weekend gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

    1. Yes, they definitely know how to celebrate a holiday. Ha!

  5. Gina, your blog is seriously so helpful! Not only when it comes to shopping at Express, but also styling your outfits. I have so many of these barcelona camis but they're all solid colors, I might have to pick up a few with a print. I have such bad luck when it comes to strapless bras- they're usually so uncomfortable, I just end up wearing silicone covers, but I might have to check out the one you recommended!!

    Thirteen Thoughts

    1. Thank you so much, Paula! I appreciate that comment so much and I'm glad you find my posts helpful in any way. :)

  6. I swear, once my no buy is over I am going HAM on the express website lol. So many things I want!

    1. Ha! I admire your restraint. You have done so well on your spending freeze!

  7. When a big sale its Express - it usually means my credit card takes a hit, too! That black ruched dress is probably my favorite look of yours.

    Daily Style Finds

    1. Thanks Lisa! And same here on the credit card! eek.

  8. Awesome round-up! My fave look is the first outfit with the Faux Suede Camel Jacket! Too good!


    1. Thank you so much! It's a great jacket!

  9. so many things! i love the knit jackets. i want one. i'm kinda mad that the dress is on sale now, but whatever. i used a gift card so eh. KC bought a pair of shorts there as well, they are sweatpants shorts with zippers.... yup. and i love that you wear a normal bra with the barcelona cami. i do that as well, but i make my straps cross over so they are a little bit visible but whatever. strapless bras don't work for me.

    1. Well at least the dresses are quite reasonably priced already. And glad to know I'm not the only one who is sneaky with the bra straps. I am going to try to find more comfy strapless bra this summer...if possible.

  10. Great roundup! I love that draped front jacket and the striped dress! I need to add a bright barcelona cami to my collection. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  11. Love the camel jacket! I'm bummed I put an order in for a red dress a few days ago because I could have saved money! Oops. Anyway, great round up and I'm excited to see what you end up buying. Especially that olive skirt!

  12. Love the moto jackets from Express Gina. Was wanting to get one but I think I'll wait for next year. ;) Do you only wear skinny jeans?


    1. In terms of jeans, pretty much yes. I'm open to flares but haven't found a pair I like or want in my size.

  13. So many great items! I love the feather cami, black leather jacket and twill jacket!



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