Outfit Rehab

Sometimes I have an outfit that feels just slightly off. It's not bad enough to land me on the Glamour Don't pages (hopefully), but throughout the day I find myself wishing I had worn different shoes or a different necklace or just something different. I've shared a few of those outfits with my regrets about them in the past, and today I'm sharing my attempts to rehabilitate them into something I can comfortably wear.

1. Hot Pink & Black Outfit

I first attempted to re-create this look from an Ann Taylor ad here, but I wasn't satisfied. I knew I wouldn't wear those shoes on a daily basis, and something just felt off. So in my redo, I made the following changes:
  • Untucked shirt
  • Unrolled sleeves
  • Changed from heels to two different boot options

Portofino Shirt: Express / Black Jean Leggings: Express / Scarf: Express / Peep Toe Pumps: WHBM / Black Boots: Target (Similar) / Grey Booties: Express

Result: I liked both of the rehab outfits better than the original and would definitely wear it this way in real life. I don't think I have a preference for the black boots vs. the grey booties in terms of looks. I would probably I would wear either depending on the weather.

2. Navy Moto Jacket

When I first posted this outfit (here), I cropped out my shoes because I liked the idea of a pink shoe with this navy moto jacket, but not the sandals (and only pink shoes) that I have. I also wore a basic white tank the first time and I like how it looked, but if it gets warm and I want to take off my jacket I definitely don't like the look of just that white tank on its own. So I...
  • Switched from sandals to leopard wedges
  • Switched from a ribbed white tank to a nicer cami that I can wear sans jacket
  • Used a pink bag instead of pink shoes to complement the navy
Navy Moto Jacket: Express (Similar) / Barcelona Cami: Express / Grey Jeans: Old Navy / Pink Sandals: Jessica Simpson / Leopard Wedges: Nordstrom / Pink Bag: Forever 21 / Gold Bar Pendant: Express 

Results: I might still wear the fitted tank with this in the winter when I know my jacket won't come off because I do like the streamlined look. But I'm much happier with the shoe choice in the second look!

3. Summer to Fall

With this outfit I was actually happy with the warm-weather version, I just didn't want to tuck my lace tank away for the rest of the year. So I was only going for seasonal rehabilitation this time. My game plan:
  • Add a jacket
  • Change the wine-colored shorts to wine-colored skinnies
  • Switch from sandals to booties
Baroque Lace tank: Express / Layered over black tank: Target / Twill Moto Jacket: Express / Wine shorts: J Crew / Wine Skinnies: Express  / Hoop Necklace: Express (Similar) / Booties; Target / Bead Tassel Bracelet: Express 

Result: This was the easiest outfit to rehab since I liked it in the first place and already had cooler weather versions of the same pieces.

* * *
And one final look at my newly-rehabilitated outfits:

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  1. I too have outfits that feel slightly off because something is missing. You created 3 great outfits. I like the middle (from the collage) because it is so creative with those layers. The pretty lace tank still stands out. But then again the pink+black one is a great look - something (similar) I have worn or would wear in a heartbeat.

    Pleasure linking up with you & Carylee. Happy Monday!

  2. These looks are all amazing! I know exactly how you feel when something just doesn't feel right, can throw off your entire day! The newly rehabilitated outfits are all spot on, I'd definitely wear all three!

    Hope you had a great weekend, love!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  3. I have quite a few of those slightly off outfits. And then I switch out a couple of items and it looks so much better. Love your re-creations but those originals are not bad at all. I especially like the grey jeans with the leopard print wedges. Have a great week, Gina! ~Cynthia

  4. Yes there are outfits that need rehash and rehab - and you did give me awesome ideas on how to do it!! Great post again Gina!!!


  5. I love that last Summer to Fall change! And those leopard wedges in the 2nd outfit was a great change. Definitely something I would wear

  6. Good morning doll! I certainly agree with you, sometimes I wear something that was so awesome in my mid and then I hate the way it looks on. A few tweaks and adjustments usually do the trick and when we go out in the original look we always feel as if something is off the entire day. I love your rehabs here, especially the one with the navy moto, pink bag and leopard wedges. Great post!


  7. My favorite here is the ivory lace tank with the wine skinnies...be-still my heart!! Love that combination!! I also love how you re-habbed the navy moto jacket...I loved the change of necklace and cami. Of course I liked all versions of the hot pink & black! Great "fixes" girl!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  8. Such cute outfits. I end up re-doing outfits too. A lot of times I really like an outfit until I see a photograph of me in it and then I think 'It would be better with…..'

  9. I have several outfits that are off and I need to rehab. This was great inspiration! I love the outfit with the moto jacket and cami!


  10. I love the pink and black outfit the most. I have to transition summer outfits for fall and winter, because our weather is just to unpredictable. It is never cold here for long, and I love your example with the lace.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  11. Okay I love this post! It is so true, sometimes I put something on and it just isn't quite right or all it could be. It is amazing what a difference those little changes make and it is so fun to see them side-by-side in your photos. I love those grey booties!!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  12. All great outfits - love how you just changed a little something to make it fall or more you something you like better.


    P.S. Hope you stop by Thursday to join TBT Fashion link up.

  13. I know that feeling & you did such an amazing job recreating all three!! Love them all, perfect looks for fall. Hope you are having a great Monday:)

  14. I love how you made the lace tank work into the cooler months! This is such a fun idea for a post, too!

  15. Loving the lace shirt with the khaki jacket!

  16. oooh i love all of your rehab outfits, especially the seasonal change for the lace tank.

  17. I love how you "rehabbed" your outfits especially the lace top from summer to fall! Sometimes I walk out the house and it's not until I'm out that I regret my outfit or part of it. Those days are the worst

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  18. I love this post because I think we all have moments where we stop and think, "wait, this looked better in my head". Or just a simple change in a bag or shoes could have made a world of difference! I think that can be the beauty of blogging - it allows you to view your wardrobe in a much more thoughtful way. But I'm in love with all of your outfits! They are all great!

  19. Such a great idea, love how just the type of shoe, scarf or jacket can change a look! This way we can reuse our favorite pieces.

    XO Chelsea http://www.shesaidhesaidfashion.com

  20. I LOOOOOOOVE the first outfit on the left! the color combo and layering is perfection. I want the hot pink portofino shirt, I almost bought it the other day, but I was like ok let's take a look at my closet first, but now I want it, and in every color lol ;) Great outfit inspo!

  21. I totally know the feeling of not loving an outfit! I really like how you switched up each outfit. They all look great, but I think the navy moto one is my favorite (I'm a sucker for leopard!)!

    Nicole to the Nines

  22. I have that same leopard scarf and I can't get enough of it. Are those gray booties comfy? They look really good on you. I need to check them out =)

    1. The grey booties are a recent purchase and I haven't worn them for an extended period of time yet but so far so good!

  23. I am so wearing my leopard scarf with my pink top.
    I loved reading your reasoning. Without the text, I would not see a single thing wrong with the "before" pictures but I can totally understand why you would make the tweaks to fit your life and climate! They all provide inspiration regardless! Http://morepiecesofme.com

  24. I know what you mean- I've often come home over lunch and swapped out a necklace or reworked a jacket to tweak an outfit. The little changes can make all the difference!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  25. I always have a specific look in my mind and then then 9 times out of 10, the execution looks terrible. That happened this week with a new shirt I bought. It really has to do with fit and proportion for me. I tend to buy some things too big and then I'm stuck with a bulky silhouette (I know, I know - I need to buy smarter). I really, really like all of the final outfits but I am in love with the lace top one.Oh, and my mom and I shopped at Express this past weekend but their stuff was so picked over!! I was ready to get a minus the leather jacket but they didn't have my size. I ended up buying some kick-ass boots from DSW instead. That jacket is still on my list though.

  26. I have those days where I which that I could go back in time and change some things out. I love how you redid all of your looks for fall, especially the first look with those grey booties. It's adorable!

  27. Such a good post! I love the navy moto!!

    Come link up with me at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!


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