What's Trending this Week: Shopping Bans

On Wednesdays this summer I have been highlighting a single item or trend that multiple people are buying and wearing. This week, it's the opposite. The trend I've noticed this month is the Shopping Ban, so I wanted to chat with some of the ladies who are doing this or have done it recently about the pros and cons and overall experience. And in support of their efforts there will be zero shopping links in this post, so read on without fear of being enabled!

#JuneClosetDiet on Instagram
Aimee @aimeeffischer / Ailsa @emmeltwins / Kelsey @styles4momma / Tatiana @tatisbonilla

These four ladies became friends on Instagram and decided to help each other not shop for the entire month of June. They also agreed that if they made it the entire month, they would treat themselves to a Kendra Scott necklace. But if any one of them broke the shopping ban, they had to buy the necklace for the three other ladies. I really liked their idea for accountability and incentive, but wanted to find out if that had been enough to make it worth the experience of the past 24 days.

What do you feel like you learned from this experience?

I learned that it was actually possible not to die without shopping for a period of time. I had surprisingly more self control than I ever thought possible. I also learned that having this restraint made me miserable!

I learned not to be as impulsive with my purchases. I actually feel like I will appreciate any items I buy. I also noticed that I have many multiple items that haven't been worn in ages. Why do I need 8 pairs of olive pants? I don't need every different style or variation. I could honestly step back and say, "That item is absolutely beautiful, but will I reach for it time and time again?" This is my new outlook when I make any future purchases: I want to be completely in love with the item, so that I would want to wear it frequently and not just skim over it time and again.

I have learned a lot! First off, it's not easy to have self restraint especially when it comes to shopping! If you focus you time and energy somewhere else you do not feel as tempted to shop, also having great friends to do it with you really helps! We all encouraged each other to stay away from online shopping! I never realized how many sales were in June! And always wait for a sale because there will be one!

I think doing the closet diet taught me not to buy impulsively which I tend to do more often than not. I deleted every single [store promotion] email without opening, stayed out of the stores and laughed at myself (and at the girls) whenever I saw a sale being advertised. To be honest, having them as my accountability partners helped tremendously to keep myself in check. We text daily and laughed through the pain and suffering. I do have a July shopping list in the works but now I kind of feel bad indulging too much since I did so good in June. I don't want to undo it all right away.
Would you do it all again?

Hmmmm...would I do it again....NOPE, but I will attempt to do a two week no shopping stretch every few months. I'm counting down the days until July 1st!

I would do it again BUT for shorter periods of time. Two weeks seems to be realistic and obtainable for me. I want to try to do it every other month and save up some money for an expensive item I normally wouldn't be able to purchase.

I would most certainly do it again and I have back in January. I loved how freeing it was and how much additional time I have had now that I wasn't shopping. Going forward I will make sure not to take my purchases for granted.

I definitely don't regret it and would absolutely do it again. I suffered but it wasn't horrible. The hardest part was that for some strange reason the sales this month have been absolutely ridiculous in so many stores. What's funny is that my husband was out of town for the whole month of June so it was the perfect month to sneak stuff into my closet without him noticing! *Sigh* 

June Shopping Ban 

What are the exact details of your shopping ban? 

For the month of June I am not allowed to use my income to buy clothing, swimwear or accessories. If I get a gift card then all bets are off since I'm not actually using my own money. I am allowed to buy skincare products and underwear if I need them (meaning just to replenish my supplies).

What do you feel like you learned from this experience?
Pretty much I have enough clothes to not shop for a year and I still have the ability to wear different outfits without repeating much. Funny enough once I decided to not shop it all became very easy because no matter how much I love something I know I cannot get it. Also this allowed me to enjoy the pieces that I already own and love, I had the opportunity to really mix and match. Right now I think I only have 2 unworn items in my closet and that's great.

Would you do it all again?
Yes, I am planning on doing it in July and maybe August. I may be less strict meaning I'm allowed to get 1-3 items if they are reasonably priced. My birthday is in September so I want to treat myself then.

Remix Fix 2015  

What were the exact details of your shopping ban?

Not only was I on a shopping ban, but I also lived out of a capsule for two months (January - March) – and that was a double whammy! I certainly don’t think the shopping ban would have felt as bad if I could still wear everything in my closet. But I was limited to 48 pieces of clothing/shoes and 23 pieces of bags/other accessories. I was allowed ZERO purchases in January, the addition of ONE item in February, and ONE new item in March.  For special occasions (wedding, cocktail party, business professional event, etc.) I could wear anything already in my closet, but still couldn’t shop. Rewards points/cash/etc. could be used towards the allotted purchases, but otherwise had to be saved for after the ban!

What do you feel like you learned from this experience?
I learned that everything is better in moderation, and trying to cut shopping out cold turkey is truly unrealistic, as sad and superficial as that sounds. Shopping, fashion, and outfit styling are all part of my creative outlet, and if one of those outlets is cut off, I start to feel suffocated. I think I would be more successful simply establishing budget parameters vs. thinking I could go without buying a single thing for any certain period of time. Plus, you always want what you can’t have, and knowing I was not allowed to shop just made me want to shop even more.

Would you do it all again?
Nope, not unless I physically could not do it because of budget constraints.

* * *
Now, as for me...
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I'm not on a complete shopping ban. However,  I am doing a restriction plan with my friend Skye based on some of the ideas I gleaned from these ladies. And part of the reason I wanted to do this post was for my own motivation! I'm planning to share the details of my own plan in Monday's post after I have a little more experience under my belt, so check back then to get the scoop!

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  1. Now what Carylee did was just plain crazy lol, sorry but limiting myself to 48 pieces for 3 months is a big NO-NO. Cannot wait to read your take on it Gina.


  2. Ha! I love this. I've done it before and I'm on one right now. I was so relieved when I clicked on the post and saw your note, "no shopping links", whew! I'm safe.

    For me, it is two-fold right now. I have enough, I was feeling a little bloated in the closet because I was on some sort of buying frenzy, I bought a lot blue items. Crazy. Then I found out that my summer columns were cut in half so that's half a paycheck. Ugh. Totally on a #closetdiet.

    Come link up at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!

  3. I found this fascinating to read. I had seen the June no shopping challenge on Instagram and thought about doing it. I lasted a week. But I had wondered how they were doing. Whenever I try to do one it seems like one store comes out with the perfect dress that looks great on me and it's 50% off. I fall for that every single time. The key really is to not even open those emails, but then some other blogger will post a cute outfit or item with a link and it's all over. I'm looking forward to read your post on Monday.

  4. I definitely understand how hard it can be! Gotta have that self-control.


  5. Totally need to do this but not sure I would last a whole month...maybe 2 weeks. But agree about the part that one does not need 8 different pairs of a same color pants. My problem is stripes - I probably have 8 different black and white stripped tops!
    CS Gems

  6. We are not quitters and besides, the July Nordstrom sale is coming up and I have front row seats. I'm already adding to my cart and circling my wants and making notes on the catalog. I'm ready. I've set a budget and I'm going to stick to it. Thanks for including me on this journey. It's been easy, only bc we are out for Summer break and I still have so much to choose from in my closet that I have yet to wear or forgot about. This does take the stress out and I too have been deleting all my emails with SALES.

  7. Hahaha! I am LOLing at Rachelle's comment. I'm glad I now know I can live in a capsule but yeah no. That's enough of that "test" for me!! And I am glad Aimee has about the same feelings I would have in her situation! Haha
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  8. Shopping bans are so difficult! Kudos to these ladies for doing one, although it was a struggle. I don't think I could go on a complete ban either Gina, but I'm with you on reining the spending in. I've put myself on a strict monthly shopping budget after reading Amy Ann's post last week.

  9. Shopping bans are the worst, I tried to give it up for lent one year... didn't work yikes!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  10. I do the same thing- not a ban but a restriction. I think it's helped me so far this year! This was a fun post :)

  11. It's SO HARD! I did it in January,which is a good time, I think because it was just Christmas, you have seasonal items already in your closet and it's just a good time to give the wallet a break. It's also fun just seeing if you can do it and forcing you to get even more creative with what you have! I was going to try in July because I am set for summer but there are a few things I might pick up at the Nordies sale soooo...kinda bad timing! Maybe September!!! xoxoxo

  12. I go through spurts where I feel like I'm shopping every week, and then I'll go several weeks without buying anything. It all depends on budget/how busy I am. Seriously impressed with Carylee and how she utilized 48 pieces for 3 months. That's awesome!

  13. Loved reading everyone's experiences with the shopping ban! I agree that the hardest part of a shopping ban is seeing the great sales! I've put myself on shopping bans a few times when I have gone over budget. I think it would be harder to do a capsule wardrobe than a ban!

    Doused In Pink

  14. Loved reading this, I've never done a "no ban shopping" month... or week, LOL. The capsule wardrobe has always intrigued me, but not sure I could pull that off either!


  15. This was so interesting! I have tried and failed at shopping bans. I wish I had more will power. But, I am trying to be better with my purchases in asking myself, "will I wear it more than once?" I definitely have cut down on skirts, dresses, and other dressier items because I just don't get to wear them much.

  16. This is like EXTREMELY hard for me but I am going to try it. But its more for personal budgeting reasons as I'm getting older I'm trying to reach certain milestone's in my life that I have to save for. I also want to start investing in travel more than clothes.

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  17. Thank you so much for this post! I was thrilled to read what these brilliant ladies thought!

    I too have been posting outfit on Instagram and participating in the June Closet Diet. One thing I learned was: a great aid to making it this far (Day 24!) has been entering an additional style challenge for the same month and planning all June's outfits ahead of time. I know that sounds a little more crazypants than even doing a shopping ban. I truly enjoy waking up and just seeing what looks good in my closet. However, for the purpose of not buying anything, it was reassuring to have a map with a daily destination if nothing else looked good. That's what the month of planned outfits provided. I am using the Rad Moves Like Jagger style prompts by @LoopyScorpio on IG for June and I think I will use the July Pinned It Spinned It prompts by @jro1583 and @aem8168 for July. Planning ahead might be a good technique to consider for those who want to do a shopping ban, but are concerned it will be too challenging.

    I would be so interested to hear from anyone who has seen my posts if they thought a month of planned outfits for June led to more, less, or about the same creative outfit styling from me than the posts I did in May. Thanks again for the blog post on this topic!

    1. Oh! And here's my IG page just for completeness' sake! https://instagram.com/radiantmephit/

  18. So interesting! I have never done an official ban, but I don't ever shop like crazy so it seems unnecessary. The KS reward sounds great too!

  19. I did in May but this month I shopped way too much! Will start over again and this time my goal is 3 weeks. ;) By the way, I started my own link up and it will be every Wednesday. Don't forget to stop by! :)


  20. I give credit to all of these ladies, I've tried so hard to do a shopping ban and it just never works for me, lol:) The temptation is way to strong and my problem is it's hard to stay away from stores and once I'm in I have very little control, ha!! Interesting post and love the idea of having buddies to do it with to hold you accountable.

  21. Definitely not sure I would be able to do this! Kudos to all these women who did it, especially since they are all so dang fashionable all the time! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! Hope you are having a lovely week, Gina!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  22. Definitely not sure I would be able to do this! Kudos to all these women who did it, especially since they are all so dang fashionable all the time! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! Hope you are having a lovely week, Gina!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  23. It's been fun seeing everyone on IG trying to shop less. I knew no shop was unrealistic for me and with only a week left, I haven't done too bad. I have bought a few items and it's about 10% what I spend last month so I am doing really good. I am just trying to reduce the amount of mindless shopping I do.

    I look forward to seeing your feelings on your shopping experience.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion linkup.

  24. I don't know if I could go on a total ban either, but the idea of it is intriguing. At the moment, I'm shopping very little because we're in the middle of a move. I am really enjoying the appreciation I have found for the things I already have, but nothing beats grabbing something new!

    pumps and push-ups

  25. Lol, I'm with you, lady- not a true BAN but definitely pump the brakes now and again. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  26. Great post! I love to shop but have really been trying to be more thoughtful about purchases. Joining the blog world had me instantly wanting #allthefashion but I have figured out that I was being somewhat impulsive at times when sales would occur, etc. I've definitely cut back the past couple of months and have also been more creative with the items I already own. Love that you pulled this together!

  27. Such an interesting take on a trend! I have found myself shopping less, as well, or shopping mainly to replace items in my wardrobe that I already know and love.

    Jen @ Librarian for Life + Style

  28. I have been through a few shopping bans over the course of the 14-15 year..however when I get off them, I feel like I go on shopping binges..smh!


  29. I went on a no buy for a month. It actually sounds harder than it is I think. It forced to me to look deeper into my closet also & pull out some older pieces that I don't normally wear. win-win

    xo, Michelle Paige

  30. this was such a good read, always nice to hear other experiences of it! :)

    I noticed I went REALLY overboard with my budget this month, and I still have stuff I bought last month I haven't even worn once yet (I have a goal of wearing everything twice in a month after I buy it). So I returned quite a few things this month but still I have a lot more than I should. I'm doing #noBuyJuly15 and I'm hoping to not buy any clothes or accessories next month. I know I can do it, as I've done it in the past, but I wouldn't call it easy...haha!

    Away From The Blue

  31. I only tried this one time and I didn't last the whole month, but I did shop less. Progress not perfection? Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday!
    Dawn Lucy

  32. I've enjoyed following along with Rachelle and Carylee's bans/remixes. Thanks for sharing these other ladies and their perspectives! I enjoy having a budget I am comfortable with. For the most part, it helps keep me balanced all year while still allowing me to shop some. It's an approach that works well for me. I love the idea that things brings to light, it's good to be mindful of our shopping habits not matter what that looks like for you.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  33. I am doing 4 week long shopping bans / breaks at least twice a year, usually in January and September, but outside of that it can easily happen that I go two weeks without even buying a bracelet or a pair of socks. Actually like to do it because it makes me appreciate what I already have, slows consumption and let's me truly think about my style & work with my wardrobe.

    Interesting to read the experiences and conclusions of others!

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  34. i love the idea of having an accountability partner, that would super helpful. and i like the reward / punishment system the girls had. that's a good idea. i really am considering a ban or restriction of some sort over the next 6 months because i simply don't need anything, and the things i want to do (travel, let KC build a new computer, pay off cars etc) keep getting pushed back because i shop too much. so i know i'll have tangible benefits if i do, you know? it's worth it. i think.


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