Friday Favorites 1/16/15

Happy Friday! As usual, I'm sharing some of my favorite (mostly) fashion-related things.

1. Express Sale Favorite

Right now all leggings at Express are Buy One, Get One for $19.90. Plus there's a coupon code running this weekend for $25 off $75 to make for a better bargain:

My favorite regular leggings are the Sexy Stretch Leggings:

1) Marled Knit Cardigan: Express / White Tunic Tank: Target / Necklace: Express / Boots: Target / Leggings: Express

2) London Sweater: Express White Tunic Tank: TargetNecklace: Express

3) Chambray Shirt: J Crew Factory / White Tunic Tank: Target /Necklace: Express / Booties: Forever 21

I don't think I've done a review of Sexy Stretch Leggings here or said much about them aside from just showing them in outfits like these, but maybe because there isn't much to say? I have owned random Mossimo Leggings from Target and some from Old Navy and the Express version are much better than those. They're thicker and hold up better to wash and wear. I haven't owned any other higher-end brands to compare to those, but I haven't felt the need since I'm happy with my Express leggings.

And my favorite faux-leather leggings of course are the Scuba Leggings:

1) Oversized Plaid Shirt: Express / Scuba Leggings: Express

2) Blazer: Tinley Road "Bleecker" from Piperlime / Scuba Leggings: Express / Tunic Tank: Target / Flats: Target / Necklace: Express

3) White Voile Tunic: Express / Scuba Leggings: Express / Shoes: Franco Sarto (TJ Maxx)

2. What's In vs. What's Out

People Style Watch is my favorite magazine, and one of my favorite parts to read every month is "What's In, What's Out,"  like these from the February issue:

So here are the fashion items that they're talking about this month:

What's OUT: Wedge Sneakers
Images via: InStyle

Luckily I never got on this trend in the first place so I don't have to worry about wearing something that's "out."

What's IN: Cats as Accessories
Images via Us Magazine

Carrying your cat is the new Starbucks cup (if you're a celebrity, anyway). I haven't seen anyone do this in real life and I guess I'm permanently out on this trend because I don't own a cat and can't due to allergies! And sorry dog owners, your pets are sooooo 2014 now. (Well, only if your role models are people like Kim Kardashian and Kesha...)

3. IG Outfit Recap

Outfit and Instagram recaps are some of my favorite posts from other bloggers (like Carylee's weekly roundup or Rachelle's monthly edition), so I'm throwing in a few of my recent outfits that I either shared only on my Instagram feed or that just haven't made it here yet:

1) Jacket: Express (Similar) / Striped Tee: Nordstrom / Leggings: Express / Necklace: Old Navy / Booties: Forever 21

2) Blouse: Express / Necklace: Express / Jeans: Gap (Similar) / Shoes: Sole Society

3) Jacket: Gap / Tee: Old Navy / Jeans: Express (Similar) / Necklace: Stella & Dot / Shoes: Sole Society

4. Winter Whites

In the past I've used a couple of different drugstore teeth whitening products (like Crest Whitestrips and Plus White 5 Minute Gel) with good results. But on a whim I picked up Distinctly White at Rite Aid and have been using it for about a week. I'm pretty happy with it and will definitely repurchase. it. I get the same results as I did from the other two products I've tried (which is not a drastic change but a nice boost in brightness and whiteness), but I find it faster and easier to use than the other products, which is a big plus for me. The price is a reasonable $13, too!

* * *
Thanks for checking out my favorites this week, and just in case you missed it, I'm including the Rafflecopter below where you can enter two win a $590 e-gift card to Nordstrom. Good luck!

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  1. Can I get a hallelujah on the wedge sneakers being "out"! Whew, I never really got much enjoyment from those, lol! I love the color of your plum/purple portofino!! Reminds me of the one my sister has that I was envying. I adore the striped long sleeve tee, but the last time I checked they didn't have my size in...I'll have to keep my eye out on that one! Great recap and info here, as usual ;-)
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  2. my favorite leggings were looking a little faded so I just upgraded them, I wish I knew about the express sale sooner to try them out but mine are from jcrew and I've been happy with them. When the scuba leggings became a thing about 5 years ago I got 2 pair at guess that I've been wearing since and they are still in excellent conditions, so I think Guess makes good leggings as well. I need an upgrade in my stripe tees I need to eventually just get that one from Nordstrom.
    I've had cats growing up and when I left my parents house we had about 8, I cannot imagine going out holding a cat that is just stupid, needless to say none of these ladies are role models to me :/

    Oh if I win this giveaway that would be so awesome!


  3. Cats as accessories cracked me up! You'll be seeing me styling my cat Zowie in my next post!

    Doused In Pink

  4. I think the wedge sneakers were a little bit crazy. lol! I definitely didn't get into that one. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to start carrying around a cat either. haha! So funny! I'm still kicking myself for not getting the scuba leggings

  5. Please say something to me if I ever carry a cat as an accessory. Please. I want those scuba leggings! I've tried to buy them several times and they are always sold out. Good to know about the whiting stuff. I have used Crest in the past, but it's probably time for another round. Dang coffee....

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  6. i really like the boots in the first picture... want! i used to buy old navy and f21 leggings and eventually gave up. i used to have to wear 2 pairs just so they weren't see through, and so that they were warm enough! now i wear my lorna jane workout leggings, or my zella leggings from nordstrom - although they collect cat hair like no joke, so honestly i don't wear leggings that much haha. i do have a pair from gap i really like, but i don't wear them out - just maybe like to family stuff but not out out.
    i love my cats but they do not behave as well as taylor swifts so i shan't take them out anywhere. although my last 'fashion' post, my baby millie made an appearance haha. i'm kinda mad kim kardashian is carrying a cat. put it down, ho. step away from the things i like.
    also, wedge sneakers.. ew.

  7. I'm so happy wedge sneakers are out! Sorry but that was one trend I couldn't stand! I'm not sure about cats either though since I'm allergic to them ;)

    Your outfits are always so cute! I love how you style your denim. Happy Friday!

  8. OOOOHHH, I need to try the whitening stuff! Great post! Love the outfits!

  9. I have used Crest whitening stuff, and its ok-ok results for me.. never really tried anything after that. Oh well. Love your plaid shirt! That is such a pretty plaid..and the scuba leggings are hot! Have seen it on you and Carylee and you both rock it! Happy weekend!

  10. Love all those 3 IG Outfits. especially the one on my right. That gray jacket is fab! Enjoy the weekend Gina!

  11. I need to pick up the new issue of People Style Watch! I always love reading that magazine!

  12. Obsessing over all of your looks!!

    Such a cute collage! Love the yellow piece!

    Wendy Watson


    College Cheese

  13. I think the faux leather leggings and the plaid is my favorite <3

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  14. Stopping by from the linkup! Love all your express outfits! Also, I'm glad I could care less about kim k and kesha because cats are so not my thing! Haha Have a great weekend! :)

  15. Happy Friday Gina! Can you believe I'm sitting in my classroom at this very moment working?! Great post! I sooo want to try the scuba leggings but I have the world skinniest ankles and don't think they would look that good on me LOL. As for the cats as accessories that's not a good look, who walks around with a cat in their hand except 'the cat lady' I'm not trying to be her right about now LOL. As for the wedged sneakers, I own one pair and I've only worn them twice..guess they belong to Ebay now!


  16. I saw that in StyleWatch about the cats as accessories. My first thought was Taylor's cat getting loose and escaping on the streets of New York. Cats do not like to be held. They feel they as if they are being held captive. This also reminded me of when we had to fly with our 15 year old cat from Florida to Ohio. My husband had to hold her 16 pound cat ass while going through the metal detector and I was so worried that she was going to make a run for it in the airport. It was not fun.

  17. I feel like i'm constantly living in leggings, oversized jumpers and boots over winter. It is just so super comfy though and I still feel a little bit on trend....sometimes. x

  18. Great outfit ideas here, I espeically love the red plaid shirt, oh and thank God wedge sneakers are history :)

  19. ROFL...I'm NOT a cat person so I wait when the dogs as accessories comes out in style again LOL. I'm still eyeing the chambray shirt since it look like a linen and I have been looking for a linen type shirt for a while now.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  20. I seriously tried to comment on this post 287834 times, but my phone kept locking up!! Anyhoo, now that I'm actually on my laptop - I gotta say - I'm happy that the wedge sneaker trend is out so I can enjoy mine in peace as I originally intended!! ha! I love mine, sorry not sorry. Though mine aren't as moon shoe looking as some of the examples! :) And I'm ignoring how much I love that Gap moto jacket, BTW!!!

  21. Great outfit and styling ideas!

  22. I am so loving your looks. I am so loving those sweater as well. I need some comfy sweaters

  23. Cats as accessories? How in the world do they keep them from getting restless? So funny. Love all your looks with leggings. They look so put together, and you wear leggings very well.

  24. Love the look of the white tunic tank from Target, but the link goes to a maternity tank??

    1. Hi Cynthia - yep! I do use Liz Lange Maternity Tanks with leggings. They are just nice, thick tank tops that are longer in the torso than regular tank tops, and they don't happen to have any maternity details like side ruching.


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