Modern (Family) Mom Style

When I first became a mom, I started noticing more what TV moms were wearing on everything from commercials to dramas to sitcoms. And just like with real life, there's a wide variety of "mom style" out there. There's one TV show on the air right now that constantly loves to juxtapose two different types of Mom Style: Modern Family.

It's Claire (Julie Bowen) vs. Gloria (Sofia Vergara):

Claire favors a relaxed fit, muted color palette, and PTA approved pieces:
(Images via WornonTV.net)

And Gloria is all about the low-cut, loud prints, and 'look at me" styles:
(Images via WornonTV.net)

Personally, I think my own #momstyle falls somewhere in between these two. I generally favor more fitted pieces like Gloria, but I'm a little more covered up like Claire. I also love a good button-down like Claire, but need a little jewelry in the mix like Gloria.

For instance:

Like Claire: Simple colors, No cleavage
Like Gloria: Added jewelry and some animal print
(Far Right Image via Celebrity Style Guide)

T-Shirt: Nordstrom / Jeans: Gap / Belt: Express / Necklace: Express / Booties: Target

Like Claire: Relaxed fit button down, No cleavage
Like Gloria: Fitted pants, Statement jewelry
Portofino Shirt: Express / Mid Rise Jeans: Express / Belt: Express / Shoes: Express / Necklace: Charlotte Russe / Bracelet: Express

So I guess my style is Gloria + Claire = Glare? Cloria? I'll go with Glare...Cloria sounds like a disease.  In reading through wornontv.net it seems a lot of Claire's wardrobe for the show comes from J. Crew, and Gloria has worn pieces from Cache, Tahari, Sofia's KMart line, and even Express. So maybe I slightly favor Gloria, at least in shopping habits!

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  1. OMG that's one of my favorite show and I always look up what they are wearing. Like the blue jacket Claire has is from J.Crew and I am obsessed with it. But her style can be a little too boring for me so I'm down for the Glare style. It's more practical, I don't know how Gloria deals with those heels and tight clothing all-the-time.


  2. What a fun post idea! Claire and Gloria's styles are so different and you combined their styles perfectly! I think I fall in between the two also! I love your striped top, booties and leopard belt!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Moms all do have a variety of styles! In the 50s they all looked like the Leave It to Beaver Mom which by the way in my opinion was an awesome look LOL then they started to go for the comfy chic back up to Claire Huxtable who was always fashionable in business attire and then now we have sexy moms! You my dear are a truly fashionable mom, way to set trends girl! Happy Monday!


  4. Love that your style is the happy medium between the two! I think I'm more like Claire day to day but a little more like Gloria on special occasions. What a fun post. Have a great week, Gina! ~Cynthia

  5. Cloria sounds like a disease! Ahaha! I just love this show. I don't know why I don't actually watch it live, as I always do the reruns! Regardless, I love your mom style as it's still relevant to non moms!

  6. I'm not the fitted dress kind of girl, but Sofia Vergara (Gloria) looks great in bodycon dresses. I I have to watch more of this show!
    We Shop in Heels

  7. You're a more spunky Claire! Gloria's style is way too out there for me but it screams confidence. You are the perfect mix :)

  8. So fun! There is always a happy median between the two and you totally found it!
    xo, Lee

  9. Only you can think of posts like these Gina. This might be my most favorite tv-related one since Modern Family is my most favorite comedy!

  10. PTA approved style, ha! You are the perfect mix between the two looks! Relaxed but still so stylish and well dressed for your body and shape. I love that blue on you!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  11. Definitely one of my fave TV shows! I tend to gravitate towards Sofia's style - and you nailed it with your interpretations Gina!


  12. hahaha Cloria! That made me laugh pretty hard. I'm probably somewhere in between the two as well. I like the more daring print and fitted top but I am a bit more covered up. Great idea for a post! I loved it!

  13. I wish I look half as hot as Sofea but reality is I am more a Julie.. maybe on certain occasion I could be half a Sofea ;)

  14. I always thought that they dressed Claire so dowdily (word?). She has a nice figure but they definitely don't show it. I do like Gloria's style, but wouldn't it be exhausting to dress and look like that every day? I'll take Claire with a touch of Gloria (her jewelry is to die for).

  15. Great mash-up here and really probably you're look is the what I would consider the perfect happy medium...not underdone or overdone! Fun post!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  16. I like the happy mediums you have created between the two!

  17. On a good day I am a Claire...many days I am in yoga pants when I am home.

    Love the posts interrupting characters fashion sense.

    1. Thanks Sara! Even Claire and Gloria wear yoga pants too, so you're in good company. :)

  18. Most days I'm Claire and but I found I like the days when I'm can be Sofia in her outfits. I like both style and these moms wear those outfit well. Nice job on the recreation.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  19. You nailed it! I'd say I'm more like Gloria on most days but you can't go wrong with either look.

  20. I have never seen this show before but heard it's great. I think either style is great!


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  21. Glare and Cloria, lol. I think I would fall somewhere between the two as well, even though I'm not a mother yet. I like fitted + loose things, especially together. my husband doesnt like when I wear skinny jeans and a big sweater, he thinks I look kind of homeless (he's obviously exaggerating a bit... i hope) and prefers fitted everything.. but I like some loose things for comfort :)

  22. You make me laugh girl! Cloria does sound like a disease ahaha! I like your style better than the both of these ladies!!! You can teach their wardrobe department a thing or two about a thing or two! Thanks for the link to that website. Now I will officially be obsessed! xo

  23. Love this! You always have such fun, creative posts. I think I'm the same as you: a little bit of both Claire and Gloria.

  24. Love that striped tee on you (especially the price). Does it hold up well over time. I have to check it out. Happy Monday, Gina!

    1. I've had it for a couple of months and so far it's holding up well. I wash it and then hang it to dry because it is pretty thin and I fear the dryer will wear it out too quickly. For the price it's about what I'd expect though!

  25. Haha love this! Perfect combination for my not-so-distant future. I want to make sure I still look stylish and put together, while still dressing appropriately for my body and role as a momma :)

  26. What a fun post! I love both of their styles in different ways of course. I would say I normally would go for a Gloria look, but nothing is better than a simple, chic pulled together look like Claire!

  27. Such a fun post! I love Modern Family, such a great show!!

  28. great post! I love Modern Family!


  29. nice post, xxx


  30. I've never seen Modern Family, but I've heard great things about it. I think I would be a combo of the two styles also as they are both a little extreme. I love that blue portofino you used to recreate one of the outfits!

    Nicole to the Nines

  31. Glare, hahahaha. I love the mix of both- sometimes you need to work in just a bit of sexy! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  32. Well hello Glare. I'm all about the two outfits you put together, in fact I have the pieces and shall recreate. I am starting to love the stripe tops with that hint of leopard in the belts that I keep seeing and you always wear it well with your skinny jeans. You know how I love skinny jeans :). The weather here is warm so my portos are going to get worn this week...and we are going to be twinsies. Have a lovely day!!!!!!

  33. I've never really watched the show, but the actresses get a lot of press! Especially Sofia. She's a bombshell! I think I would be more like glare too lol. A mix!

  34. I think I lean more toward Claire, but maybe with a little more pizazz ... ha ha! Love Glare:)

  35. Mom style varies from person to person and day to day. I think i'm a little bit of them all! lol.

  36. Wow way to really get their styles down!! :) I probably tend to lean towards Claire's style but I really like your version of Gloria's outfit!!


  37. Ahh one of my fave shows! Frankly I lean towards Gloria mainly because we share the blessing of the curse of boobs. hehe


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