Friday Favorites 12/5/14

It's Friday, so I have another round-up of some favorites from Express and just a bunch of other random fashion chatter.

First, clearly I love Express clothes. But sometimes I have to make fun of them a little bit because that's what you do with the people you love, right? Sometimes their marketing photo shoots make me giggle. Let's take this one for example:

Express offers this Kate Upton pic as an outfit (?) suggestion for the London Sweater in Light Sand: bottomless, holding a dog, and a healthy dose of cleavage. Well then. I'll make a note that pants are optional next time I wear this:

Sweater: Express / White Jean Leggings: Express / Leopard Wedges: Sole Society

I do love their outfit option for the Pink Ribbon version, paired with these Mid-Rise Destroyed Super Skinny Jeans:

I guess I wasn't alone in liking the styling on this one since there are limited sizes left for both that color of sweater and the jeans. And P.S., London sweaters are on sale for $29.90 plus you can use a coupon code for $30 off $100, making it lower than Black Friday prices.

Speaking of prices that are lower than Black Friday,  Solid Portofinos are on sale for $19.90! That's basically 60% off the original price!
Buy Solid Colors Here / Outfits by Me / NoelleJasmin / Marianne

Another pretty piece (that would be great for holiday outfits) on sale right now for $40 is the Metallic Crochet Tank:
Metallic Crochet Tanks

I recently saw this tank on Julie and the color option she has (here) is even on clearance for $30:

On Wednesday I shared my good luck with the new Short Length option for jeans, and one of my fellow vertically-challenged friends checked in to let me know the Short length worked out for  her as well. Skye (two photos on the left) is 5'1", and here's how the length looks on her vs. me (5'4").
(She also swears by the Express Knot Front Slub Knit Tee she's wearing in both pics!)

So did everyone hear about the new Pantone Color of the Year for 2015?  MARSALA. Honestly, when I hear Marsala all I think of is chicken. If you're like me and didn't exactly know what color this meant, here are the details from Pantone:

I can't figure out what's going on in this picture. Did the wife catch her husband making Chicken Marsala with another woman? Anyway, thank blog my new Striped Tee arrived this week so I have something resembling the color of the year to wear in 2015.

Striped Tee: Nordstrom / Moto Jacket: Express / White Jeans: Express / Grey booties: Express / Black Jeans: Express / Converse: Nordstrom / Pendant Necklace: Express / Spike Necklace: Express / Black Boots: Target / Black Belt: Gap

It's probably more burgundy than Marsala, but close enough for me!

And before you go, you can probably buy everything in this post and more if you win our $650 Giveaway so don't forget to enter here

Thanks for checking in here today and have a great weekend!

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  1. These are all awesome pieces especially the London Sweater! So sexy and comfy!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  2. Great outfit remix, I LOVE portofino tops as they look great on any figure even mine which is curvy. I love how you showed different bloggers styling theirs. Rachel xo

  3. Some great sale options here!! And I'll be heading to the mall tonight (oh, I should be shopping for others at the mall I guess, lol)! Either way, I'll be stopping in at Express, yay!! BTW, how do you like your new black and white skinnies compared to the Stella leggings from past years?
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

    1. I LOVE THEM. The white ones are especially soft and comfortable like the destroyed Stellas that you and I have from last year. The black ones are also soft and comfortable and awesome, though the fabric is just slightly less soft than the white/destroyed ones. But I highly recommend all of them!

  4. haha...when I think of Marsala, I think of an Italy chicken dish as well (use the be a server). I don't have that particular "marsala" color yet, but I look forward to adding it for next year. I really like the strip shirt by the way and that pink sweater.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  5. Marsala looks like oxblood to me, just a bunch of fancy words for burgundy. The london sweater is killing me I wanted it to work so badly :( and I refuse to get another portofino after counting the amount I had. The other I washed a bunch at the same time and I wanted to take a pic of them so badly to send to you while they were hanging in my bathroom.


  6. When I think of marsala, I think of chicken too! I love the color but now I'm hungry! :) I don't have any Portofino shirts so I might have to take advantage of this sale! What a great price!


  7. Thank you so much for the feature! You just made my day! You are the sweeetest

  8. That sweater looks chic and cozy - and of course I'm in love with the picture of Kate Upton and the doggie, so cute!

  9. As always, thank you for making me laugh. Healthy dose of cleavage and optional pants, ha. I love your white and tan combo. I didn't buy and white jeans this summer thinking I would be limited seasonally but now everyone is wearing them so well in fall/winter and I am all like I WANT SOME WHITE JEANS. ;)

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  10. Love, Love, Love the sales!!!!! You look amazing in the London sweater. I'm heading to Express today to buy my first portafino....I know, I know......my sister has told I need several of these. Can't wait! Now to choose a color...hmm?!?!?!?

    Stacie @ www.ie-style.com

  11. I want to be the person who makes up these color names!! And clearly, since i am loving everything oxblood nowadays, I can read the future! Thank blog! You crack me up!!

  12. Yeah, I'm not feeling the marsala at all. Boo.

  13. How on earth do they pick the color of the year, seriously I think that gets me more curious than anything! Do they have like a grand color jury or something haha!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  14. I love all the outfits! You always have great style and look awesome!

  15. Haha this made me laugh! I'm not understand the color of the year! Marsala. What? I'm sorry but I find it very unflattering and dirty looking. I hope that doesn't offend anyone but I have to be honest!

    Portofinos that inexpensive though is awesome! What a deal!

  16. Oh man, I love that stripe marsala tee you are wearing. I also love the beige London sweater with white jeans and the Juli leopard wedge. I will have to put this together. Thanks for featuring me. I do have a high butt and long legs for my 5'1 petite frame. This may be why you and I fit the jeans the same way.

  17. Hahaha I wonder what work would say if I came in with no pants and I told them--thats how everyone is wearing sweaters these days :) Still super cute tho--but I prefer the way you worn it!


  18. I was wondering the same thing "what's going on in that picture?" and I knew you'd have a funny comment. I just bought a skirt and some shoes in this silly named marsala color. It is a pretty color and more versatile than radiant orchid from last year. And I've wondered about Kate Upton wearing Express. Do you think they need to alter her tops? I've seen her in some non-Express dresses/tops and she's busting out (pun intended).

  19. That bottomless picture is prettyyyy ridiculous- way to style the clothes! And your comments on that color of the year picture seriously made me laugh

  20. The bottomless pic is hilarious, your comment cracked me up!! I love that striped burgundy top on you, such a versatile piece! Enjoy your weekend Gina:)

  21. LOL I love your commentary on some of the ads! The Marsala one is hilarious! I am checking out the portofino shirts now, thanks!


  22. Absolutely love the Kate Upton look! So comfy. Ha, that Pantone ad! :)

  23. Marsala? Radiant Orchid was so much better! I'm also not sure how that sweater covers Kate's lady business while her tatas take up half the sweater.
    ~Elise @ highheelsglitteringeyes.blogspot.com

  24. Marsala is such a silly name for a colour. But that's probably the only thing I will own/wear resembling that colour, so it's better than last year when I wore zero 'radiant orchid' things.
    Kate Upton in that first photo is ridiculous. I guess they wanted to make sure you knew it was long enough to cover your crotch. Nice.
    I missed the sale on the portofinos! gosh darn it. probably for the best.

  25. lol did the wife catch him making marsala? cracked me up!!


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