Outfits on the Daily 6/19/15

Happy Friday! This week went by so fast for me with all kinds of appointments and errands, so I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend with some sunshine and fun! For Friday Favorites today I have my usual outfit recap, some outfit inspiration, and a new favorite no-calorie, no-guilt addiction that all my friends need to try!

Outfit Recap:
Any item below without a link means I just couldn't find anything similar looking at a similar price point to what I originally paid, so stores are listed for reference or for anyone who wants to try their luck in store or on eBay.

Sweater: Express / Cami: Express / Jeans: ExpressNecklace: Express (Similar) / Watch: Fossil / Bracelet: Sage K & Co (Exact Sold Out) / Pink Bag: Express (Similar) / Sandals: Forever 21

Jacket: Express (Similar) / Tee: Old Navy / Necklace: ExpressJeans: Express / Sandals: Target / Bracelet: Express (Similar) / Nails: Sinful Colors "Easy Going"

Top: Express / Necklace: Express / Pants: Express / Watch: Fossil / Bracelet: Express (Similar) / Sunglasses: Nordstrom / Sandals: Target / Nails: Sinful Colors "Easy Going" 

Top: Express / Necklace: Express / Shorts: Old Navy (Similar) / Belt: Gap / Sandals: Vince Camuto "Luciah" (Similar) / Bag: Forever 21 (Similar) / Bracelet: Stella & Dot "Portia" / Nails: Essie "East Hampton Cottage"

Front View: 

I remember learning about Food Jags in a nutrition class, and in doing these posts I've started to notice I go on Outfit Jags. This week it was a lot of neutrals, and now I'm feeling my mood shift to colors so I expect you'll see a lot of that next week!

Outfit Inspiration:
Last week (here) I started sharing some of my "Hey I have that" outfits I planned to wear, and I followed through on one of them this week:

Outfit Inspiration: Kel @stylesformomma

And this was another outfit with "Hey I have that" origins:
Outfit Inspiration: Rachelle

For this week, my outfit plans include wearing something like this outfit by @clothedinconfidence. I have this exact Barcelona Cami and some other similar pieces, so this looks like a great choice to accommodate my expected Colorful Outfit Jag.

Favorite of the Week:

Here's the deal: if you're on Instagram and lamenting the fact that it's all staged and filtered and monetized to an unreal level, you need to get on Snapchat. For me, it's like all of my blogging BFFs suddenly have their own reality TV show (before reality shows were staged and filtered and monetized to an unreal level....). Even some "bigger" name bloggers are refreshingly down-to earth in their Snaps, sharing about serious stuff like house break-ins or just silly stuff with their friends and family that you never see posted on their blog or Instagram.

It's not the most intuitive app in my opinion (I would google some tutorials first to get started) and I'm just figuring out how to post my own stuff, but I'm ontheDailyX on Snapchat. And if you want to follow some more entertaining people, here are a few of my favorites to follow (in alphabetical order, naturally):


I'm not naming names, but if you followed these people on Snapchat you would already know who's bringing sexy back, who can't feel their face anymore, who's addicted to Pei Wei, whose husband is on Pinterest, who found the "IT" clutch at Target, and who wears leopard slip on sandals every day. (And dear Snappers, please keep all your pics and videos in the vertical position. I am too lazy to switch my phone to horizontal and back. Thanks!) And for any of my blogger friends stopping by today, of course, let me know if your snapchat name so I can find you!

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  1. I always love these roundups, I started following @clothedinconfidence yesterday and I'm loving her ig cause we have a lot of similar clothing lol. Thanks for the Snapchat shoutout, off to follow all these ladies.


  2. As always, you look good in every picture. One of these days, you have to do a post on how you get your clothes looking so pressed and perfect every single time and find time to always have a perfect manicure. I haven't checked out snapchat yet, but might just have to. I've been recently getting into Periscope (observing, not participating). Have a good weekend.

  3. Love those shorts on you. They're the perfect length. Will look for you on snapchat =) Have a wonderful weekend, Gina!

  4. Love all your outfits, and I just added you on Snapchat (my name is gretchxo if you want to follow back) although my stories aren't very entertaining...mostly just pics of my dog! I got to step my game up now :)

  5. Love all of these but my favorite is the white blouse with jeans shorts! So classic and looks comfortable! Hope you have a great weekend!
    Carrie and Stacy
    CS Gems

  6. Love your outfits on the daily. The onw with the white jeans and the denim shorts are so cute and Summery. =(

    Have a great weekend, Gina!

  7. Love your "neutrals week!!" My fave is the white shirt with denim shorts--hey I have that!! Have a great weekend, girl!! XOXO

    1. I hope I get to see your take on the white shirt/denim shorts combo!

  8. My sister keeps telling me to join Snapchat. Now that the kids are out of school, I have less time for blogging and Instragram so maybe once they go back in the fall I will do it. You are rocking those neutral colored looks. Your selfies are looking so good!

    1. Snapchat is by far the easiest of social media for me! It's very low pressure. I think you'd like it. :)

  9. I love your style Gina! Maybe because it's so similar to mine. I've just come across your blog and you've given me outfit inspiration. I work in an office where business casual is the dress code so these outfits are what I wear substituting the Old Navy Pixie ankle pant for the jeans Monday thru Thursday. My question is regarding the cascade cardigan you feature from Express. I recently tried this on in the store and either you are taller than you appear in your photos or perhaps you've had it altered? I'm 5'2" and I feel like the length is too long for my short frame and is not particularly flattering. Curious minds . . .

    1. Hi Lori!

      Thanks so much for your nice comment!! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog and have found easy ways to modify the outfits work for your lifestyle.

      As far as the cardigan, I am 5'4", so only a little bit taller than you. I've noticed Express has a few VERY similar cardigans in stock right now. I had to triple check my first one when linking it going back and forth between a couple of similar ones to make sure I had the right one. I've since ordered a couple online so I know for sure which one to point to online. But it's possible that you tried a similar but different cardigan. It's also possible that sizing/length varies a lot within one single item. I've had this happen a few times lately, especially with sweaters. I'll buy one and want a second color, only to find that the fit on the other color is way off. It's pretty frustrating and a recent problem (I started noticing it with London sweaters in the fall.) Anyway, I would try ordering the exact one I'm wearing from the website before giving up hope. They aren't super long on me, which I like because I usually don't prefer to be sitting on the bottom of a sweater/jacket when I'm sitting down.

      Again, thanks for the feedback and good luck!

  10. I always like seeing your outfit recaps! I love the white shirt with the distressed denim shorts! My daughter uses snapchat but I'm not on it, yet. I'm worried that it's one more thing that I won't have enough time to keep up with.

    Doused In Pink

  11. Gorgeous looks! I love that olive jacket!! Have an awesome weekend!

    The Closet by Christie

  12. I'm so addicted to snapchat these days too! I love the feeling that you're there with the blogger :-) And yes - the changing from vertical to horizontal drives me crazy...youtube should be horizontal and snap chat should be vertical...no switching back and forth ! I've recently found myself holding the screen down in Youtube to get the video to play...yes, I'm watching too much snapchat LOL!

  13. You're looking awfully stylish this week :) I love that olive green jacket, you nailed it from the inspiration post! I'm also new to snapchat, it's interesting seeing a behind the scenes look at blogger's lives.


  14. PEI WEI!!! hahah So glad you're snapping! It's so much fun, I hope people don't start to stage their snaps or think to hard about what they snap in the future. It would ruin the vibe lol.

    Oh, and I'm really loving that Express hem sweater!

  15. Love all your looks! I am on snapchat but am just kind learning how to use it! I will follow you! My name is "kelsomalley"! Thanks for the feature and you wore it better 😉 oxox kels

  16. I really like that khaki outfit you put together in the 'hey I have that' outfits! Shows how just adding something simple like a jacket can really make a look :)

    Glad you're enjoying snapchat! I have it as my sister uses it a lot, but I'm really not that into it. When I tend to notice instagram going down that path, I just unfollow. There are plenty of real, everyday women who use instagram to share and don't use photoshop and have staged photos, those are the kind of people I continue to follow :)

    Away From The Blue

  17. Awww! Thanks for the snap chat shout out. I blame you for my new waste of time. Though it's nice to have "company" as I'm scream singing in my car :) I also really like those Old Navy shorts! I will have to check out the similar pair to which you linked! Carylee | more pieces of me

  18. i just got on snapchat recently but i'm like a full on newbie so i am not very good at it at all hahaha. i am only friends with like one person on there, it's always overwhelming to learn a new social media ;)

  19. I absolutely love snapchat and have been using it for well over a year after thinking I wouldn't. Once I learned celebrities and some bloggers are on there for me to follow, I started asking blogging friends and checking to see if my fave big bloggers had accounts. I love checking the stories every morning and night. I don't have one for my blog--just my personal so I don't share it on my blog. If you check in your page where it says "users that added me", I just added you. My snapchat name is a nickname version of my first name. Follow me back if you'd like :)


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