Friday Favorites 12/12/14

Ready for some Friday Favorites today? Here we go...

1. Plaid and More Plaid

First up, let's talk about this Plaid Shirt as seen on Harrison:

Remember this Oversized Plaid Shirt that came out in late summer?
 Outfits by Me / Rachelle / Carylee /  Ashley 

Well, Harrison's blue plaid shirt is the same style with a new print. Express must have noticed we loved it because now there are a total of three color options for this one:
Express Oversized Plaid Shirt Options

I think the black and white one version is my favorite just because it always is (see this post for why), but I do have a few plaid shirts already. So before I purchase another I'm trying to decide "how many plaid shirts is too many?" (And that was rhetorical....I'm not sure I want to ask you guys that question because I have a feeling my plaid tally is still pretty low compared to many!)

2. Back in Stock (-ish):

It's been fun to see people start wearing some of their favorite new purchases from the Express Black Friday sale on their blogs, like Kristen (below right) with her Striped London Sweater

This sweater sold out during the sale, and now there are just a few of the Obsession Blue version back in stock here. But Kristen for pointed out to me that once again, they expanded the color selection to tempt us and now the striped version is available in Heather Gray, too:

Striped London Sweater Options

So...next rhetorical question: how many London sweaters is too many?

3. (Minus the) Leather Sale:

Express is continuing with their flash sales on favorites. Last week it was the Portofino Shirt, this week it's (Minus) the Leather Jackets for $59.90. (That's more than 60% off for some styles of these jackets!)
See all styles hereAlso seen on Me / Carylee /  Kellie / Tracy

For this one I can tell you that I have an answer of how many is enough (for me). I shared my collection of four back in this post last year, and since then I sold one on eBay. Now my collection sits at three and I think it's going to stay there. I still love these jackets and it was harder to part with one, but are warmer than they might look, and after moving from a cooler climate (Seattle) to a warmer climate (San Diego), it made sense to downsize some of my warmer outwear.

4. Nails for Days. Seriously.

Back in August I mentioned testing out Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat to extend my manicure time. I was pretty satisfied with it, but Amy Ann suggested I should also try CND Vinylux Top Coat.  Well I did, and this stuff is amazing:

I use it over my regular base coat and nail polish colors, just as a top coat.  My manicures last for 4-5 days now, and they were previously lasting 1-2 days.  It also comes off easily with just regular nail polish remover, so no complicated foil or acetone removal method involved as there would be with gel nail polish.  I'm so glad Amy Ann recommended this and if you are looking for something to extend the life of your manicure I cannot recommend this highly enough!

5. Storewide Sale

This is going on now, and a storewide sale at Express will always be a favorite thing. So much easier than figuring out how to combine the items I want to use a coupon for $30 off $75 or whatever. Plus free shipping on $50 is nice too!

* * *
Thanks for checking out my favorites today and if you do have any rules and regulations for "how many is too many" in your closet I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. Oh Gina! I did not need to know that the (minus the) leather jackets are on sale.I am getting another one. How could I not? Now which color should I get?

    1. Just ordered the black in the seamed moto jacket. I almost ordered the portofino in the bright floral. It's such a pretty print but I'll wait. It's more of a spring print and I really don't "need" it.

    2. Yes, the black moto jacket is PERFECT!! You will love it!

  2. I love those minus the leather jackets! I have one on my wish list. I'm going to pick up that top coat this weekend! I use the Sally Hansen but it usually only lasts about 3 days.


  3. Gina why are you doing this to me???? I love the new london sweater in grey and I want both plaid shirts. aaaaah and I am so getting that top coat.

    1. Ok so got the black&white plaid, I didn't get the blue only because I have so many blue items in my closet, did you see the cami in cayman blue http://www.express.com/clothing/barcelona+cami/pro/8569782/cat430028?AID=11913451&PID=4441350&SID=n-rtnfvp4ne--&CID=550&pubname=rewardStyle&pubID=4441350

    2. Yay! I can't wait to see you wear the black and white one! I'm jealous already! I also already had to place an order for the grey striped London last night. It's just too cute!

      Also! I do have the cayman blue Barcelona. I wore it in this IG pic awhile back (I don't know if linking it will work but I'm wearing a gray blazer and black pants/shoes with it):

  4. Oy. I need the blue plaid. Seriously. I'm off to order it after I type this!!!
    And now I need that top coat too. What are you doing to me?!

  5. So glad you like the nail polish!! Mine is all goopy and old now. I need to order a couple new ones. I have been wondering if it worked just as a top coat, so thanks for the info. And as always, thanks for the inspiration! Have a great weekend my friend.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  6. Oh man....I adore the Harrison blue plaid....as if I need more plaid....but I don't have a blue plaid. I NEED this. I second the Vinylux. My sister introduced me to it this summer and it works great. I'm excited that Ulta carries it in store now too.

    Stacie @ www.ie-style.com

  7. Oh, loving the blue plaid!! Do you know how many times I've looked at the London...much like the Portofinos, I get overwhelmed with the color selection, so then I just walk away, hahaha!! Bummer about the moto jacket sale...that's a better price than what I paid on Black Friday :-) not a bummer for others tho!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  8. I'm going to the mall today and I will be definitely checking out this sale! I bought a red/black plaid shirt from Express in the fall that I love, but that blue one is calling my name too!

  9. The blue plaid shirt look so cute!! I can now spot a express items a mile away, and the red version of the plaid shirt I saw while doing grocery shopping. That plaid shirt and the blue is seriously calling my name lol. Have a great weekend Gina.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  10. I thought I was all good with plaid shirts and then I saw this blue plaid shirt. I love it (and maybe need it, lol!). Have a great weekend Gina!

    Nicole to the Nines

  11. ahhh I do NOT need a plaid shirt.
    I love my sweater, I am totally maybe going to get another, but a solid colour I think. We'll see.

  12. I'm going to have to try that nail polish, and now I'm off to buy a London sweater and a plaid shirt, AHHHHHH!

  13. I REALLY like the blue plaid shirt! I'm stopping by express to do some Christmas shopping and you know I just might get something for myself lol *bows head in shame*

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  14. Love your personal style! :) xo, Hayley www.dailydoseofdarling.com

  15. Gina! You're bad for my shopping addiction girl LOL, love the plaid shirt and leather jackets! I love the polish top coat suggestion, thanks!


  16. Oo I'm going to have to look for that top coat!!

  17. I'm starting to think that I don't have anything plaid (I do) but I mostly likely need more, like that blue top ;) Great post!

  18. I just received my Black Friday (delayed order) items and I bought the red plaid shirt too and instantly fell in love! So great to see all the outfit ideas! Express is becoming my go-to store for shirts, they fit so well! Thanks for all the inspo as always :)


  19. I absolutely love that oversized plaid top! It's so cute and perfect for the cold weather. I've been wearing so much plaid this winter

  20. Love that plaid so pretty on you Coming by from the Pleated Poppy Link up!


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