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Today it's part two of some nostalgic fashion inspiration. In Monday's post, Kristen and I shared which characters from the Baby-Sitters Club best represent us (based partly on results from this quiz), and now it's time for some updated styling of the remaining three original members of The BSC.

Kristy was the character I related to the very least. She describes herself as a tomboy (strike one), hates makeup (strike two), and clothes. (Strike three...you're out, Kristy!). And her most favorite item of clothing is apparently the turtleneck, which is something I don't even own:

So what can I duplicate that she wears? A t-shirt and sweatpants. That's all I've got heree. This isn't something I'd wear outside the house but luckily joggers are a thing now so it's not completely humiliating to share this.
White Tee: Gap / Fleece Joggers: Express / Converse: Nordstrom

Claudia was another character that I didn't really connect with, although I did find her more likable than Kristy. And at least she liked clothes and candy, so we had something in common. But she had more adventurous fashion tastes than I do, plus her signature item is yet another piece I don't own: the vest:

The best I could find for Claudia-style is this oversized white top and jeans. And since I never got into the wedge sneaker trend, I'm opting for booties instead:
London Sweater: Express / Jeans: Express (Similar) / Booties: Target / Necklace: Express

Before Dawn came into the books, Stacey was my favorite character because she was pretty much the only one cared about what she wore. And she was all city-savvy, which I wasn't as a kid but I wanted to be. Stacey's style is very feminine and girly:

And I'm not personally big on dresses or skirts, but Stacey also loves pink and denim, and that I can do.
T-Shirt: Old Navy (Similar) / Jeans: Express / Jacket: Express (Similar) / Converse: Nordstrom

This group of girls made it quite a challenge for me to interpret their outfits, but I can see myself actually wearing The Claudia, so thanks for the inspiration, Baby-Sitters Club. And  just in case you missed it on Monday, you can enter the $590 Nordstrom Giveaway using the Rafflecopter below!

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  1. those express joggers and the target booties are my fav items! love your looks! xoxo


  2. Haha, just looking at those book covers makes me laugh...brings back some serious fashion memories!! In fact, I was just remembering the other day the whole turtle neck/sweat shirt days!! Great modern outfit interpretations...funny how you can really pull inspo from anything! :-)
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  3. Love today and Monday's post, I was a huge Babysitters Club fan growing up so these posts are so nostalgic! Love it!

    xo, Jasmin

  4. I'm somewhere between Stacey and Claudia, I love vests ans skirts :)


  5. I love this! Yeah I ignored Kristy's dislike of makeup and such. I wasn't into makeup or clothes at all (at all at all) but I knew I would be when I grew up so I still couldn't relate to it lol. I related to Claudia the least - she always had snacks hidden in her room and I knew I couldn't do that - zero willpower, I'd have eaten them all at once!

  6. OMG I loved reading the Baby Sitter's club! Love your inspired looks!
    xo, Lee

  7. I have to laugh at the turtleneck looks. This reminds me of Full House which we've been watching non-stop since my kids discovered that is back on TV. You should totally do a post on Full House :-)

  8. I love how you recreated the book cover looks for 2015! Those Express joggers are super cute!

    Doused In Pink

  9. As I look at these cover, these girls were truly on point with their fashion. Love your recreation of them :)

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  10. What a fun idea for outfit inspo, you seriously always keep me guessing! Fantastic!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  11. I cannot believe you don't even own a turtleneck! I love the sweatpants on you. I swear, every time I try them on I look like a total fool. You continue to impress me with your endless inspiration.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  12. I hate turtlenecks, even mock ones so I'm with you on the turtleneck! I love your recreating of the character looks. Great post! Happy humpday!


  13. You may not believe this but I never read the BSC books, love this idea of recreating the cover looks. I love your bright pink tee with the jacket and the white London sweater!! Another creative post Gina! :)

  14. I love how you created looks in honor of The Babysitter's Club!! I totally read these books too. I can't remember who I did and didn't like but I remember that I liked the series. All are such great outfits. Cute post! :)


  15. I was chuckling through this because I was obsessed with the babysitters club! I had every book and would read it in one sitting! Every time my mom and went to target, I would make a beeline for the book section. Remember the TV show too? I loved Claudia! And the one with diabetes, who was that?! Anyway, very cute idea for a post ;)

  16. Que postagem maravilhosa.
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  17. This is very creative Gina! xoxo

  18. So cute that you did this!! I don't have the imagination to do these things clearly!

  19. I love this! The Babysitters Club was one of my favorite series as a kid.

  20. Yessss, another BSC post! And while you are sooooo not a Kristy- you nailed her look even better than she did (and no turtleneck required)!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  21. Ugh. The phone ate my comment.
    But to sum up- I love the joggers.
    Stacey was my favorite.
    Loved this flashback!!

  22. Even though I have no idea about Baby sitters club, I loved this and the last post, because clearly it was something you all grew up with. Love your interpretation of Kristi the most!

  23. Continuing with Monday's post, I am loving this one. You are so thoughtful and creative (always). I am dying over that first super casual yet adorable outfit. I want your pants. The second outfit is something I can easily re-create since I even own that same sweater and lace cami. ;-) You make it so easy for me, Gina.

    P.S. Join my link-up today, if you like. Thanks babe.

    Ada. =)

  24. This may be my favorite post series ever! Yes, Stacy was a fan favorite before Dawn.

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  25. I love the London sweater, but I'm not sure what size to order. No Express nearby to try on :( I'm tall and usually a medium, but want it to fit long and slightly loose. Would you recommend I order med. or large? Thank you!

    1. Hi Mary,

      I would order your normal size (medium). It does run oversized and stretches with wear throughout the day. I debated whether to get XS or S since I also wanted it long, and the sales people in store encouraged me to get the xs because of the stretching. I'm glad I did. Hope that helps a little!

  26. Love this post so much because I was a complete BSC fan as a kid! I was a total Mary-Anne. But perhaps now I'm a bit more experiential in my fashion a la Claudia -- she would have totally approved of my love of pattern-mixing! :D

    Jen @ Librarian for Life + Style

  27. I love this post and Happy Birthday, hanks for linking up and I hope to see you tomorrow.


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