Astrology Style: Pisces

If your birthday falls between February 19 - March 20 you are a Pisces, and this post is all about you and your style!

Here are some key Pisces traits, summarized from this article:
  • Element: Water
  • Flower: Water Lily  (Source)
  • Symbol: A pair of fish
  • They are selfless, spiritual, and focused on their inner journey.
  • Feelings define Pisces, and they can be quite sensitive.
  • They are compassionate and charitable and often put the needs of others in front of their own.
  • Many Pisces immerse themselves in the arts and other creative pursuits as a centering mechanism, and they are quite talented in these areas.

Famous Pisces Women:
Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, Kesha, Olivia Palermo, Jessica Biel, Emily Blunt, Kate Mara, Dakota Fanning, Drew Barrymore, Julie Bowen, Lauren Graham, Rashida Jones, Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria

Famous Pisces Men:
Adam Levine,  Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Rob Lowe, Jon Hamm, Bryan Cranston, Justin Bieber,  Kurt Cobain, Robin Thicke, Common

Pisces Style Inspirations:

Pisces style has more diversity than some other signs (like Aquarius and Leo with distinct styles), so I picked two examples from this sign that fall on opposite ends of the spectrum. The Good Girl Pisces (Carrie Underwood) and the Bad Girl Pisces (Rihanna):

Carrie Underwood :


I would never think that Carrie and Rihanna have similar style at all, but I was amused to find them twinning in the look below! From now on, this look will be ingrained in my mind as The Pisces. It's an easy classic to re-create so I did their shorts version plus a pants option:
Chambray Shirt: J Crew Factory / White Shorts: J. Crew Factory / White Jeans: Express / Belt: Gap / Sandals: Vince Camuto Luciah / Shoes: F21 (Identical)

Initially I would have expected to have more similarities with Carrie's style, but surprisingly, Rihanna had some outfits that reminded me of things I've worn:
Black/White Jacket: Express / Leggings: Target (Similar)/ Sneakers: Nike 
Striped Blouse: Express / Jeans: Express (Similar) / Belt: Banana Republic / Shoes: Steve Madden

* * *

Well my friends, Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and I have now completed a style profile for each sign.  If you missed the detailed post for your sign, you can check it out using these links:

Aries / Taurus Gemini / Cancer / Leo / Virgo 

I originally started Fashion-Astrology as a two-part post (here and here), then decided to expand it to a monthly series to go into more detail about it each sign. I still look forward to doing this post each month and even though I've now completed the full Zodiac cycle, I'm planning to continue on with the series. There's a lot to learn about each sign and plenty of fashionable people to highlight within each sign so stay tuned for more next month when we start back at Aries!

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  1. Oh I am not a Pisces but I love finding out more about this stuff it is so cool to me :)


  2. This is my sign! How fun. I do feel like the description fits me pretty well. Now if only I had Carrie's legs...

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  3. I love Rhianna's edgy style but I think I wear more things similar to Carrie's. The "Pisces" look is so cute and something I can recreate!

    Doused In Pink

  4. Fun! I love the "Pisces" look...never worn that combo together, so I should! The hubby is a Pisces so I'll wear it in honor of his b-day ;-)
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  5. Yay! My sign :) I wouldn't say my style is Carrie it would be more Rihanna although her recent style choices are way too out there for me haha... but I do love that striped button down with distressed denim and sandals. i would totally wear that. But I LOVE everything Olivia Palermo wears

  6. Do one for Leo!!! ;-) - www.domesticgeekgirl.com

    1. HI Gingi! You can find the post about Leo Style HERE. I will do it again when it turns Leo Season. :)

  7. Do one for Leo!!! ;-) - www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  8. I love both of their looks! Rihanna is my favorite though! She's so edgy and fun! Love your re-created looks! I need the sandals in both pics!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  9. By the way...I went ahead and bought that denim shirt form Jcrew...I just love it so much when I saw it on you. Great outfits here, and I always looking forward to the birthday outfit style post.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  10. I'm glad you're gonna continue the series! I really enjoy it.
    I LOVE Carrie's style, but I definitely can't pull off a lot of the things she wears. Rihanna's style varies so much, I mean just look at her first look compared to the fourth, it's crazy. I still love that striped portofino!

  11. I do love Rihanna's casual looks a lot, but sometimes her awards show looks are a little...um..much. lol! They are often very see-thru. lol! But I also love how classy Carrie Underwood's style is.

  12. This has been such a fun series! It has been interesting seeing the different parts of each sign's style that I relate to. I probably am more like Carrie also but admire Rihanna's style and willingness to try new things.

    Nicole to the Nines

  13. I'm wearing a chambray shirt today! No white though, still looking to squeeze my booty into a pair of those! My dad is a pisces...which reminds me I need to call him ;)

  14. I love this post! I'm so into astrology and numerology. Plus, I'm a proud Pisces! I've never seen a horoscope style article, so this is pretty cool and unique. Thanks for writing it!

    The Closet by Christie


    1. Thanks so much for the nice words, Christie! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have definitely grown to love Astrology a lot more throughout this series!

  15. I love these posts, I actually love Carrie and Rihanna, mostly because both seems to be true to who they are. And Rihanna's style is pretty bad ass, although it is wayyy too risky for me. Pisces are the exact opposite of Virgos.

  16. Hi! I am definitely carries style but don't have her gorgeous legs ( I wish) what would you recommend that is in between short shorts and pants for summer? I guess that would be capris or Bermudas. Have anything you would recommend?

    1. Express just came out with a bunch of cropped jeans that I'm really liking! I'm sure I'll wear them a lot through spring and summer. I have the distressed version (Click HERE to buy or see me wearing them HERE). I also ordered the white cropped + distressed version (THESE), and they have a regular non-distressed version too (These). The length is a little more current that capris so I would try something like that if you're not comfortable in shorts!

  17. Rihanna is a total style icon and Carrie is always effortlessly stunning! Love the striped shirt look that you matched with Rihanna!


  18. I enjoy reading these even when its not my sign! Cant wait to read about virgo (or maybe I should check to see if you've already done it!)

    1. I have done Virgo style. :) You can check it out HERE

  19. I can't believe you've only gone through this cycle just once! But I guess it makes sense knowing your blogiversary! Anyway! I think I'm a Pisces at heart because I love all the styles featured here! And Carrie Underwood will always be one of my favorite stylistas!

  20. I love these horoscope posts. They are so through and fun. Thanks for compiling them, Gina!

    Enjoy the weekend, love!

  21. My twins are Pisces and I wish they are half as stylish as these famous Pisces! They are far from stylish. I have to shuffle their clothes for them or they will end up taking the top piece of the stack. As a result, they wear the same clothes all the time *shrug* I'm off checking Leo now ;)

  22. I love anything Carrie Underwood. She is just perfect all the time.

  23. I love your zodiac series- it's so fun and interesting!
    My good friend Brina is a good girl Pisces, haha- your style examples are her to a T! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  24. I think pisces have really beautiful eyes and skin. Their eyes are the window to the soul and for pisces it apparently runs so deep like the ocean that its easy to get lost staring at them.


  25. What a fun idea for a blog series! I can't wait until you get back to Gemini this year :)

  26. I was wondering what you were going to do when you got to the end. Yay for keeping it going! And love it - "The Pisces" look. That's one of my all time favorite looks.

  27. I think I am more of Carrie's style! I love those chambray shirts, tho!


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