#Basic Leggings Outfits

If you have a fashion and shopping blog, chances are your Instagram account does not seem "normal" to your real life acquaintances. So when one of my real life friends started following me, she asked me what I would do about #OOTD pictures if one day I ever want to dress like a slob? Well, coincidentally I had just had one of those days. It was cool and rainy and I didn't have anywhere special to be, so I had no shame in my leggings game.

I went for the classic (okay #basic) pairing of leggings and a chambray shirt. I wasn't the first to wear it and I'm sure I won't be the last!

My Outfit Details: Chambray Shirt: J Crew Factory / Leggings: Express / Long Tank: Target / Booties: Forever 21 / Necklace & Bracelet: Express

I have a feeling there will be a lot of days this winter where I want to feel like a slob but not completely look like one. So I'm planning to use a few more of these basic leggings outfit formulas to stay comfortable but keep the yoga look out of the pants.

Striped Tee + Leggings

My Outfit Details: Striped Tee: Nordstrom / Leggings: Express / Boots: Target / Necklace: Express

Long Sweater + Leggings

My Outfit Details: Sweater: Express / White Tank: Target / Leggings: Express / Booties: Old Navy / Jewelry: Express

Blazer + Leggings

My Outfit Details: Blazer: Piperlime (Similar) / Leggings: Express / White Tank: Target / Boots: Target

Moto Jacket + Leggings

My Outfit Details: Moto Jacket: ExpressLeggings: Express / White Tank: Target / Necklace: Express

When I posted my original #basic outfit on IG I got a comment about the challenges of finding tanks long enough to cover your assets. Awhile back I read this tip from Erika to try Liz Lange Maternity Tanks at Targetand it's been a game changer for me with leggings. They don't have any side-ruching or other maternity details...they're just thick, longer length tanks. I'm still hunting for the perfect fitted-but-long-and-drapey tee to create a look similar to the one Kristin is wearing above, so if anyone has recommendations for those I'm all ears!

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  1. Basic leggings outfits has been my go-to look all fall and probably all winter as well. They're comfy and easy to mix up with different tops. I have that same burgundy striped tee from Nordstrom. Don't you love it?! I bought two other colors and I've been wearing them interchangeably all fall. Have a great week, Gina! ~Cynthia

  2. I love a good basic legging outfit! I wear black leggings with a chambray shirt and throw on a pair of converses all the time, especially when I'm lounging around the house and have to make a quick errand with the kids. I love the moto jacket paired with the leggings. I've yet to try that look, can't wait to hear some suggestions on longer style white tees because I could really use one!

    Hope you had a great weekend, love!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  3. leggings are just so versatile!!! love!!

  4. I do leggings with it's cool but my go-to slob outfit, is shorts, tee and sandals or slip-on sneakers. It's extremely comfortable and you won't look like a hobo. I wanted the london to work so badly so I could wear it just like the third image, I might hit Express today since I'm off :)


  5. Great outfit inspo! I can't get enough of my leggings,I have them in every style and I simply love them. They are so versatile and comfy for work, or even to run errands with an oversized shirt and a cute scarf...I am out the door :) Have a great week, Gina!

  6. I am practically living in my corduroy leggings at the moment - so these inspiration are so helpful Gina!!!


  7. Love this! I live in my leggings and have to force myself to take blog pictures in other pants! 1. they are super comfortable! 2. I put on weight and my last year winter pants don't fit, I refuse to purchase new pants!
    xo, Lee

  8. I think that is why I love my faux leather leggings so much, you can look fashionable and cool while still being ultra comfortable. It's like a slob in disguise. Love all your looks and thanks for the legging inspo!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  9. Love all of the legging inspiration! I wear mine all of the time, especially in the winter. All of these looks are stylish and comfy!


  10. leggings with long sweaters and denim shirts are my go to. I wore leather leggings and a denim shirt yesterday to the mall actually lol. I need to try Kristin's moto jacket with a plain loose white tank and leggings!

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  11. Aww! My outfit tomorrow will go along with this post nicely! I fought leggings for so long but as long as they are not see thru and all your bits are covered, I agree that they're my go to for lazy days. Great inspiration! -Carylee

  12. I was just thinking the other day how happy I am that Leggings came back...nothing better than tossing on a good pair of leggings and a long top and looking cute/chic!! Love all these ideas...I need a longer striped top, so I definitely need to check out the one you show here!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  13. These are all such great outfits. I am slowly rediscovering my love for leggings.


    Last day to enter for a blanket scarf & an amazing mascara giveaway.

  14. I still haven't worn my new leggings, and it is all because my butt jingling when I walk (hope you laughing). I need to find long shirt that goes over my hips, and butt ,and your post is giving me ideas. Loving the denim look and I may try that soon. Enjoy the rest of your day :).

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  15. Oh, I do love leggings, I just always need to find a shirt long enough! I have big thighs and calves, so the longer the sweater or top with leggings, the better!

  16. As a stay at home mom, leggings are definitely my go to item. Thanks for sharing such inspiring outfit choices with the leggings trend. Great outfit shots of you too, I like the moto jacket and long sweater looks most. Rachel xo

  17. Isn't it great how many ways you can rock a pair of leggings! They are definitely a closet staple!


  18. Love all these ideas! Sometimes when I'm getting dressed, I am like "This is not very original" but hey, when an outfit works it just works!

  19. These are all my kind of looks, especially the brown boots with black accents!

  20. Leggings is almost like a way of life for me. I find them so versatile and easy to dress up too. Really like your legging outfit options. Moto jackets and leggings is my fave. Love how the cropped look over a tee or tunic is chic and cool at the same time. Hope you have a great new week Gina, XOXO, Elif

  21. I just bought a pair of leggings - and these are some good ideas for how to wear them. Nordstrom - Halogen has a tee, similar to Kristin's.

    Lisa @ Daily Style Finds

  22. good to know about the maternity tanks, i'll have to check them out.
    and um, this is you looking like a slob?!

  23. I need to check out those tanks for sure. I have a long torso so it's hard for me to find tanks (and shirts, for that matter) that are long enough to wear with leggings. I am very self conscious about my thighs so I don't wear leggings much.

  24. You can really dress them up, look great and feel super comfortable! Great outfits :)
    Love your blog, hope to see you soon on my blog
    or Bloglovin
    or Facebook :)
    Kisses from Zurich,

  25. Leggings are great! If I could wear them every single day during winter, I would. They are so comfy, and I'm surprised at how cute they are styled nowadays! I'll be wearing mine in tomorrow's post :)

  26. These unfortunately happen for me more often that I wish! I love dressing up leggings, and did it today in fact!

  27. Oh, thanks for the tip about the maternity shirt! I was wondering what shirt you had that was long enough to wear with the leggings. I will definitely be rocking my leggings this winter!

    Nicole to the Nines

  28. Absolutely nothing wrong with a leggings day! I find leggings + a blazer, jacket, chambray shirt, etc., and boots (especially in the winter) to be really chic!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  29. I think I live in leggings and an oversized sweater! Adorable lazy day options!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  30. Basic leggings are my go-to, I love them and how comfy they are yet you can dress them up and still look totally put together and cute! Your blazer outfit with the cognac boots is perfection and I also love the edgier look with the moto jacket!

  31. Seriously my closet is full of leggings, striped shirts and blazers. I am all about the basics!

  32. Gah...Love all the leggings outfit!! I always feel so naked if I try to wear a legging with a long tee..its like a mental block.I must give it a try still..Love the stripped top outfit so much!!

  33. Great leggings inspo! I need to wear mine more often. I'm tall so I have a hard time finding shirts that cover my butt;)

  34. Super looks! Leggings are so comfy to wear x


  35. Gina, you have inspired me to give leggings more of a chance. I love how you have incorporated them to look so polished and put together! Thanks for tank tip - going to definitely add some, along with more leggings, to my wardrobe.

  36. I LOVE leggings! You put together some super cute outfits that I now have to try out. :-)


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