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I mainly use Pinterest for three categories: Outfits, Baking, and Kid Projects (in that order). Typically I just share my fashion-related Pins on the blog and on my public Pinterest boards (find me here) but I'm linking up with Momfessionals today for Pinterest hits and misses so I'm sharing a little from each of my top three categories today. But first, outfits...


I wore this outfit last week and it was actually a repeat of one I wore last year with some slight detail changes.
Jacket: Express (Similar) / Tee: Express (Similar) / Jeans: Express / Boots: Amazon / Bag: Express (Similar) / Necklace: Express
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I remembered putting this together for a post last year based on a Ryan Gosling outfit:

I switched to more casual shoes and a tee for my event this time, but it was a Pinterest hit for me both times.

It's funny how the simplest looks can be so popular on Pinterest, and the next two outfits are perfect examples of that!
Sweater: Express (Similar) / Cami: Express / Jeans: Express / Necklace: Kendra Scott / Shoes: Express (Similar) / Bag: Amazon
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The idea for this came from this Grey Sweater Pin that's been re-pinned quite a lot:

The original pin had a little too much grey for me with the knee high boots and grey satchel, but the basic concept of the outfit still worked well for me.

Once again, so easy and simple:
Dress: Express / Necklace: Express (Similar) / Sandals: Nordstrom / Bag: Amazon / Ring: Kendra Scott
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I know it's acceptable to pair black and brown/tan like this but for some reason that's not the first pairing to come to my mind. I usually think of black and white or a bright contrasting color like hot pink. This Pin gave me the idea to keep the outfit more earthy and neutral.

And now for a Pinterest Outfit fail. I have never felt comfortable with white-on-white outfits even though I like them on others, but based on this pin I thought I would try it. Yeah...no. The fit of the pieces I have just did not give the same vibe and I hated it. I did actually try on three different white tops with this (each with a different fit) before giving up altogether and going for black. I just didn't end up photographing those because I liked them even less than the one I'm showing and wanted to change ASAP.
Sweater: Express (Similar) / White Tank: Target / Black Tee: Express / Black Pendant: Kendra Scott / Gold Pendant: Bloomingdale's (Gift)  / Jeans: Express / Booties: Forever 21 (Similar)

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I shared these next two items awhile back in this post, but they might be my two proudest Pinterest re-creations!  I love to bake, but I'm not really into cake decorating or making my baked goods look especially fancy or pretty. I just want them to taste good! But when my kids wanted Minecraft themed birthday cakes and I didn't want to pay some outrageous price for someone else to make them, I hit up Pinterest for some simple options and went to town:
Original Pin / My Cake

Original Pin  / My Cake

I did have a miss in the baking category recently as well. These bars looked SO good and had so many of my favorite ingredients:

They were pretty good and I wouldn't call this a fail by any stretch, but I felt like they had one or two too many competing flavors. (Not to mention they're pretty expensive to make by the time you throw in Peanut Butter Chips, Caramels, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Chocolate Chips and Toffee Chips!) For a similar chocolate chip/caramel bar with a few less ingredients I'll stick to Carmelitas.

Every time my kids come home with a school assignment that involves crafting or creating something, I panic a little. Give me spelling, math (minus ten tolerance points for common core) and social studies any day over crafty-stuff. But then I think, "Maybe we can find something doable on Pinterest," and sure enough, we always do! These Lego necklaces were something we made for a school project where the kids had to create something with minimal adult help, so I only did the super glue stuff and they did the rest. But thank goodness for Pinterest or we would have been been coloring popsicle sticks instead!
Lego Necklace Pin / Our Lego Necklaces

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And last but not least, congratulations to our Reader Appreciation Giveaway winner Cara! Thank you so much to all who entered and we hope you'll stick around awhile and get to know us!

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  1. I am so impressed with your baking skills, the cakes came out so good. I'm looking at the all white look and I think the reason why you didn't like it as much is because your jacket and boots are darker than hers, so they don't pair well with all the white. A looser white tee might have made a difference too maybe? That little black dress really is a gem.


  2. I love that you don't just pin and forget, but you actually follow through on what you've pinned! I do get a lot of use out of my food pins, but sometimes forget about the other ones :)

    1. Yes, I agree with you about the color and fit of my pieces vs hers! Obviously the look works on her but without shopping for all new stuff, I don't think I can save that outfit. Oh well, it's too hot for that sweater lately anyway! Ha!

  3. So glad you joined this linkup too! It's so fun to try out pins in real life. Is it crazy to say that my favorite outfit that you showed was the white outfit? Maybe it's just because it's so different from what you usually wear and I'm really into the monochromatic look, but I really like it!

    1. How funny that the white was your favorite! I really like the concept and the look on her but I think I'd have to shop for all new pieces to make it work and I don't think I'm willing to go to that effort for this pin.

  4. Whoa, your baking skills overwhelm me. The mine craft cakes look amazing! Pinterest is a fun place to go for kid birthday party themes. It seems like someone has come up with an idea for everything. And your outfits do look fantastic as always. You really know how to accessorize a simple outfit such as the colored Rayne necklace with the grey outfit.

    1. The cakes were not that hard at all! They're based off box mixes. It's just a slightly more tedious process of cutting the squares and frosting the segments. But the recipe itself is pretty easy. :)

  5. Fun post! I can't seem to pull of the white on white either. I think I'm missing the perfect white top! Those lego necklaces are so cute!

    Doused In Pink

  6. I actually really liked your "fails!" Perhaps it's my love goggles. And I do still find Pinterest stats quite fascinating! And is it sad that I totally want to make a Lego necklace?!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  7. White on white is always tough for me, too. I think because I get caught up in the fact that the whites are EXACT matches and it bothers me all day.

  8. You are quite the baking talent, my friend! The cakes turned out SO good. And I feel you re: white-on-white, it's really tough to recreate with success in real life!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. My son went through a huge Minecraft phase! I really like all of the outfits with the gray boots and sweaters!!


  10. Love seeing your outfits come to life from the pins! I actually really like your white on white too. I know what you mean though, I still haven't found a white pair of jeans I love despite thinking they looks awesome on everyone else. Your cake decorating is impressive!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  11. So fun, I think your white on white looks great! Funny how we see ourselves and how others see you. And those Lego necklaces are too cute, off to pin that now!

  12. Gina, you did a great job on the cake! That dress is my favorite. And, I agree with the white tee - I like the switch to the black.

    Daily Style Finds

  13. The Gray & pink Kendra scott combo is super cute! I love the uniqueness of the Ryan Gosling inspiration!

  14. Those bars do look good, but I always hate when a recipe gets too expensive. I'll need to try out your alternative!!

  15. I agree with Tara above! I love using Pinterest but forgot about the pins I want to use about 95% of the time! For me, I actually prefer to have things on a board or scrapbook, something tangible that I can see all the time! In my phone, things go by the wayside. Trying to get better about that! The dress and tan combo is my favorite from this post. It's beautiful.

  16. The lego necklaces are the cutest! I'm sure your kids had a blast making them. I love the remake of the Ryan Goslin look. The added pink crossover is perfect with the blue jacket. I also love that black dress on you. You must wear dresses more often Gina! :)


  17. I use Pinterest mainly to store my recipes and that's about it. I think if my son is asking for a Minecraft party, I need to ask you to bake for me, they turned out great! And boo to Common Core, I have been told by my husband not to help with homework any more.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  18. I love using pinterest! :)
    You did an amazing job on the cake! And i'm Loving your outfits as usual. Your always look onpoint!
    Xx, Raysa

  19. How great is your baking skills! I am in love love with all your fashion put togethers!

  20. I just went through all of my outfit pins a few weekends ago and deleted a ton and rearranged the rest. I look to Pinterest all of the time for inspiration. You are quite the cake decorator. I'm sure you kids loved it

  21. Your baking skills are impressive! I love to pin things, but rarely recreate what I pin. I should look back at my pins more for inspiration! I really like that first outfit. The pink and blue combo is fun!

    Nicole to the Nines

  22. i am definitely not a white on white fan. i love the grey cardi in the original pin but definitely too much grey in that outfit overall for me, and i love grey. look at you, you baking ninja! the lego necklaces are awesome as well. also, randomly, i think that the simple outfits are so popular because pinterest seems to be flooded with way more not simple / unrealistic / ridiculous outfits. like, tulle skirts are cute but i'm not wearing that to work or dinner with my girlfriends. we aren't all carrie bradshaw. and same with recipes and stuff, sometimes i just want to find something simple and basic and pinterest is flooded with the overboard stuff. or maybe it's just me haha.

  23. That pink purse from the first outfit is just adorable!


  24. Pinterest is great for inspiration! I use it almost everyday!

  25. Wow, that cake looks amazing. I'm incredibly impressed.

  26. Wow, you are really amazing at putting together outfits that look so similar to the original outfit. O_O

  27. Loving all of your inspiration, especially the Ryan Gosling recreation because Ryan Gosling <3
    Green Fashionista

  28. Love this! The outfits are amazing!


  29. You are so stylish! Great post!



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