Friday Favorites 2/13/15

Happy Friday! In case you missed my post yesterday, there's a big sale at Express on Tops, Jeans and Dresses, and I shared my favorite pieces in each of those categories (er, except dresses). So for today I'm sharing my recent Instagram outfit recap plus a special Express shopping event experience:

1. Outfit Recap

Front View:

And the view from the top:
Moto Jacket: ExpressStripe Tank: Old Navy / Jeans: Nordstrom (Similar) / Flats: DSW

Portofino: Express / Jeans: Nordstrom/ Shoes: Sole Society (Similar)  / Bag: Forever 21 / Bracelet: Express

Portofino: Express / Mid Rise Jeans: Express / Necklace: Express / Sandals: Target (Similar)

Contrast Piping Portofino Shirt: Express / Destroyed Cropped Jean Leggings: Express / Red Crossbody: Stella & Dot / Shoes: Sole Society (Similar)

For those who have asked how I take top-down selfies, let me refer you back to this post from Carylee. She taught me everything I know about this, and the only difference in my technique is that she uses the bottom iPhone button for the shutter and I use the volume button. I also use the same apps as she does for photo editing.

2. Express After Hours Shopping

So a couple of weeks ago I received an interesting invitation in my Suggestion Box:

I was invited to attend an exclusive after-hours shopping party at Express. And if you're wondering, it had nothing to do with this blog, it was sent to all Express Next A-List Members in my area (and about 18 other locations). I sent my "yes" RSVP immediately and couldn't wait to see what this was all about.

Side note: if you aren't familiar with Express Next, it's their loyalty program and I highly recommend it if you shop at Express at all. I outlined some of the benefits in this post (and now I can add "exclusive shopping parties" to the list of benefits), but in a nutshell it costs absolutely nothing to join but allows you to earn Express Cash rewards, better coupons, birthday gifts and so on.

The shopping party was held 30 minutes after the mall closed on a Sunday, and when I arrived at my Express store right on time, it looked about like this:

They were serious about the "Exclusive Event" part, too. All the guests that RSVP'd for the party had their name on The List at the door,with up to two guests per member. A few people who happened to be walking by (probably after getting out of a movie at the theater since the stores were all closed)  saw the line and tried to get in after me to see what was going on. They were not on The List so unfortunately they couldn't get in.

Once I got inside, the music was pumping even louder than usual thanks to a live DJ:

I was greeted with some refreshments (a Brownie Pop and water bottle) and offered the chance to win a prize by texting a special code to a specific number. Of course I went for it, and I immediately got a reply that lead me to a virtual scratch off raffle ticket on my iPhone, which was really cool:

My prize was a $25 gift card - woot! I'm not sure what other prize options were because I didn't ask other shoppers, but I was happy with mine! From there, it was on to the shopping part of the evening!
So here's how the Exclusive Party was different than a normal shopping day at Express.

1) There was a very high ratio of sales people to shoppers. It was probably 1x1 at my event. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful to make sure I had anything and everything I could possibly need. If you're the type of person who doesn't want to be bothered by a sales associate while you're shopping, you might not enjoy this type of event. However if you want great customer service and someone always there and ready to get you another size or style or a drink of water when you're in the fitting room, this was perfect.

2) Louder music because of the DJ, plus prizes and treats! Our DJ was really funny so I enjoyed her commentary throughout the night. The $25 prize was great, the Brownie Pop was tasty, and since it had such a night club/party feel at the event I was kind of hoping for some champagne! But then I figured open drinks around a bunch of new merchandise is probably a bad idea, so of course I understand why they didn't.

I tried on a few things at the event, and here are the stock photos vs. fitting room photos of the items that are currently available. Everything here ran true to size and I'm wearing an XS in each of these:

I actually tried this next top on at a different time after seeing it on Erin, but I'm throwing it in here since I'm on the subject of fitting room reviews. Plus it's cute and part of the 40% off sale!

I'm sure it will surprise no one that I had to use my gift card to get the pink moto jacket. Had to. #Addicted. (Plus I have fun outfit inspiration for it coming on Monday!) All in all it was a fun shopping experience - kind of boutique meets night club - and I would recommend the experience if you get invited to one in your area!

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  1. I'm so glad you said you got the pink moto jacket because as soon as I saw that picture, I loved it on you. Can't wait to see it Monday. Sounds like a fun event. I was just in there buying the leather side panel legging and was asked if I wanted to join. I said no. I'm thinking I may need to rethink that.

  2. I saw the party invite but it was in a mall a bit too far from where I live. I love the tunic tee, I'll check it out if I have time this weekend. Love all the skinny jeans and portofino outfits. Happy Valentine's Day.


  3. How fun! I've taken my daughter and her friends to Pink parties similar to that. I love the striped shirt and the textured moto jacket! I need to get over there this weekend to try on their jeans! Enjoy your weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  4. obsessed with that moto jacket! Sounds like that was an amazing event. How cool is that scratch off on your phone?! Technology just gets cooler and cooler by the minute

  5. How fun! I cannot imagine a more VIP Express customer than you! I saw that email come through and tried to ignore it. I am trying to stick to my wish list!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  6. Super fun! Glad to know more about what these events entail. I assumed it would be high pressure sales, but it sounds like it was relaxed in that area and truly a special event for their best customers...fun!! Oh my...ADORE the color of the textured moto you grabbed! I've really been eyeing those...need to get to the store to try one on (maybe I won't love the fit and can let go of the obsession) :-) . Lastly, I don't know how I've missed two of your IG photos lately - I don't recall seeing the mint/teal portofino with leopard sandals either....but I love it!! Great color! Happy Weekend my Friend!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  7. Wow! You sound like you had a great time. I was an A lister at one time at Express, but I don't remember them every having a party like this. I love the jacket you purchased.

  8. What a super fun event you got to go to!! Sounds like fun and can't beat a free gift card!!

  9. Ohhh I need that Pink Moto Jacket. Also, I own the Portofino shirt in that Magenta color like yours, but believe it or not I have never worn it with jeans. Duhh moment lol.

    Happy V-Day Beautiful!

  10. That Express after hours party sounds like it was a lot of fun! And yayyy for the $25 gift card! That's really exciting! I wonder if the one near me has any events like this. I may have to look into that! I love all of your portofinos. I definitely need to get myself a few more while the sale is going on!

  11. The Express after party sound like it was too much fun and I have to say that I'm loving the light pink moto jacket. The oversize sweater is another favorite of mines from Express too.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  12. I'm so sad I missed this! We would have had so much fun! I'm glad you did though, and I just knew the pink moto would go home with you! It's lovely :)

  13. so fun! i would have been like 'can you turn the music down?' haha. but i love that you got a gift card, that is so awesome. The pink jacket is super cute!

  14. That sounds like such a fun event and I love the pink moto you got! It is so cute and perfect for spring!

    Nicole to the Nines

  15. I've been looking forward to the event recap!! I need to pay attention when these things happen around here! That pink moto jacket is adorable. Though I do love your ivory one better. Sooo tempting!!!

  16. That black portofino shirt with the contrast piping is absolutely lovely! I mean, they all are, but I LOVE that one. So polished!


  17. You are so great at styling, it is amazing! PS. that event sounds awesome!

  18. I love all the different styles of outfits!


  19. Hey girl! Happy Friday! I'm a NEXT member too, I'm sure your points accrue like crazy :) The after hours event looked like a good time! I love the pink moto jacket and all of your portofino shirts!


  20. I have to say, your outfit recaps/Friday Favs and Astrology fashion reports are my favorite. But then again, as I was strolling through all of your posts this morning...I LOVE THEM ALL! You and I really do have similar styles. We know how to dress up our jeans!! We definitely need to come up with a post where we put our portos, jeans, strappy heels, strap back mules, Sam E sandals, and wedges together for a side by side "how we styled our _____". Should be fun fun! ~xoxo doll

  21. That black portafino shirt is gorgeous!

    xx, Leah / Eat Pray Wear Love

  22. That looks like it was so much fun and I love that pink moto jacket so I'm glad that's what you got. I can't wait to see more of it. I hope you had a good Valentine's Day

  23. I love those pink jackets! So pretty!

  24. Absolutely loving the fact that you bought the baby pink moto jacket. I got that one too..and I LOVE it..gonna make the most of it this spring.. :) Glad you had a fabulous time in the exclusive party...xx

  25. What a fun event!! The moto jacket and striped tunic are so cute!! Did you buy anything that night?


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