Top Fall Trends: Reality vs. Blogs

Have you ever pulled up your blog feed and found 3 out 4 bloggers wearing the exact same item? But then you go about your day and notice that no one in real life seems to wear that? It happens to me all the time, and it's what inspired my Trend Survey last Summer (here and here). With the shift in seasons and some new trends dominating the scene, it's time for an updated Trend Report.

I contacted 7 ladies from every Time Zone and major geographic region in the U.S. and asked them to be my eyes there: observe the locals and report back on what's really happening with fashion in their area. Do people really wear blanket scarves? Does everyone carry a Starbucks cup as an accessory everywhere they go?

So let's meet the Trend Reporters, then see below the image to learn which geographic region they represent, then it's on to the Trend Reports.

Top Row
NORTHEASTJasmin: Washington, D.C. / SOUTH: Skye : Houston

Middle Row
SOUTHEAST: Daphnee: South Florida / MOUNTAIN WEST: Kimberly: Salt Lake City / MIDWEST: Tracy: Cleveland

Bottom Row: 
NORTHEAST: Bri: Seattle / SOUTHWEST: Noelle: San Diego 



Northeast:Yes, I am seeing plaid shirts often, whether it be with vests or light jackets. Plaid shirts are common in DC year round and play a layering role during the colder months.

South: I see myself in this more than I see others. Here in suburbia, the moms dress straight out of a boutique as if they are on their way to a pageant.

Southeast: This has definitely made a come back, worn by both sexes, carried heavily in trendy stores such as F21 and H&M.

Midwest: This is something that I see everywhere on women (and men) of all ages. I see it all the time layered under solid sweaters. Although I don't see any pattern mixing like on blogs and Pinterest.

Mountain West: Plaid is very trendy. From layered looks to being wrapped around the waist, it’s a unisex trend that can be found from leggings all the way up to scarves and hats.

Northwest: This is EVERYWHERE in Seattle, but it always has been, thanks to actual loggers in the past and an abundance of hipsters now. There's also some really bad plaid on some pretty unfashionable members of society (think: socks with sandals and oversized cargo shorts).

Southwest: I see plaid everywhere I go these days. I not only see it on women of all ages, but I also see it on men too. Many people choose to wear their plaid shirts with leggings or jeans and boots. I went out to several places this weekend including the mall, the wineries, and out to eat. Plaid shirts were extremely common.

Buffalo Plaid Trend

Northeast: I haven't seen much of this specific check pattern in my area even though it is all over blogs at the moment.

South: To be honest, I had to look up this look. Because I live in the suburbs of Houston, it tends to be a little country here. So if I were actually on a farm, I'd probably see this look more. Or, I could roam the halls of the high school, because this is a huge trend for the laid back high schooler.

Southeast: This is a very popular Fall trend here in Florida, I see them anywhere worn with a bit of everything from shorts to skirts and denim

Midwest: I've seen a few college age girls wearing the print in shirts and a few jackets. Again, I have not seen any print mixing with this trend like there is all over blogs and Pinterest.

Mountain West: Buffalo check is extremely popular in the fall and winter months. Offered mostly in flannel, you see it layered a lot in the colder months.

Northwest: Just like plaid, this is also everywhere in Seattle. It's always been pretty easy to find buffalo plaid in thrift stores around town, and now it is even easier to find it as it is in all of the big retailers as well.

Southwest: I don't see this very often where I live. My husband has a buffalo check plaid coat and even he doesn't wear it often enough!


Northeast: Disappointingly blanket scarves are not trending in the DC area, which I find heartbreaking since my collection of them is so large and I would love for everyone to enjoy them for the amazingness that they are!

South:When a bit of cool wind blows in to our humid hot city, we grab for anything Fall or Winter. We overdo it. So yes, I see lots of women covered up in this. They use it as an accessory instead of a necklace.

Southeast: S. Floridians love scarves but really only rock lighter ones due to the warn weather. The heavier blanket scarves may make an appearance every now and again when weather permits and then a lot of S. Floridians work in A/C frozen offices and can get away with wearing them a bit more.

Midwest: I haven't seen any of this yet because it hasn't gotten cold enough. Ask me again after this week because the temperatures dropped significantly today and it was even snowing. I would not be surprised if I see them tons this winter. I know I'll be wearing mine.

Mountain West: Blanket scarves and all other varieties are huge here. With it already dipping below freezing temperatures, scarves are great and fashionable winter accessories that everyone wears.

Northwest: I haven't seen many of these, with the exception of my closet! They did sell out pretty quickly from both Target and Zara, though, so they must be somewhere.

Southwest: I see blanket scarves a ton on blogs and on Instagram, but I don't see them here in California. I'm sure our warmer climate has a lot to do with it. I just don't think they are as practical here as they are in colder parts of the country.

4. VESTS (e.g. J. Crew Herringbone, Puffer Vests, Military Vests)
One / Two / Three

Northeast:Puffer vests yes. The J. Crew Herringbone no, the vest hasn't made its name in DC but solid color puffer vests certainly have, they are everywhere.

South: Nope, I don't see these unless I'm in the city.

Southeast: I'm noticing more leather and suede vests with a few puffer vests but overall vests don't seem to be to popular here. Except with the very fashionable who find a way to rock anything that's a hot trend!

Midwest: I see vests all of the time worn by women of all ages. The most popular are the thinner quilted solids. The weather here has been perfect for this weight. Like I said above though, the weather-is-a-changing and I wouldn't be surprised to see heavier down quilted vests. In fact, I was in Old Navy last week and their heavier quilted vests and a herringbone vest were on sale. I saw at least 3 women buying them.

Mountain West: Vests are everywhere. J.Crew vests in all styles are probably the most popular.

Northwest: Vests are such a popular thing in Seattle. We tend to have pretty mild weather, and with the abundance of fishermen and nature enthusiasts in our community, vests have always been popular with the men. I'm definitely seeing them a lot more on women of all ages - the fur lined ones on the tweens and older women, and the styled puffer vests on everyone in between. It's been hard to find military vests here, so I'm guessing they aren't as popular as the field jacket version.

Southwest: I actually don't see people in vests at all! I'm surprised at this one too, but I can't recall seeing them anywhere (even when I was up in San Francisco).

5. LEOPARD PRINT ANYTHINGLeopard Trend Fall 2014

Northeast:Yes, leopard print always makes its way in around here. I've noticed it most commonly in scarves and accessories rather than clothing and shoes.

South: YES AND YES!! A hint of Leopard for us mindful, amazing fashionistas. An all in one outfit for the moms who love to overdo the trend.

Southeast: This is a trend that may never go away in S. Florida. We absolutely love anything animal print, especially leopard print! You make it in leopard print, we buy it! From head to toe. I've noticed more shoes, purses and scarves in this print.

Midwest: Leopard is used sparingly here as compared to where I lived in Florida where women would wear whole leopard outfits. Here, I see women of all ages and even young girls (my 8 year old has a winter jacket in this print) wearing this especially in scarves and shoes.

Mountain West: Leopard is fairly popular especially when taken back to the pattern mixing trend. There are lots of leopard print accessories such as shoes, bags, and scarves.

Northwest: Definitely a big trend here. Lots of leopard print shoes and patterned denim. Seattle isn't known for its style, so I'm still seeing a lot of older leopard prints and less of the blocky, trendy version, although because I work in the shopping center of downtown, I'm seeing plenty of the more trendy patterns too!

Southwest: Leopard print is wildly popular. I see them mostly on accessories like shoes, bags, and scarves. I don't see it as much on actual clothing pieces. People use leopard as accents to their outfits.

One / Two / Three

Northeast: Eh, so so. I have seen the OTK boot sparingly, as soon as temperatures dip everyone resorts to UGG boots every day. I have seen some knee high boots in the 30-40 year old age group.

South: In Houston, I see this often. I even saw a female Attorney wear them to a holiday party.

Southeast: I don't see a strong following of this trend but again it may be because of the weather here, it simply doesn't allow for it. Everyone I have seen rock it has been bloggers from this area more so then other non-blogger locals. However, S. Floridians do love high heeled knee high boots, booties, and Uggs.

Midwest: I have seen a few younger college age girls wearing the OTK boots, especially on the weekends when going out to a nice restaurant. I mostly see under the knee riding boots. In fact, I see a tons of riding boots on all ages everywhere - grocery store, kid's school, soccer games.

Mountain West: Over-the-knee boots are a big hit. They made a huge come back last year and continue to gain popularity. Locals mostly sport the flat versions since they are more practical with the snow and winter climate.

Northwest: I don't see too much of this. When people are outside we are often in rain boots, and our stylish shoes come out once we're indoors, so I'm guessing if I worked in a bigger building, I'd see a lot more. That being said, if you're under 22 or so and live in Seattle you most likely wear lots of over the knee boots with short skirts, crop tops, and an oversized sweater.

Southwest: I see over-the-knee boots quite often, even more so than on bloggers. I know that was a trend a couple years back, but it's still very prevalent now in California. It's interesting because although it doesn't get that cold, I think Californians enjoy taking inspiration from Hollywood celebrities like Kim K. and she wears them a lot in magazines. Maybe that's why they are still so trendy. However, booties are on the rise!


Northeast: I haven't seen any colored denim around at all. Colored denim is so hit or miss right now, with burgundy being the only trending color for jeans at the moment.

South: No one but moi. I don't think the moms here feel comfortable taking a chance on fashion. They love to dress up, but colored denim is rare. Now I do see teens wearing them. This may be why moms pass on it.

Southeast: Another thing we'll probably never give up here in S. Florida. I still see a lot of colored denim everywhere!

Midwest: I still see colored denim but mostly muted colors like grey and black. I see this on women of all ages. I don't see much bright denim anymore. I saw tons of white jeans this summer and fall.

Mountain West: Colored denim becomes less popular with the changing of the seasons. Neutral colored jeans are certainly the norm, with olive taking the lead as the most favored.

Northwest: I feel like this is a trend that is on its way out. I'm seeing a lot of olive green this season, but not a lot of other colors. Last year there was a ton of purple, red, teal, and everything in between.

Southwest: I do see people wearing olive and burgundy denim. Still quite neutral, but more colorful than your average blues and black.


Northeast:Yes, yes, yes. With a Starbucks literally on every block you never walk past more than 3 people without a Starbucks cup in hand. As popular as the red holiday cup is on Instagram is about as popular as Starbucks is here year round. This city is very coffee oriented.

South: Moms hang out at Starbucks but they do not dress up their cups. I'm personally like the mom from Weeds. I always have an iced latte with straw in my hands at every outdoor function. I'm known for this!

Southeast: There's not a day that goes by where I don't see someone sporting a cup or something from Starbucks. Starbucks is more than a trend here, it's a controlled substance!

Midwest: The only time I notice this is if I'm in Target and that's because there is a Starbucks there. Personally, I only get Starbucks if my 12 year old son begs for a Frappuccino and then I may get a plain skim latte with no sugar or syrups. It's rare.

Mountain West: Starbucks is a pretty big deal here; coffee lovers go for the coffee, non-coffee drinkers opt for the hot chocolate. Either way, the red cups are something people want to be carrying around.

Northwest: This answer won't surprise you: EVERYWHERE. Being a Seattle company, there's not just Starbucks headquarters in town, but a Starbucks on practically every corner. That being said, there's a lot of other insanely good coffee makers and brands around Seattle, so with the hipster community, you won't see them drinking Starbucks, but rather one of those other brands. But I still have been overwhelmed by friends on social media obsessing over red cups the last few weeks!

Southwest: This is SUCH a huge trend! My co-workers all have Starbucks running through their veins. I see so many people out and about carrying and drinking their Starbucks, almost as an accessory. I'm guilty of this too. It's honestly impossible not to come across a Starbucks on every corner in California. It's as common as water and green juice!


Northeast: No, but I also wouldn't recognize whether it was Stella & Dot just from looking. In terms of jewelry though stacked bracelets and larger boyfriend style watches are very popular.

South: No, I don't really see a lot of this brand here. Kendra Scott is much more popular.

Southeast: Not really big here overall that I've noticed. I see Stella & Dot more in the blogger world.

Midwest: Women here don't wear much jewelry. I noticed that after we moved from Florida where some women wore almost too much (especially for the heat). Personally, I don't follow Stella & Dot, so I wouldn't know if someone was wearing it or not. I don't know if there are Stella & Dot parties around here, but I'm sure there are.

Mountain West: I’ve only seen Stella & Dot once for a trunk show at an event I attended. Besides that, I don't hear about them locally.

Northwest: I don't hear about this much here, and I guess I wouldn't really know if I saw it, since I'm personally not very familiar with the brand. We're not a huge accessories city, though.

Southwest: As an owner of many of their pieces, I can spot a Rebel pendant or a Renegade bracelet from across the room. Now, I actually don't know if it's a true Stella & Dot jewel or if it's a carbon copy (so many companies, even Express are recreating their designs) but I see them around many necks and on many wrists.

Marc Jacobs Fall Trend

Northeast: I see a lot of Marc Jacobs brand items sold in stores but rarely on the streets of DC.

South: Yes, the purse, the shoes...it's a strong trend here in suburbia.

Southeast: S. Floridians seem to love everything Marc Jacobs from the jewelry to the perfume, handbags and sunnies!

Midwest: I notice a lot of women 30+ carrying Marc Jacobs purses. Our local TJ Maxx, department stores, and Marshalls have huge amounts of Marc Jacobs bags for sale.

Mountain West: Marc by Marc Jacobs used to be extremely popular before Tory Burch and Rebecca Minkoff took over. The actual Marc Jacobs line, however, isn't very popular locally.

Northwest: Still seeing a lot of the crossbody handbags around town, and also his watches are a huge local fave. Other than that, we tend to support smaller designers a lot, so the big ones tend to stand out less.

Southwest: I don't see Marc Jacobs bags as often as I see Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Rebecca Minkoff.

Rebecca Minkoff Trend

Northeast: I definitely see more Rebecca Minkoff on the blogs and Instagram than I do in person in DC. I have seen a lot of purses that are similar style to the designer but are not authentic.

South: I couldn't tell you what a Rebecca Minkoff item was if it was sitting next to me having a conversation.

Southeast: Depends on where in S. Florida you are...it seems popular within some circles but the masses aren't really in tuned with this designer. Therefore I've seen more in the blogger world than here at home.

Midwest: I have not noticed anyone carrying anything Rebecca Minkoff. I bet most women here wouldn't even know who this is.

Mountain West: Rebecca Minkoff is one of the most popular handbags I see being toted around. It’s easy to understand why as they are high-quality leather bags at a great price point. I think that combination is appealing to a lot of people in the area.

Northwest: The quilted purse has become SUCH a trend, and now basically every retailer has a knock-off. I see them everywhere, and I think they are definitely popular here, although not many of them are the actual RM bag.

Southwest:  Yes, I do spy her bags around here. In particular, the Mini M.A.C. and the M.A.B.


Northeast: Ray-Bans are very popular here, the aviator style in particular with the younger population. Oversized, usually black sunglasses are more popular for the older population.

South: Mirrored Ray-Ban aviators are the thing and Tiffany's.

Southeast: Aviators are still a big hit with S. Floridians, especially the mirrored Ray-Bans. Cat frames are starting to make an impact and I see a lot of folks in big frame sunglasses.

Midwest: I see a lot of brand name and designer sunglasses like Tory Burch and Coach. But I also see no name sunglasses - mostly larger frames in browns and blacks. Very classic looking and non descript/non-flashy

Mountain West: Ray-Ban and Ray-Ban inspired styles are the most popular in all options from Aviators to Wayfarers. The wire Wayfarers are the most popular choice, but Ray-Ban is a definite winner.

Northwest: Right now, it's the big, thick frame with a darkkk black lens that's everywhere. Not necessarily an oversized sunglass, but they pack a punch in drama.

Southwest: Aviator sunglasses and large oversized frames are the sunnies that California girls wear.


Northeast: DC is work and comfort oriented, not fashion associated. The city lacks a lot of fashion oriented anything and it's unfortunate! It is such a great city and you would think with all of the young professionals and hustle and bustle that there would be more of an emphasis and appreciation for fashion. Overall this area is more concerned with comfortable wear and that means there is a lot of gym wear worn as street wear, like A LOT! Most often, when not in the typical black or grey work clothes, people wear gym clothing with an oversized coat, UGG boots and call it a day.

South: We love our premium jeans and Kendra Scott accessories. We also love to outdo the next mom. 7forAllMankind, Citizens of Humanity, AG are everywhere. We also are big on fitness so lots of moms are wearing Lululemon. I personally would never ever wear Lululemon because I don't want to support the creator [read more here], but that's just me. In the city, it's all about the heels, a great pair of denim, and a flashy bag. In the suburbs, lace and flowy tops.

Southeast: Labels like Fendi, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are still very popular here, so is anything Michael Kors. The shorter the skirt, the higher the heels and the guys seem to really enjoy graphic tees with witty sayings on them like "Chick Magnet."

Midwest: Generally, women in NE Ohio are fairly conservative, practical, and tend to dress down. Sometimes I feel overdressed, but I'm at the age where I really don't care and want to wear all of the nice things I have bought. Also, because of our climate (cooler), I am seeing a lot of peacoats in many colors. I also see a lot of Northface and Columbia jackets and Ugg and Sorel boots. People here definitely dress for the weather.

Mountain West: Felt hats and statement necklaces are a big hit, along with pattern mixing, as mentioned before. Stripes play a big role as well, since J. Crew is a popular brand choice. Layering is extremely important to people here, not only because it’s cold, but because it’s become a trend locally. Layering items and wearing multiple together are big.

Northwest: Seattle tends to fall a bit behind the rest of the bigger cities in the US, but because I work across the street from the buyers for Nordstrom, I'm seeing a lot of things they wear. Lots of patterned, tapered pants. Lots and lots and lots of leather. And the black pump has made a huge comeback lately - I'm seeing it with every kind of outfit possible.

Southwest: In general, Californians are laid-back but with an interest in looking hip, trendy, and cool. I think our beach culture and warm temps year-round make it difficult to follow some of the trends that are seen on blogs. We just don't have the climate. Work-out gear, skinny jeans, flats, boots of any kind, and designer bags are all very on-trend here.

* * *
Another round of trends and another set of fascinating answers with a lot of variation from region to region! I am wondering if Utah has more fashion bloggers per capita than any other state since they seem to be on board with nearly every trend on the list! 

Thanks so much to all of my contributors, and I'm looking forward to hearing from those of you who made it through the survey whether you found any surprises or felt like your city matched up with your regional representative!

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  1. Totally agree with Daph, RM and STELLA & DOT are really blogger brands.


  2. What an extensive study! So interesting! I'm surprised because I've actually noticed a lot of Rebecca Minkoff here. Especially the zips. I had an aversion for a bit as a result but 3 bags later, I guess you can say I'm over it. :) I walked by someone wearing a buffalo plaid shirt the other day and legit thought she must be an Instagram blogger. then I laughed at myself for thinking that! I haven't see too many vests but we are too cold for that now anyway.

  3. Love this post, so interesting!! I totally agree about seeing some of the same pieces on so many blogs and not seeing those pieces very often in my day to day. I tried on a blanket scarf the other day in Zara and it looked somewhat ridiculous on me and I'm such a scarf lover so I was disappointed. I couldn't figure out how to wrap it and none of the salespeople knew either, ha! Maybe if I YouTube it, I'll give it another go;)

  4. Daphnee is so on trend. I giggled when she said us Floridians go over board with scarves as soon as the temp drops just a little. As I pull out my plaid blanket scarf lol

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  5. Haha...this is so true and on point what Daphnee stated about Florida (South). As always, I love this post and how creative it is :). Right now there is a dip in the temperature and I'm wearing a scarf and boots.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  6. This is all so interesting! And thanks for asking me to participate. Now I'm going to be on the lookout for the blanket scarves because we are freezing in Ohio. And I just realized that I was answering for Michael Kors and not Marc Jacobs - hello! I always get those two mixed up with the "M" names. I'm hopeless. LOL!

  7. I always find this information interesting, so I love that you put these together! The buffalo plaid surprises me...I would have thought all regions would be on that train. Things like the blanket scarf not being all over doesn't surprise me simply due to warmer weather states...you'd melt if you wore one! As I was reading through, I definitely found myself thinking of what I see out-and-about vs in blog-land....I definitely think the herringbone vest is a blog land trend for sure. - I haven't seen one worn in real life yet (but I have a copy-cat version on it's way, haha!)
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  8. this is so interesting. I don't see a lot of starbucks toting people here unless I'm in target. And the vests - I haven't seen anyone wearing the j crew one, funnily enough.

  9. I love love love this post. I feel like I have commented things like this on a lot of peoples blogs lately. There are some items I loove but am hesitant to buy because it seems like everyone has it already. Then I think about it and I'm like only people in blog land wear this..like the J.Crew herringbone vest! I almost didn't buy it because I felt like everyone had it and then realized I have never seen someone outside of my computer screen wear it. I had three people stop me and ask me where it was from the first time I wore it, I was like "Wait, what?! You don't know this trophy piece?" haha!

  10. Reading the comparisons are so interesting, certain parts of the country are so known for being on point with fashion and they really lead the direction our trends tend to swing! Awesome post, I was glad to participate with these other lovely women :)


  11. Thank you so much Gina for having me represent for the Mountain West! This was so fun and I loved reading everyone elses answers!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  12. Loved this SO much Gina! Thank you again for asking me to participate!

  13. I loved reading the trend comparisons! Tracy is spot on for the Midwest!


  14. I love this! Being in the burbs outside DC I had to agree. I see no blanket scarves, some vests and no colored denim. So true! The aviators are big and so are black or tortoise brown sunnies. Totally nailed it on the SBUX and over the knee boots too. Nice job, Jasmine!

  15. I always find it so interesting how fashion varies across the different parts of the country! I think I see a few more of these trends since I work in a very fashion-forward office, but Daphnee is pretty accurate for the south.

    Nicole to the Nines

  16. This was literally so interesting--what a great idea and a great read! I loved hearing about how different trends are working in different areas!! Thanks for putting this all together Gina and too all your trend reporters :)


  17. Love love love this post! I have felt that I see blanket scarves and that J Crew vest everywhere in the blogasphere, but no where in real life. I wore my blanket scarf a few weeks ago when we had a cold front and felt like no one else around owned one. But I do see colored denim and red Starbucks cups everywhere :)

  18. This post was epic!! ABsolutely enjoyed reading it through, I would say, here in upper midwest, I have not seen, blanket scarves, the jcrew vest, OTK boots, Rebecca Minkoff and the jewellery much. I will not say I am super surprised though, mostly people are bundling up in down jackets, tights, beanies and anything warm, but even in fall, its usually jeans, loose sweaters, cardis with boots..barely any scarves and hoenstly I dont get the craziness for the jcrew vest even though it looks very pretty..on ever.other.blogger. Oh well, fantastic and on dot trend report Gina!!

  19. I am near Austin- this was so interesting! I desperately want a blanket scarf but I am too warm natured to wear it...

    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  20. Firstly, am so excited to be included in the pics for this post - feeling special LOL!

    This is something I think of SO much...I was just thinking of how many bloggers bought multiples of the bubble necklace (including me!) and how I hardly ever saw it on any non-bloggers!

    For my own sake - I have to go through the list and tell you my Toronto thoughts ;-)

    Plaid shirts - yes - but mostly on the younger kids (meaning university age) LOL!
    Buffalo Plaid - not so much!
    Blanket scarves - YES...I actually saw the ZARA one on several ppl so I was so happy to get my tan one, as I felt like I was missing out LOL!
    Vests, Leopard Print, OTK boots - not so much!
    Colored Denim - yes - the summer before last EVERYONE had mint jeans
    Starbucks - yes
    Stella & Dot - yes - a lot of people have been to their parties
    Marc Jacobs - yes, I see a lot of the MBMJ Hillier bags
    Aviator glasses - not really
    Minkoff - yes, I've seen a fair amount of them, especially the Mini Mac

    MY BLOG: ♥♥♥ Ella Pretty ♥♥♥

  21. I'm back! Interesting reading everyone's comments! I loved reading Zeba's Canadian point of view, too!
    Destroyed jeans! That's totally another trend that I see everywhere. While I see it in real life, it's definitely not as saturated as in the blogosphere. Kind of makes you realize that stores cater to all the bloggers! I'm also kind of excited that the Express plaid blanket scarf is everywhere on IG! By some people who I don't normally see in Express! If I didn't already have my H&M one, which is pretty similar to the Express one, I would totally buy it.

  22. What a fun post! I live in southern CA and we don't see any blanket scarves or vests here (maybe except in my closet). I am surprised that I haven't seen the herringbone vest since it's seems extremely popular in IG.


  23. Loved, Loved this. I also forgot to mention that I see a lot of men wearing vests in the South on hunting trips. Now Sugar Land is not country, just the homes are spread out on a good piece of land which tends to have everyone dressing more country, more laid back, more comfy. You go into Houston, which is only 20mins away and it's like NY. They dress very stylish and with lots of accessories, name brands, and flashy. There is a big difference. Since I'm from the Houston area, I still have fashion on my mind even if my shirt has a little snot from my child. I will rock that snot! Ha, I'm too much!

  24. This is so interesting- I love hearing what is trending (and what hasn't hit the radar yet) in different parts of the country! Great post, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  25. I'd like to nominate Chicago for the Midwest next time you do this :-) It's such a fun post every time!

  26. Love reading this because it's so interesting to take myself out of my blogger bubble a but and see what people really are wearing. I do see a lot of plaid, but not blanket scarves or OTK boots.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  27. I love that everyone said yes to leopard (my favorite print to wear)!
    ~Elise @ highheelsglitteringeyes.blogspot.com

  28. I LOVE this post! I have wondered on more than one occasion if I was just completely not "in" or if people really wore what they were blogging about. Love how you broke it down by geographic location! Great job!

  29. The first thing that came to mind when I started reading this post was blanket scarves!!! EVERYONE in blogland is wearing them but I honestly have not seen one single person in the "real world" wearing them. But maybe that's because I live in Upstate NY and the trend hasn't made it's way here yet! I do have to say, I LOVE Stella & Dot! I've gone to like 4 trunk shows this past year and had one myself!!


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