Friday Favorites 10/24/14

It's Friday, so like usual I'm sharing some of my recent favorites, most of them involving fashion and shopping at Express. Ready, set, go...

1. Celebrities wear Express

Kristin Cavallari is one of my favorite style inspirations (complete post on her style here), so of course I had to follow her on Instagram. And I was excited to see her posting a couple of Express outfits recently. They were sponsored outfits (not the #spon on the first post) so it's not quite as organic as if she just decided to shop there on her own, but I loved the looks and pieces she wore regardless.

First Outfit:

Express Pieces: Collarless Textured Knit Moto Jacket Leopard Jacquard Midi Skirt

When I first saw this outfit I thought Kristin was wearing the pricey Mixed Knit Moto Sweater Jacket (below right). But it's actually a different, less expensive option. I personally like the styling of the cheaper version better and am still perplexed about the $228 price tag of the sweater on the right:
Express Moto Sweater Jacket Comparison

Collarless Textured Knit Moto Jacket ($128)  vs. Mixed Knit Moto Sweater Jacket ($228)

Second Outfit:

Express Pieces:  Houndstooth Barcelona Cami / Midi Pencil Skirt / Pointed Toe Ankle Strap Runway Pump 

I love her bag in the second outfit photo if any of the bag experts out there can identify it let me know!

2. Front Page News

It's a pretty good mail day when your favorite magazine arrives, and it was even better to see a cute piece from my favorite store featured on the cover!

The November issue of People Style Watch featured the Express Foil Embellished Swing Cami on the cover and on page 58. I was already familiar with this top after seeing it on this post by Erin on Instagram:

People Style Watch put this cami on their list of perfect going-out pieces at a bargain price, but Erin's outfit showed how cute this could be for a casual look too. (And BTW, the cozy sweater she has is from Express too- see it here.)

3. Scarves on Trend

I haven't jumped on the blanket scarf trend yet (it's 80° here today...'nuff said) but how cute is this on on Dee? Of course, it's from Express:

Several months back Express overhauled its website and it has made some things harder to find in my opinion. Some Scarves are listed under Accessories/Scarves. Others are under Cold Weather Accessories. But if you can dig around and find them, there are some cute options like these:

Express Fall 2014 Scarves

Top: Space Dyed Infinity Scarf / Houndstooth Plaid / Windowpane Infinity Scarf
Bottom:  Ombre Stripe Asymmetrical Infinity Scarf / Plaid Blanket Scarf 

4. Jewelry Sale

As of yesterday all jewelry is 40% off at Express (and I'm hoping that's still the case when this post goes live!), including some of my favorites like the Long Metal Bar Pendant:
Left outfit: Jacket: Express (Similar) / Cami: Express / Necklace: Express / Bag: Forever 21 / Jeans; Old Navy / Shoes: Nordstrom

Right outfit: Jacket: Nordstrom (Similar) / Tank: Target / Necklace: Express / Shoes: Forever 21 / Jeans: Express (Similar)

This necklace is a great inspired version of the Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant, but a lot more affordable ($14.94 on the current sale):
Stella & Dot Rebel necklace budget option, affordable version
Left: Rebel Pendant ($79) vs. Express Bar Pendant ($15)

And this necklace has become my go-to evening (or slightly overdressed for daytime but YOLO) option:
 Short Baguette and Dangling Bead Necklace with Barcelona Cami.

* * *

Thanks for checking out some of my favorites this Friday and have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh I want the entire first outfit of Kristin's! Love when two favorite worlds collide like that! And seriously that swing cami rocks my world!

  2. Love how Kristin styles her Barcelona cami, so sophisticated! I've been wearing the hell out of mine since I got it! The gold/black one is perfect for the holidays!

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  3. great recap that express cami is so cute I need to check it this weekend. Kristin's bag looks like a Celine to me, at fist I thought it was Saint Laurent but the point handle looks more like a celine. Will look it up, but I'm pretty sure that bag is over $1000 :/

  4. I love Kristin's style too! That moto, side-zip jacket is really amazing.

  5. 40% off on jewelry, I have to get something from Express today for sure :) Their inventory is so chic for work and play, that it's no wonder celebs are rocking these looks. Happy Friday Gina :)


  6. The scarf has fabulous color and is the highlight of the look!:)


  7. I didn't know Express had blanket scarves! I have not been in there forever... I clearly need to change that haha!

  8. so nice post !


  9. I love that express bar pendent, that one is such a deal!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  10. You're making me want to go to express right now! Love the tank with the jacket!

  11. I love the moto jacket that kc is wearing! I looked for it the other day but couldn't locate one in the store. I just love moto jackets with camis!

  12. Love that jacket! I hadn't seen the scarf and have been looking for one. Might need to go buy that. As always, thanks for the inspiration!

  13. the photo where you are standing near the pool i get the stomach dropping feeling like i'm about to fall in, lol. love that foil embellished cami, and Kristin's style is fabulous!

    1. Too bad Kristin spells her name the wrong way, hee hee. Sorry about the poolside nausea I gave you!

  14. I love Kristen's style and that moto jacket is super cute! The cami and sweater is something that I would wear all of the time! Thanks for the inspiration!


  15. I love the blanket scarf trend! So cute and warm!

  16. I love your blog! I've just found Express (to me, it was always a nice store but there were always those other ones: the cheaper ones with no so much quality) and if I could I would give my non Express clothes to charity and start over my closet at Express only...A girl can dream right? Anyway, I have liked your blog for a little while and it has become a daily read for me. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi DeserGirl! Thank you SO much for your sweet comment!I'm so glad you enjoy my blog and find some fun inspiration here. I know exactly what you mean about starting over with your wardrobe! I was at that point about two years before I started blogging. So you can definitely change your wardrobe and your style going forward! It might not be as fun as getting rid of everything and replacing it all at once like on What Not to Wear, but eventually you'll get there. :)

  17. My mom is in town so guess where we are headed? Express and many other stores. I'll have to check out the scarves and jewelry. And maybe jeans. And maybe sweaters......and that knit moto jacket. Gah!

    1. I can't wait to see what you get! My store didn't have that knit moto jacket but I will definitely be getting it eventually via online order.

  18. Fabulous dear! great style post!
    kisses from Miami,

  19. I'm totally late on commenting on this, but I LOVE the look in the first Cavarelli look!!! The fail cami is also very intriguing!!! Great for the upcoming holiday party season or awesome layered under a cozy cardi like you showed us from Erin...adorbs!!!! Love the blanket scarf...my sister actually picked that one up and I love the colors in it! Great faves post!
    Kellie@ www.ie-style.com

  20. Hah, like you I am holding off on the blanket scarf as well..have one too many,and can certainly live with out..but I do like the red plaid design of any scarf..gives a very holiday feel to it!! And the barcelona cami is so freaking versatile. I cannot stress enough, how you have swayed me into buying a few ;)


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