Outfit Planning: Grey Jacket 4 Ways

For the most part I just share the outfits I wear as I go here, but last year I did some fall outfit planning that involved a little bit of "try on clothes for the blog." I ended up wearing most of those outfits later on in real life, so it was time well spent in the end. This year I'm in the same boat with a few new pieces I want to be able to wear several ways to really get my money's worth out of them. So over the next few weeks, I'll be doing one post for each item with several outfit options, starting today with my Grey French Terry Jacket.

I started my planning over the weekend and ended up wearing one of the outfits and sharing it on Instagram:
Jacket: Express / Cami: Express / Necklace: Stella & Dot / Jeans: Express / Shoes: Nordstrom

The inspiration for this outfit came from a look Brenna (read my Coffee Date with her here) shared on Instagram:

Next I browsed Pinterest for some ideas and loved this look, plus I knew I had very similar pieces:
Original Source not found. Pin here

Tried it, loved it, will definitely wear it this fall:
Jacket: Express / Cami: Express / Necklace: Express / Jeans: Express (Similar) / Shoes: Nordstrom / Bag: Amazon

Next I really wanted try pairing this jacket with some colors other than basic black and white. Even though I don't need anything this professional, my blue cami kind of somewhat underused so I liked the idea of incorporating blue like this:
Original Pin: Here

And here's my casual interpretation:
Jacket: Express / Cami: Express / Necklace: Target (Similar) / Jeans: Express / Shoes: Aldo (Similar)

To be honest this was actually my least favorite of the group. I like the blue and grey, but maybe I would have liked it better with black shoes like the original set? Or white pants? I'm not sure of the solution but this one is still a work in progress.

 I wore this jacket with a bright pink cami over the summer (see it here) and wanted to see if I could make that concept work for cooler weather, so I found another pink and grey pairing that I used as my template (original pin here). It started to rain at this point so there's not outdoors, top-down photo for the pink cami outfit, but here's a side-by-side of the Pin vs. interpretation:

Jacket: Express / Cami: Express / Necklace: Nordstrom / Jeans: Express / Shoes: Sole Society

Without the plaid and with the more vibrant pink I feel like my version isn't very Fall-ish. I still like the outfit enough to wear it as-is...but maybe in the Spring.

And here's a final front-view of the four options for the jacket:
Express Grey French Terry Jacket Outfit Ideas

For the next couple of Tuesdays I'll be doing similar posts based around a different clothing piece to get myself organized and hopefully help give you some outfit ideas for pieces you own that are the same or similar!  And before you go, make sure to stop by Noelle's blog where myself and a few other ladies are sharing our Fall must-have items!

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  1. This jacket is very versatile, it looks great with blue or you can try stripes (that fitted express sweater and skinny jeans). Overall great buy!


  2. Love it paired with the maroon shoes and then the purple top. Super cute!
    Carrie and Stacy
    CS Gems

  3. It's such a versatile piece and I really like how you can mix it different pops of color. Keep trying with the blue, because it is a beautiful combination. I have to admit I like it with the burgundy shoes the best as well. I also like the mauve-looking cami with the turquoise Rayne necklace......and now I want a turquoise necklace.

  4. a grey jacket is on my list!! i love the options for styling it.

  5. Awww man! I thought the blue was my favorite color pairing with the jacket! I would be interested in seeing it with a contrasting shoe like the burgundy wedges or even a cognac bootie. Definitely don't give up on that combo! I also want to see it over the BP striped tee (in either the maroon stripe or the ivory stripe) with leggings a cognac boots! Or you could wear it with our marled mini and call it a suit! (Kidding!!!) Bottom line is that the jacket is a great piece! Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

    1. I almost wore the blue with the burgundy shoes but by that point I'd already worn those with two other outfits so I felt like I should try a different shoe. I'm not giving up on blue just because I need to wear it more anyway. And LOL at the suit idea!!

  6. That is such a versatile jacket! All of these options are so cute! Love it paired with the pink and white!

    Doused In Pink

  7. I love seeing all your options and how you find inspiration. Jackets are my favorite part of fall!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. I like the idea of this post, 1 piece multiple ways! But I'd like to see a bit more diversity in the looks you create. All the looks you featured are skinny jeans, a long necklace and a pointy toe shoe, a little too similar.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Jazzmin! I will see if I can diversify a bit more for my next piece. Although I admittedly do not have the most diverse wardrobe and I'm just working with what I have, so it probably won't be a drastic change.

  9. ahhh love this! i have my gap grey jacket and sometimes i have absolutely no idea how to wear it. thanks for all these options!

  10. So many great options for styling here! Really love it iwth the blue!!

  11. A versatile jacket and I am loving those metallic flats.


    Hope to see your Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  12. I'm so glad you're doing this! I'm pulling out some fall clothes now and my grey sweater jacket is one of them. I'm going to recreate one of these looks tomorrow :)

  13. Gina, I can never find this jacket in grey! I only see it in store in that odd black color. How's the sizing again? You may have told me but now I'm forgetting! Are the sleeves really long? I absolutely love these looks though! I've been doing similar planning of outfits so I can get the most wear out of my new and old pieces.

    Thank you for linking to my blog :)

    1. Hey Noelle! This jacket does not come in black so it must be a different one you are seeing in store! I do remember you picked it out at Fashion Valley, so you might have to make a trip down here again to get it in store if you don't want to order online! As far as sizing, I am wearing my same size as I wear in Portofino shirts (XS). I also don't find that sleeves to be noticeably long! They seem normal to me, but I guess arm length varies so someone else might have a different experience!

  14. I was surprised when you said the blue cami was your least favorite. I really like it and with those shoes too. It really is what makes you comforable though. I use Pinterest all of the time when I get a new item. I've been trying to do more posts showing the verstility of one piece. I'm doing one tomorrow and Thursday.

  15. That jacket is wonderful. I feel like it can be worn a million ways.

    Xo Jillian
    Cup of Charisma

  16. That jacket is so versatile! I really like it with the all black outfit. Also, I really like the 1 piece, 4 ways post idea and can't wait to see what else you style for this type of post.

    Nicole to the Nines

  17. Can't go wrong with a jacket as pretty and versatile as this !


  18. That is one great purchase. That jacket seems to go with every color under the sun! Love the length of that jacket as well, not too short or long.

  19. you can never go wrong with some grey! cute post!

  20. I love this jacket!! I also totally envy your outfit selfie taking skills, I totally suck at that.

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  21. That jacket is amazing, such a perfect piece for fall <3

    Green Fashionista

  22. I love how versatile this jacket is. I love layers for work and these looks are giving me a few ideas.

    1. So glad you got a few useful ideas, Sara. Thanks for commenting!

  23. Oooh, I love all the looks! A gray jacket is so chic and looks so comfy! I think the blue and gray one is great, but I'd go with black shoes, too.

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I don't want to give up on blue so I'll definitely try it with black shoes next!
      Gina | On the Daily Express

  24. You're getting a lot of great wear out of that grey jacket for sure! Love it the most with the blue..the color pops so much!


  25. OMG! I love the gray jacket! Your styled looks are fabulous!

  26. This was another one on my list to get. Love the look.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram


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