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I have noticed a lot of bloggers will say, "I get so many questions about ________" and then proceed to post an explanation about it. It could be anything from hair styling techniques or their living room rug or their key chain. I can't say I get so many questions about any one topic in particular, but I have accumulated some random questions in the last few months and I decided to dedicate a post to them in case the 1-2 people who asked the questions represent 1-2 more who wondered the same thing!

Question: Do you wear a camisole under your Portofino shirt (specifically white)?
Top: Express / Necklace: Express / Black Jeans: ExpressSandals: Target (Out of Stock, Similar) / Watch: Fossil / Bracelets: Express 

Answer: No, I never do. It is a little bit sheer so some people might not be comfortable wearing it without a camisole. But if I have to fuss with trying to keep a camisole smooth and tucked correctly along with my shirt I am not a happy camper. I just wear a nude bra and call it a day. I have one Portofino in my collection (the white plaid one in this post) that absolutely requires a camisole, and I tend to not wear it much for that reason!

No cami, no problem

(Side Note: The Black Jeans and Grey Jeans in outfit one and three above are currently 40% off!)

Question: How do you keep your clothes pressed and "a perfect manicure" all the time?
Top: Express / Necklace: Express Jeans: Express (Similar) / Shoes: Calvin Klein (Similar) / Watch: Fossil / Bracelets: Express / Bag: Forever 21 / Nails: Essie "Blanc"

Answer: Megan jokingly asked me this question in this post. On the pressing part...ha! I rarely use an iron or steamer (my steamer broke recently anyway so that's not an option at this point). I try to buy low maintenance stuff because I hate ironing. I wash all my Portofinos and Barcelonas on gentle and then hang them (on a hanger) to dry. Most of the time that's all they need.

On the manicure...that's quite a bit more work. But I like painting my nails a lot more than I like ironing so I do it. I used to paint my nails every 2-3 days to keep them how I wanted. Now I only have to completely redo them 1-2 times per week. A few things that have helped me reduce my nail maintenance time:
  1. Light Nail Colors: All year round (but especially in the summer) I favor a lot of white-ish or pinkish-white or whiteish-pink nail colors. They match every outfit and they don't show chips very easily so I don't have to re-paint as often as I do with dark nail colors.
  2. No-Lamp Gel Top Coats: I am a huge fan of these. I have used the gel top coats by Sally Hansen, Creative Nail Design, and now I'm testing out Essie Gel Setter. All of them extended the lasting power of my (non-gel, regular) nail polish quite a lot, and so far Essie's is my new favorite. (I can't find a retailer with it in stock online right now to provide a link but I bought mine in store at Target.)
  3. Scrub-Tub Remover: I don't know the technical name for these things (pictured in this post), but I always have one on hand. The three middle nails on my right hand (I'm right-handed) consistently chip first from all the scrubbing of dishes, floors, and counter tops I do on a daily basis. Rather than removing and redoing all of my nails, I will use the scrub tub to remove the polish from just the chipped nail(s) and just redo those. That takes much less time than a full manicure and buys me a few extra days before I have to redo everything.  

Question: Did you get anything at the Nordstrom Sale?

Answer: No, I did not. Almost everything on sale said "Fall" to me, and I wouldn't get to wear it here until November/December. I don't like trying to predict my wardrobe needs/wants that far in advance. I did try on the tee that Carylee is wearing in this post because I liked it on her and it would work for all seasons here, but I didn't think the fit or color were very flattering on me.

Question: Did you get any of the new Express One Eleven Stuff?

Answer: No, I did not. There are a couple of pieces I like but just like the Nordstrom Sale stuff, they are Fall pieces so I'm holding off for now. My personal One Eleven Collection collection stands at one piece, this comfy oversized tee, which they just re-stocked:
Tee: Express / Jeans: Nordstrom / Necklace: Express (Similar)/ Shoes: Nordstrom / Bracelet: Express

Question: Can you share your work out routine?
Image via Cathe.com
Answer: Of course! I gave an overview of my routine and shared some before/after pics in this post and went into a little more specific detail in this one. I also talked about a current favorite fitness DVD set here. Just like manicures, fitness is an area that requires a lot of work. But luckily I enjoy my workouts just for the sake of feeling active and fit, so it's not something where I mind putting in the time or wish I could find a short cut.

Question: How did your hair get so long?!
Olive Tee: Target / Shorts: J Crew / Necklace: Express (Similar) / Sandals: Nordstrom / Bracelets: Express / Fedora: Target / Hair: Sally's

Answer: Ah, if only my real hair could grow this long! My real hair is too thin and fine to look nice at any length past my shoulders so whenever you see this ponytail it's my clip-in extensions from Sally's. I went into more detail about them in this post with some links to tutorials that I found helpful for getting started, etc.

* * *
I did leave one infrequently asked question unanswered in this post: Erin wanted to know exactly how many Barcelona Camis I have and which one is my favorite. I will answer that too but in a a separate post because that collection in and of itself will be longer than this list of questions! So keep an eye out for that post a little later this month. And before you go, I'll be discussing the book of the month (in the comments section, of course) with Literary Ladies, so stop on by there if you want to meet a great group of ladies for a low-stress virtual book club! 

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  1. I almost never wear a cami under my portofinos as well, the ones that actually require a cami I tend to wear at night with a nude bra. Now I really want to wear my natural portofino lol.


  2. Hey lady, thanks for the kind words on my IG regarding my dad! I'm dying to know how many Barcelona camis and portofinos you have as well!


  3. I am a new follower and so glad I found your blog. So happy to hear your thoughts on the Nordstrom sale. Living in Florida I just don't get the opportunity to wear lots of fall/winter clothes and I hate the idea of committing to something I can't wear for 6 months. So nice to see I am not alone and to be honest I got kind of tired of seeing posts about the sale! Kinda glad it's over and we can all get back to life!

    1. Hi Kellyann! So glad you found me and thanks for leaving a comment!! Maybe it's a warm climate thing but you pretty much summed up my feelings about buying fall stuff in the middle of summer! I know the deals are great, but it just hasn't worked out well for me personally. Or maybe it's just that my tastes are too fickle and I want something else by the time fall weather arrives!

  4. What a great post to get to know about you a little better! I'm going to get some of that no lamp gel setter. I can never get my polish to stay on very long when I do my nails myself!
    Carrie and Stacy
    CS Gems

  5. When you do your post on Barcelona camis, will you let us know what type of bra works best? My collection is growing, but I never wear them on their own.

    1. I'd be glad to add that in! I typically just wear a strapless bra from Target, and you can get the details on that and recommendations from some other bloggers who also wear the Barcelona cami often in This Post.

  6. Wow this is so fun Gina - thanks for sharing bits n pieces of you!


  7. I love this post! As a longer reader, I know some of this about you (workout post as an example), but I did like hearing more about your nail routine as it is something I have often wondered. I love how these questions speak to who you are (although clearly not a full picture because I know there is more to you). Express, workouts, and nails. :)

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. I have been curious about the Essie gel top coat.. going to need to pick it up next time!!

  9. I try to avoid camis as much as possible, they can be so annoying!

  10. I absolutely hate camis! I wore one the other day and immediately regretted it. I had to keep pulling it down. Maybe a better quality one will do? These days, I'd rather just let my bra show! All of my bras are nude so I think it works well with sheer fabric.

    I love your nails! They do always look so perfect! I only do mine once per week now, and I find that using a good topcoat is key. I love the vinyl one you gave to me!

    1. I'm so impressed/jealous that you can go a full week! The only way I can do that is if I go on vacation and am not washing any dishes! Ah, the life of leisure!

  11. Great post. You always provide the best tips. I absolutely hate wearing a cami under shirts for the reasons you listed - it coming untucked and not being smooth. I do have a few shirts that need a cami, but I don't need to tuck them in.

  12. aw shucks, thanks for the shout out lady! glad you could join us.
    i have worn camis (or singlets are what they are called at home) under every single thing since I was 14 (and 9 months, because that's when I started working at McDonalds but I feel like that is not relevant to the story so I'll shut up now). I feel SO naked without a cami underneath, plus because I have a long torso they normally extend the length of the top and help me feel more secure with no plumber butt crack showing or anything if the top is too short. So. Point of the story is that for me, I choose tops based on how they look with a cami. Like I love my voile tunic thingy that you recommended, but it's so sheer that you can always see the cami and I don't love that.
    I love the top of Carylee's that you tried on, and that express eleven striped top. I had the perfect striped top from Gap, seriously, was searching for years and I absolutely adore it... and I found a hole the other day. RAGE. I'll need a new one soon (like January soon lol).
    Love the fake hair. I want some. I want some for volume though,and like you said in your post I don't want to mess around with it lol.
    Meanwhile, I ramble a lot don't I?
    I love reading about your exercise habits. I'm so nosy like that. If you ever do a post like this again... I would creepily love to know your eating habits. Is that weird? Sorry if that's weird. I know you mentioned you're not much of a snacker either. or maybe I made that up, I don't remember.

    1. Ah, I hate when my favorite pieces finally wear out and I have to replace them! I had that happen with a couple of striped tops this year (one sweater, one tee) and I still haven't found exactly the right thing to replace them. I don't think it's weird to ask about eating habits! (Or if it is, then I'm weird too because I'm curious about the same thing with other people.) They go hand in hand with fitness. I might try to share more of that on Snapchat first and see how it goes. I am probably reluctant about doing that type of post because I know I eat too much sugar and don't really want to be judged for it! Major sweet tooth here!

  13. I really enjoyed reading this post.


  14. Love love love this post! You always look fabulous girl, and I loved hearing your secrets! And I can't wait for your posts dedicated to Barcelona Camis :-D

  15. I really enjoyed reading this post, Gina. Great practical tips on nail polish and I love it that you're a no-fuss kinda gal because I can relate.

  16. Even though I didn't ask any of these questions, thanks for responding to your readers :) It bugs me when I see bloggers blatantly ignoring their reader's questions. And thanks for the tips about the essie gel manicures-- I'm going to give them a try!


    1. Ha, I know what you mean and you're welcome! Luckily I haven't been asked anything *too* personal or I might have to decline answering. Although hopefully that's more acceptable than ignoring. Good luck with the gel top coat!

  17. So fun to learn more about you Gina! I rarely wear cami cause of the strapless bra (I have one amazing one and just need to look for more). I recently got some clip in hair extension but haven't played with it much yet because it's too hot to wear them.


    Stop by for a chance to win up to $75 credit to Jord Watch!

    Would love to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  18. I cannot believe you don't wear camis underneath! You cannot even see through yours! I always wear them under mine! Also, your clothes always do look soooo ironed and perfect! I swear I am fixing that all the time!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  19. I know I'm late, but your site is simply beautiful. Love how clean and nice it its. I finally figure out how to get my nails to last a week, and that is how I deal with that. If i had to update my nails 1-2 a week, I would give up haha. Love the questions and answer here.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  20. I hate iron my clothes! My parents are obsessed with ironing clothes especially my dad since his father was in the army. All my clothing had to be ironed even things I really think needed ironing. They tried to instill their iron obsession with me but it did work! lol Has an adult I still can't iron my clothes. So I buy clothing that require low maintenance.

  21. I have some semi-sheer tops and I deal with it the same way you do...nude bra and done. Haha.
    Penniless Socialite

  22. Love this post. And it's so hard to think about buying Fall items when it's still so hot outside, so I totally was on board with you regarding the sales.


    La Joie de Vivre

  23. How fun! I enjoyed reading this post, Gina. I agree about wearing a cami under a shirt - I just realized that it works a lot better without and it actually looks better. I am always learning...

    Daily Style Finds
    Daily Style Finder

  24. Ive been wanting a steamer! lol, but yes your fashion looks very well kept and crisp :)


  25. I loved learning more snippets about you! I dread ironing too and would much rather paint my nails!


  26. I totally feel the same about wearing a cami under a shirt. Love all your little tips.

    The Queen in Between


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