40% off Sale at Express

In case you missed the email announcement last night, a big sale started at Express last night!

Jeans and tops are probably my two favorite categories at Express so 40% off there is always good news. I thought I'd share a quick recap of some of my favorites in these categories before my weekly outfit recap tomorrow.

Favorite Jeans:
Last week I reviewed the differences in fit and sizing for several of the types of jeans at Express (e.g. Jean Leggings vs. Supersoft vs. Performance Stretch) so if you missed it, make sure to check out this post. In the meantime, here's a quick look at a few of my favorites in this category.

Current Favorite Blue Jeans: (Full outfit details on  January or February Outfit Singles Page)

On the Model (Or click through to shop the same jeans):

Black/White/Grey Jeans: (Full outfit details on  January or February Outfit Singles Page)
On the Model (Or click through to shop the same jeans):

Also, for reference I'm 5'4" and prefer the Short length in all of my jeans.

Favorite Tops:
My favorite tops can be summarized in two styles that have really stood the test of time and proven to be the most versatile for me: Portofino Shirts and Barcelona Camis.

Portofino Shirts:
These come in every color of the rainbow, and if you're wondering which one(s) might work best with your wardrobe you might want to check out this post for color pairing ideas or this post for styling Black/White/Stripes. You can also go way back to see how these shirts pair with everything from skirts to pants to shorts. 
All Solid Colors Here

I've talked with a few of my friends who shop at Express about the new Slim-Fit Portofino shirt (here). I personally have not tried it on. The main reason is that I'm afraid of liking it better and suddenly deciding I need to replace all my Portofino shirts with the new fit! I think might be bliss in my case. Also, I like the relaxed fit of the original shirt. I suspect a slimmer fit might work well for layering with some pieces (which I don't do often with this top) or with pencil skirts and dress pants, which I rarely wear. And some reviewers of the new fit said they couldn't tell a difference. At some point I'm sure curiosity will get to me and I'll try it on to compare, but not yet!

Barcelona Camis:
The Barcelona Cami replaced the Portofino shirt as my personal favorite last year. I tallied up my collection in this post, and I have to admit I've added a few more since then.

White is an essential for me. I even bought a second one for back-up because I wear it so much!
Buy it Here

But I also love it in all the colors and stripes and the occasional print:
Favorite Tops on the Model (Including other colors/prints I own):

This is the first time I've had a favorite in this category, but unfortunately it's not included in the 30% off promotion! It's still not too expensive at $39.90 and they just restocked all the colors if you need one more thing to throw in your cart for free shipping.
Racerback dress here
Other Options:

I'll be back tomorrow with my regular outfit and fitness recap, and if I happen to make sale purchase I'll be sure to share that too. And don't forget to enter the giveaway for a $100 Gift Card to Express Here!

P.S. UPDATE. A little bird told me that if you don't log into your Express account when you make a purchase, you can use your Express mailer coupons ON TOP of the 40% off sale. That's a major bargain! I haven't tried this myself yet but it worked for an anonymous informant!

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  1. I didn't know, I might get the grey dress then :)


  2. Clearly I need to try some of these jeans!

  3. Thanks for letting us know about the sale! I need to invest in some non-distressed jeans and this is perfect timing! I really want to try the supersoft!

    Doused In Pink

  4. Oh my so much stuff! I am looking for a pair of white jeans so I'll have to checkout the sale! I love that they come in short.


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  5. Oh my goodness - that dress!! I love the rouching detail, and that it isn't too short! Seriously even at 5'4 [I'm a shortie!] I still have issues with dresses creeping up my backside due to my [ahem] rather large booty. I wonder if this dress would do the same?

    1. It does ride up a little bit, I won't lie about that. If you're very worried about it you could try sizing up, but then it might be too big on the top dependin on how you're built. For what it's worth I just got the grey version (haven't had a chance to post it yet!) and that one is actually cut a bit longer in the back. (And a smidge shorter in the front that the black one). So it might be worth looking at that one if you're mainly worried about the backside!

  6. Sale alert! Love this- and the tip about logging in so you can use your mail-in coupons, brilliant!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. welllll we already texted so you know, but i feel like sharing anyway. i bought the distressed and supersoft jeans, i am super excited because i got long sizes and i just love when jeans are actually long enough, so here's hoping they are. it's been a loooooooooong time since i've bought jeans from express so i had to guess the size but hopefully it's okay. i imagine their returns stuff is easy enough. also, i bought another barcelona cami (a pretty blue, not reversible) and a striped cardi. yay. i'm not sure why i felt the need to report everything i bought to you, but whatever.

  8. Gina - You look great in that dress! It is good to know you are 5'4" because I am 5'5" and I was wondering how long it would be - it looks too short on the model for me - but seeing it on you I think it might be the perfect length. I love dresses in the summer - more than shorts and I like more fitted ones (or at least my husband does - ha!).

    Daily Style Finds

  9. I really love how you have all of the jeans side by side. I have been wanting to shop for a couple new pairs of jeans and I don't have a black pair. The jean leggings and supersoft ones look nice, I need to try those on. I also have been wanting a portofino shirt FOREVER. I need to just buy one!


  10. Well this just makes me want to run out to Express. You really do look great in the Barcelona Cami. I really wish they made that in a tall size. I've tried it on and it just hits at a weird spot on me. On you it looks fabulous. The dress looks fabulous and I hope when it does go on sale you get the white.


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