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Astrology Style: Cancer

Every month I analyze the style traits of one sign of the Zodiac for my Astrology Style Series. We're just kicking off Cancer Season (June 21 - July 22), and I'm using  Khloe Kardashian (June 27, 1984) and Ashley Tisdale (July 2, 1985) as my Cancer Sign Style Reps. (And yes, the year of birth is important because we all need to know how much older or younger we are than them to relate, right??)

In staying true to my Simplicity post, my Cancer-Style outfits this month are both things I've actually worn in real life and shared previously. These girls love their white jeans and neutrals, and luckily I do too.

Outfit Details: (Items with no link are no longer available)
Top: Express / Necklace: Purple Peridot / White Skinnies: Express / Belt: Express (Current) / Sandals: Forever 21 / Red Clutch: Stella & Dot

Jacket: Express / Tee: Old Navy / Necklace: Express / White Skinnies: Express / Sandals: Target / Pink Bag: Express

I just said in my Friday post how I'm trying to get back into wearing more colors, but these ladies make me want to stay right in the neutral zone.

Ashley's Neutral Style:

Khloe's Neutral Style: 

The Kardashians have such a reputation for "out there" fashion but I'm starting to think it's mostly Kim. Khloe's outfit pieces are fairly non-outrageous, but her curvy figure makes them a lot more attention-grabbing. (As evidenced in the butt-grabbing pic above!) 

If you're wondering about the style traits for your own sign, you can check out the most recent post here:

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As always, I look forward to hearing from those who fall under this sign whether you relate to the signature style of your sign-mates!

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  1. You (and the celebs!) wear white jeans well :)

    They are not something I can pull off - I'm too clumsy!

    Thank you for the link up!

    Away From The Blue

  2. Your posts always give me so much inspiration. Love all those neutral outfits. You make white denim looks so great. Enjoy your Monday, Gina!

  3. Always looking forward to your Astro-inspired looks - and these ladies certainly didnt disappoint!


  4. Your post literally gives me so much Inspiration! These neutral outfits are so on point! Love love love them!

  5. I needed some white jean inspiration! All of these looks are perfect for everyday! I love both of your necklaces!

    Doused In Pink

  6. I'm so in love with neutral looks right now. Seriously, there is nothing better than white skinnies and a grey t-shirt or an all white look in summer. Great picks as always!

    XO, Jaime

  7. You know me, I am all about the neutrals! This is right up my alley. Your black and white looks are so great.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. I have been loving neutrals lately! I wear my white jeans all the time. They go with everything and dress it up easily.

  9. All super cute styles! Love the neutrals with the whites - perfect for summer!
    Carrie and Stacy
    CS Gems

  10. Maybe I'm a cancer at heart because I love white paired with neutrals! I could wear my white skinnies every day, I've determined. :) And is someone trying to grab Khloe's bootie in one of her last pics?! Haha
    Carylee |

  11. I love all the neutral outfits, I rarely wear white jeans with another neutral color and need to give this a try. BTW, thanks for sharing the year of these ladies birth - Now I know I am ancient!! :)


    Would love to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  12. Whoo hoo I'm a cancer! I'd say both of the are much more "rock and roll" than my style. I'm much more basic (or "classic" if we want to sound nicer). Is anyone else surprised that Ashley Tisdale is a year younger than Khloe? She still looks like a teenager!

    1. I was also surprised they are only a year apart! I thought Khloe was a good 5 years older than Ashley!

  13. I love a good neutral outfit. Amazing outfit inspirations, your outfit is my favorite with the pop of pink. I have to say that I love Kloe's minimalist style.

  14. Such a great post idea. Loving the neutral colored looks.


  15. Khloe Kardashian and Ashley Tisdale are such style inspirations! Love the different astrological sign posts for celebrity fashion, very unique and exciting! Also, those neutral-colored outfits are to die for and perfect for a fresh look in the Summer heat.

  16. Ah Gina how I have missed you. I have been in baby land (still there) but slowing starting to get back to my blog love. I love these posts as you know and I love your black and white outfit! The touches of the camel in the sandals and the pop of red make that looks super perfect! Hope you are well! xo

  17. Interesting post, I have never thought of astrological style being a thing. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Love all these neutrals! There is something so classy and timeless about blacks, whites and grays. I love the black and white with touches of gold. The perfect combo. Have a great week, Gina!

  19. Love all these neutral looks for Cancer style! Might need to try like ALL of these.

  20. It's so true when you have a curvy figure it's so easy to look oochie, loving these outfits.


  21. I love when you do these zodiac style posts! I love all of these neutral looks!

    The Closet by Christie

  22. These Cancer's can rock white skinnies like no one else! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  23. Absolutely love white denim!! Thanks for all the amazing inspiration! Great post! Hope your doing well love!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  24. I love your black shoes! Ashley's style is so cool and casual…love it.

  25. I didn't notice the butt grabbing until you pointed it out. Too funny. Khloe has always been my favorite. She seems unapologetic and real (if that's possible in Kardashian land). I do love the neutral looks. White and gray has always been a go to for me.

  26. I love those dark neutrals mixed with the white! Gorgeous!

  27. lol @ the butt grabbing pic. i used to love ashley tisdale's style, but then she started wearing more boho / ripped everything and that's not really my jam. i love me some neutrals! you make me want white jeans but that is a horrible idea for me.

  28. ok, who is trying to grab Khloe's butt in that picture!! So random


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