Outfits on the Daily 10/30/15

Happy Halloween weekend! Here's a quick recap of recently posted Instagram outfits plus my workouts for the week!

Outfit Recap:
Jacket: Express / Cami: Express / Necklace: Express / Jeans: Express (Similar) / Shoes: Nordstrom / Bag: Amazon

Tee: Express / Necklace: Forever 21 (Similar) / Jeans: Express / Sandals: Forever 21 (Similar) / Bag: Amazon / Watch: Fossil / Bracelet: Purple Peridot / Ring: Kendra Scott (c/o)

Jacket: Express / Necklace: Express / Tee: Old Navy / Jeans: Express / Bag: Amazon / Watch: Fossil / Shoes: Nordstrom / Nails: Chanel "Graphite"

Tee: Express / Necklace: Kendra Scott "Purple Onyx" / Jeans: Express / Shoes: Target (Similar) / Sunglasses: LOFT / Watch: Fossil / Bracelet: Sage K & Co / Nails: Chanel "Graphite"

Front View:

Some of these outfits were shared in previous blog posts but just made the Instagram feed this week, so I'm re-posting here to make the blog/Insta feed a little more cohesive and easy to navigate. I'm also working on a way to make each of the front-view outfits available as singles for those who want to Pin just one of the outfits and don't like the top-down view. I won't be able to go back and redo everything up to this point, but going forward I'm working to add that option. (Update: These are now available here.)

Fitness Recap:

Here's a recap of this week's workouts:

Saturday: Rest/Stretching
Sunday: Dance Class (Local Studio)
Monday: Cathe Great Glutes (Amazon)
Tuesday: Cathe X10 Step + Low Impact Premix (minus the weighted step/leg work wince I just did legs the day prior)  (Amazon) + Jackie Warner Power Circuit Training Abs Premix (Amazon)
Wednesday: Cathe High Reps (Amazon) + STS Total (Amazon) Custom Mix (using the chapter menu) of Chest, Shoulders, Biceps work
Thursday: Power Yoga for Happiness Magically Hips Workout (Amazon)
Friday:  Cathe High Reps (Amazon) + STS Total (Amazon) Back & Biceps Custom Mix (using the chapter menu)

Some of you saw on Snapchat that I fell at home and bruised up my knees last week. They were still pretty sore on Saturday morning so I just did some independent stretching to work on my flexibility. Also, for what it's worth I wasn't thrilled with the custom upper body workout mix I did this week on Wednesday and Friday. It was too much hassle with the way those particular DVDs are chaptered and I didn't feel like it worked each muscle group evenly. So I'll try different pairings for those in the future. Also, I'm sorry that Power Yoga for Happiness is so expensive right now! I know I didn't pay that much for it when I bought it (probably 8-10 years ago).

* * *
That's it for today! I did a lot of catching up on my bonus Wednesday post this week so I don't have much else to say! Have a safe and Happy Halloween and I'll see you back on Tuesday for some confessions and outtakes.

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  1. yea this yoga dvd is so expensive :/ I always check to see if the price got better but oh well. I have a yoga dvd by Cathe that is ok. This week all your outfits were neutral with a pop of burgundy did you notice that?


    1. That is so funny about the burgundy!! I did not notice that this week, but I have noticed myself doing that often (repeating a color or theme) in weeks past. Must be something in my subconscious!

  2. ooooh i didn't see that heather grey colour last time... it will be mine!!
    hope your knees are feeling better!

  3. Will always love your chic smooth style - Happy Halloween Gina!


  4. So sorry to hear about your fall and bruise! That's the worst. I went in to Express and tried on their jeans, and now I seriously want some! I can see why you all like them so much. They aren't too low and have the perfect stretch. I am going to wait and see if they go on sale. Loving your burgundy bag!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. Black Friday is just around the corner! Jeans should definitely be on sale then!

  5. Hope you knees are feeling better! I need that grey Express tee and I love your burgundy bag! Have a great weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  6. Getting bruised up is no fun - hope it's better. Have a great Halloween!


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  7. Cute outfits, and I hope your knee is feeling/looking better! It looked so painful :( Poor Gina!! Thank goodness it's not the middle of summer so you can get away with pants!

  8. Are your knees better? I hope so!

    I love the outfits as usual! I tried on a similar grey jacket from target that I think you linked, but the sleeves were very long and the fabric was too flimsy for my liking. The one from express is much nicer and worth the money! Have a happy Halloween!

  9. Oh no! I hope your knees heal up quickly. There's theat burgundy/wine color again. And love that color Rayne necklace. I have been on a serious spending spree lately so I will have to put this on my Christmas list (I can't believe the holidays are coming soon!). Happy Halloween!

  10. Next time I have a few minutes at a mall by myself, I want to try one of those tees on. They do look good on you. You know what I love the most about your fitness posts is that you show how hard you work. It's pretty impressive. I need to look back at your fitness posts and see if you did the whole STS routine straight through as written. I've thought about it or something like it for my next step. I just know I'm going to need a lot more equipment. I'd love to see a post on all of the equipment you have at home (or have you...I should look back). I'm starting to look at heavier weights and dumbbells and possibly a bench.

    1. I'll write a little about STS in my next Friday post (I do it frequently but about 75% as written, not 100%) and I'll definitely include an equipment round up too!

  11. Cute outfits! Love it :)


  12. Awww sorry to hear you hurt your knees..hope you're feeling much better! Did you dress up for Halloween? I have a feeling I should be on Snapchat if for nothing but tonight to see the Halloween Post..the one's on IG are already interesting enough. I'm obsessed with your wine colored pops of color this week! I need a lippie in that shade ASAP!


  13. Great recap of your outfits and so interested in your workout routine! Holy mother you are so gooooood! Sorry to hear about your knee :(

  14. Love these looks, especially the first one! Those burgundy shoes look fabulous with the light grey jacket!

    The Closet by Christie

  15. Ummmm hello that plum bag is everything!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  16. Hey you have some great jewelry, I love the pendants in the this post, especially the burgundy / purple one wit the tassel.

  17. I'm really loving your purses and accessories collection. They are always so nice.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram


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