Friday Favorites 2/6/15

Welcome to Friday Favorites! As usual I have a couple of things to share this week, starting with my Instagram outfit recap.

1. Outfit Recap

Here are a few of the recent outfits I shared on Instagram from the unshared front-view:

And a breakdown of outfit details with the Insta-view from the top (mainly linking to just currently available pieces):
Cardigan: Express / Barcelona Cami: Express / White Jeans: Express / Shoes: Sole Society or Nordstrom (Sizes Vary) / Necklace: Express Watch: Fossil (Birthday Gift from Carylee!)

Striped Portofino: ExpressJeans: Express (Similar- I just got this similar pair also and love them. They will be on the blog soon I'm sure!) / Belt: Banana Republic / Shoes: Steve Madden / Bracelet: Express / Bag: Express

Marled Crepe Hem SweaterExpress  (Birthday gift from Rachelle!)/ Black Jeans: ExpressShoes: TargetBracelet: ExpressNecklace: Local / Nails: Essie Bahama Mama

Moto Jacket: Gap / Barcelona Cami: Express / Jeans: Nordstrom / Flats: DSW / Necklace: Target / Nails: Essie Bahama Mama

As you can see I was a very spoiled girl for my birthday last month! I feel very lucky to have some amazing blogger friends who are just as kind and generous as they are stylish!

2. What's in vs. What's Out: Social Shopping

This month, the What's In vs. What's Out section of People Style Watch  declared that Needlepoint pillows are out. (I....did not know they were in...) They also declared that Social Shopping is in. If you're on Instagram, you have probably noticed a lot of bloggers, celebrities (like Jamie Chung, Lauren Conrad, Jesse Metcalfe), and magazines like People Style Watch use the Social Shopping service  LiketoKnow.it on their Instagram pictures.

Basically it's a service designed to make it easy to shop for the items featured in each Instagram picture. And of course, in the interest of full disclosure here, it also allows the blogger/celebrity/magazine etc. to potentially earn a commission if a purchase is made by a follower after they "like" a picture.

When I joined Instagram I was hesitant about signing up for this. I "like" a lot of pictures but I didn't really want a bunch of extra emails to manage every day. But I signed up anyway (and like everyone says, it literally takes under one minute) because there are several users I follow who use it exclusively and I wanted their outfit details! What I have chosen to do is to set my email settings to never.  So on the home page I select SETTINGS from the drop-down menu like this (circled in red):

Then on the next screen I selected "Don't Send Me these Emails."

Again, this is just my personal preference. Some people might like instant outfit details via email. I treat LiketoKnow.it like a blog. I visit every few days, go to "My Likes" (from the drop-down menu just above "Settings") and review the outfits I liked.  Then I click through to the retailer to see if the items I was interested in are in my price range, available in my size, etc.

One thing I have seen in the comments sections on several other bloggers I follow is, "LiketoKnow.it doesn't work. It's not showing the same thing as what you are wearing." As bloggers, we select the products to be displayed for our outfits but unfortunately we don't have the ability to indicate whether they are  exactly what we're wearing or a similar item like we often do on a blog, and I think sometimes this is what leads to the, "that's not what you're wearing" comments.

We also don't have the ability to choose the exact color we're wearing to display, so sometimes it might not look like the same thing even if it is. For example:

If you had "liked" this picture of mine, you would see the image above with small product pictures below it on your "My Likes" page when you logged in to LTKIT (or in the email you receive if you choose that option). The sweater displayed is the exact one I'm wearing, even though I'm only able to display the "Silver Gray" color option and I'm wearing "Black." But if you click on the image of the sweater from LiketoKnow.it, you will be directed to the product page on the Express site where you can select Black. Same goes for the lace cami. I can only display the orange version even though I'm wearing black and the black option is still available. 

In the example above, I don't have an option displayed for my bag, necklace, or bracelet from the IG picture. Those exact items are no longer available, and I have chosen not to link to "similar" items on Instagram/LTKIT since I cannot indicate that they are only "similar." It's up to each blogger to decide how many (if any) similar options to display, so you may notice one person will show five options for a pink bag they are carrying and I showed zero options even though I am obviously carrying a pink bag!

As a blogger and as a follower of others on Instagram, I'm on board with Social Shopping and LTKIT.  I wanted to add a little of my own clarification to the process here because I have not seen some of these details explained elsewhere. I still try to put most of my recent IG outfits on the blog regularly with specific details and links for blog-only readers.

October 2016 Update: Since I originally write this post, several things have changed with @LiketoKnow.It as well as some of the ways I manage my blog. I have added an "Outfit Singles" section to the top menu bar of my blog. Each outfit I post to Instagram has a corresponding front view outfit on that page with a full break down of exact vs. specific items and where to purchase them. Furthermore, the @LiketoKnow.It widget on my sidebar (i.e. the cluster of images of my Instagram outfits) no longer requires an account to shop. You can simply click the image and be directed to a page with shoppable links. This still does not allow me to specify exact vs. similar items so if you aren't certain from the product photo, you can always refer to the Outfit Singles page for those details.

 * * *
Last but not least, two weeks ago Charnele tagged me to answer some questions and she probably thought I forgot about them! But I didn't, and I finally got around to answering them here. I should also tell you that if you like to stay current with your slang and know what all the cool kids are saying these days, you should follow her on Instagram. She helps me keep my vocabulary on fleek!

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  1. I cannot wait to copy the second look now that I have similar booties.


  2. If I can't like to at least one exact item I am wearing, I usually don't bother with LTKI for the reasons you list above. Readers like knowing EXACTLY what you are wearing! And I would rather see similar items linked vs nothing at all for the sake of seeing a complete outfit. That's just me!
    And I really like seeing your outfits from the front and the top! So thanks for posting both!

    1. That's a good point about linking similar items to complete the look! I have gone back and forth about what's the "best practice." My goal is just to make it as non-confusing as possible so maybe I'll add some similar pieces if I designate them as such in the photo caption....work in progress here!

  3. I always like how you show us the front view of you IG pics too...so thanks for always doing that! While I always adore your outfits and style, I really love the crep hemmed sweater and pewter shoes this week!! I just need to thank you now for the Like to Know it break down...as an IG viewer, I've not signed up bc I didn't want all the emails and extra temptations!! As a blogger, I've never signed up bc it's just one more thing to link-up with which equals time! Do you find that side of it time consuming? I typically put my IG outfit pics up on the fly, so not sure how that would work anyway.
    Thanks for the great info!!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

    1. It doesn't really take long to link up my outfit items on LTKIT. Maybe 1-2 minutes extra? About the same amount of time as it would take me to link to all the items in an outfit on a blog post, so I guess I'm just used to it! Glad you found it helpful!

  4. i am really digging that gap moto jacket - it looks casual enough that i could wear it without feeling like it was a blazer / structured jacket. and you did get so spoiled for your birthday! so lovely :)
    i think i signed up for like to know it a few months ago but i must not have got an email or something because i had no idea thats how it worked, so thank you for explaining!

    1. It is a really great jacket! It's a soft, comfortable texture. Almost like a cardigan/jacket. Glad I helped shed some light on LTKIT!! I don't want to be pushy about it but I did want to explain some details.

  5. What a great idea to put the Q&A on your about page! I never thought about that. I just spent some time going over all of your answers. We have so man of the same views. I wish we could meet in person :-) And love those pewter flats!

  6. I love those DSW flats and your distressed jeans! I don't think I have seen those before. I did the same thing with my liketoknowit account. I still want to be able to like the photos and access the info IF I want it without being spammed. I know some people act like bloggers are always pushing their stuff trying to monetize, but to me it's an easy way to share your clothing info and receive it in the way you want.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  7. Those flats are everything!!! And I want that striped portofino !!!! Thank you for your kind words hehe I try to entertain as much as I can through trendy slang :)

  8. Just love these looks, always such beautiful looks from you :)


  9. Love the 4 outfits. They are all great with many great basics and neutral pieces. I particularly love the 2 with the neutral/oatmeal sweaters. I need a sweater in that color.

    P.S. Does one need an invitation for Like to Know It?

    1. Hi Ada,
      No, you don't need an invitation to use LTKIT as a follower/end user. As a blogger, you do have to apply to use the service through RewardStyle. Thanks for your kind words as always!

  10. I actually forgot I signed up for a liketoknowit account and must have done the same thing with the email notifications! I really should go in and look at it once in awhile! I loved reading your Q&A! So fun! Have a great weekend Gina!

    Doused In Pink

  11. First of all you're so much more styling than me and I love your Steve Madden shoes! The peep toes are amazing. I never understood LiketoKnowit but I see people using on instagram so thank you for explaining it to me haha although I have a bit of a shopping addiction so I'm not sure this will help :)

  12. I love the nude booties and pink bag/belt! Great recap :)



    My Closet Life Blog

  13. I hate how LikeToKnow.It doesn't let you choose the color or anything. I think that would be so helpful to people who use the service, but other than that I think it's great! Super great idea to set your emails to never, too. Mine is set to daily and sometimes even then its too much hahah.

  14. This was such an informative post on how Like To Know It works. Thank you! Going to go change my settings to once a week now!

  15. I love that striped portofino and outfit with the pops of pink! The pieces look so good together! This is also one of the best explanations of LiketoKnowit I've seen. I haven't signed up because I didn't want all of those e-mails, so knowing about the settings is key. Have a great weekend Gina!

    Nicole to the Nines

    1. Thank you SO much Nicole! I really appreciate your feedback today. I have debated doing this post for a long time but I hoped it might help some people at the very least to know that you don't have to get an email every time you like a picture. That was a turn-off for me so I figured other people might feel the same.

  16. I want your entire first look! Especially the long cardigan and blue cami. Maybe on Sunday I'll walk away with them :) I am still on the fence about the sweater with the chiffon on the bottom. I love it on you but reviews online aren't positive so hopefully it's also in stock on Sunday and I can see how it fits on me.

    I have very mixed feelings about like to know it. I have only used the app a few times myself for my pictures. I personally can't stand getting emails from them, unless I'm really interested in a certain outfit. I've even skipped "liking" a pic because it was tagged with that app. I didn't know you could customize how often you receive the emails though so I guess I'll adjust my setting. Great post!

  17. I love the striped portofino shirt with the pop of color! I love the social shopping apps. I am already linked in to likeitknowit for the same reason, I follow folks such as yourself with awesome style! Happy Friday doll :)


  18. The way you paired the striped skirt with the color is perfect. I know I plan on picking that shirt up when I can. I read about the likeitknowit, but I just don't want to add another social media account to my list of things to do it.

    It was nice getting to know more about you, and I see we share some things in common :D.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  19. I love love love your blog!!!!! <3


  20. Such great outfits! I love the one with the stripes! I have subscribed to the same service as well, and have similar issues about all of the emails. Great to know about the settings!


  21. Agreeing with everyone else - you did a great job explaining like to know it - it's much better strategy to treat it like a blog to visit than get so many emails (I had signed up but didn't like receiving all the emails - because sometimes I like the pic but don't necessarily want the outfit details - so I stopped using it)

    Personally - I think the best practice in social shopping is to tag the photo with the retailer - and have the specific pieces linked in liketkit :-)

  22. I really love that blue striped top with that bright belt! Such a cute look!

  23. I love every single one of those looks! Super cute!

  24. I love those silvery flats you own. They look like they mix well with everything! (And who knew that needlepoint pillows were ever "in"?!)


  25. I have never heard of Like it to Know it before. But I signed up now. I love all your outfits, but the striped shirt one is my favorite. I was wondering, how do you take the 'above' selfies? I've tried, but I can't seem to get the whole view like everyone else does.

    1. I'm so glad you found my explanation helpful and hope you like using the service! For outfit selfies, Carylee taught me basically everything I know. She has a fantastic, comprehensive tutorial in This Post


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