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Each Wednesday throughout the summer I'm sharing one item that's gaining popularity all over blogs and Instagram. Preferably one that I own so I have a little more to say about it! This week's item is the Ivory Outlined Stripe Portofino Shirt
Top: Express / Necklace: Express (Similar) / Jeans: Nordstrom (Similar) / Watch: Fossil / Bracelet: c/o Gorjana / Shoes: Steve Madden / Nails: Essie East Hampton Cottage"

This shirt plus jeans is such an easy, no-fail outfit. A couple of my blog and Instagram friends that have picked up this shirt have worn the same foolproof combination. I like seeing the different bags, shoes and accessories (and lip colors!) they used to add their own character to the outfit.
@SenoritaCasen on Instagram

I've also seen a couple of dressed-up, office-friendly outfits with this shirt on Rachelle & Shanna:

And here's one last look at all of the outfit combinations:

Okay, I'm trying to limit these posts to one specific item, but I couldn't help noticing that Shanna and I both paired our shirts with a gold chain necklace. And I was felt very on-top of trends when I read in the June issue of In Style Magazine (page 154) that gold chains specifically are in right now:

I'm pretty sure they meant real gold (considering they showed options from brands like Cartier and Tiffany), but I'll pretend I didn't notice that and stay content with my Express version. My exact version is from last year and sold out, but I put together a few less expensive options if you want to get on this trend:

Gold Chains:

Well, I'm really failing at keeping this post to one trending item only, but there's also a cami version of this shirt that I've worn several times:

I just noticed that it's on clearance, which is usually a sign that it's going away for good. If you've thought about getting it I wouldn't wait much longer. I know it will be a staple for me this summer! (And next week I'll try to stick to my own arbitrary rule of featuring just one item per week! Oops!)

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  1. yes this shirt is a fave, so happy I got the cami as well.


  2. Love a good gold link chain. I wore one in last week's link up. Marie Claire this month has Dior compass chains. I am coveting them so hard. Wish I had an extra $2500 lying around. So pretty!

  3. Love a good gold link chain. I wore one in last week's link up. Marie Claire this month has Dior compass chains. I am coveting them so hard. Wish I had an extra $2500 lying around. So pretty!

  4. hahaha yeah excuse me while i go buy a Cartier gold chain... i'll stick with my cheap necklaces!
    this style portofino is on my list, when i ever get one ;)

  5. Such a cute top! We've seen it all over instagram. Love how you show all the different accounts wearing it!
    Carrie and Stacy
    CS Gems

  6. Such an easy top to wear a variety of ways (as you show)! Super cute!


  7. Love the striped shirt, girl!! And yay for gold chains! I picked up one a few weeks back and haven't even worn it yet! BTW-totally thought of you..i saw Zulily has Express stuff right now! LOL! A few Portofinos, camis, the knot tee.... :-) XOXO

  8. That is a cute shirt! I don't think I've seen it before. TFS!

  9. This is a great shirt! It's so simple but the contrast with the pockets adds to much! Great look. Winks and Eyerolls

  10. My sister bought that shirt, but I think I like the cali style so much more!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  11. Ahhhh me! Hahahha sometimes I get so giddy when I see myself! Thanks so much for featuring me on here. I love this shirt and really love it in the cami version as well. Always love how you feature multiple ways to wear items from different bloggers. It makes it so much easier to style pieces!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  12. I've been seeing this shirt everywhere, and it gets all the heart eye emojis! I also love the Barcelona cami version too of course, definitely one of my fav tops for the summer :-D

  13. Love how it looks with the red pants!

  14. The stripes are so cute! I love the cami too! Such a great summer staple!

    Doused In Pink

  15. It's a great portofino! It's one of those prints that instantly dresses anything up and makes you look so put together. I've definitely contemplated it! Love that gold chains are "in" again too. I have a delicate one that I've been wearing quite often. It has the right amount of sparkle!

  16. I don't know why I haven't caved and gotten it yet. In my head, I feel like I can't justify both the cami and the blouse version in my closet, but clearly everyone else is doing it! I should just cave huh. Maybe in 6 months. Which is about how long I last before I decide I NEED something. You all look fab in it!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  17. That's a great shirt and love how everyone has styled it!! Shanna's red wide leg pants with it is such a super chic look, fun series Gina!

  18. This is a great series. I can't wait to see future posts. That is a great striped print. I had it in my hands a few months ago and decided not to get it. Why??? And I have a similar gold link necklace from J. Crew Factory and I wear it a ton. I wore it yesterday.

  19. Well technically it's still one style of an item LOL I think I love the cami even more then the portofino...something about those stripes are very appealing! I also love the layered necklace and blue blazer your rocking with that cami girl!


  20. That is a great shirt, love how it styled in so many different ways!

  21. I love every single way you featured it styled. Makes me want the portofino version to go along with the cami version I already have haha

  22. I love all the different ways everyone has styled this pretty top!


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  23. i love that shirt! it has a nautical feel to it!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  24. Ahhh, I need to snap this up before it's gone for good!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  25. Ugh, I am so bummed I don't have this portofino so I could be trending with all the cool kids. You know this is the one I really want. Did you see Damsel in Dior had in on in her Insta the other day?

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. I did not see it but I looked it up after you mentioned it! She had a great close up of it. I would love to know how she styled the whole outfit since she has such great style!

  26. I am a fan of your Instagram. You always have nice shots and look stunning in every one of them!

  27. You really are try to make me buy that pattern top. I may end up getting this anyway lol.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  28. What a great shirt! Thanks so much for being a part of Fun Fashion Friday! Have a fab weekend!
    Dawn Lucy

  29. Love these shirts! Cute & Comfy! Love your necklace(s).


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