Fall for Pink

To be quite honest, pink isn't really the first color that comes to my mind for fall clothes and I haven't been wearing a lot of it lately. But when Bri asked me to co-host her Third Thursday threads Pink-themed link-up, I was stoked. I'm happy to support Breast Cancer Awareness month, so just like that, pink became my new favorite fall color.

There are three main color combos that I'm drawn to for fall-ifying pink, two that I've worn recently and one more that I want to try.

1. Light Pink and Denim

When I decided to wear my pink button-down this week, I hadn't pinned any of the above looks yet. I thought I was just doing my own thing throwing stuff together, but it kind of goes back to what I talked about in this post. One way or another it's all been done before!

Pink Blouse: Express (Similar) / Jeans: Express (Similar) / Belt: Express / Shoes: Steve Madden Nonstp / Necklace: Express (Similar) / Bracelet: Express

2. Pink with Olive

I've also worn this combo a couple of times recently, so maybe I am more into pink than I thought this fall:
Moto Jacket: Express / Barcelona Cami: Express (Light Pink) / Necklace: Express / Bracelet: Express / Leopard Wedges: Nordstrom / Jeans: Similar

Portofino Shirt: Express / Olive Skinnies: Similar / Belt: Express / Shoes: Forever 21 / Necklace: Similar / Bracelet: Express

3. Hot Pink and Black
Shopstyle: Skirt / Nordstrom: JacketAnn Taylor 

I had similar pieces for the third outfit above and decided to attempt a re-creation. To be honest, I almost didn't share it because I don't quite like how it turned out. But I'm all about the fashion journey so I'm sharing anyway, although I would have to make some changes before wearing it in real life. I prefer the less fitted pants on the model and I wasn't satisfied with my shoe choice. So it's a starting point, but it still needs some work for me to be comfortable in it.
Portofino Shirt: Express / Scarf: Express / Pants: Express / Belt: Similar / Bracelet: Express/ Shoes: White House Black Market

And a final look at my Fall for Pink/Breast Cancer Awareness Month looks:

Shop the Look:

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If you're a blogger with a recent pink-themed outfit to share, I'm co-hosting Third Thursday Threads today with Bri of Work Clothes, I Suppose and would love to have you join!

In case you're new here, here's how this works:

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  1. Love that combination of light pink and olive, so gorgeous, maybe I need that Barcelona cami in my closet :)


  2. Ooooh, that pink and olive just inspired me! Thanks for the looks. PINNING as they are beautiful.

    Thrifting Diva

  3. SO much pink inspiration in this post! I Love it.


  4. I love how blush pink looks with olive! So cute!!

  5. I don't typically wear hot pink and black, either, but I have made exceptions in the past. The last time I did it I wore a black vest, too, which I think helped break up the stark contrast between the two colors.

  6. For pink being my favorite color, I sure don't have much of it in my closet. I love all of these combos, especially the pink and olive!


  7. I don't know, Gina. I really, really like your hot pink and black look. I think it's chic. All of the looks in your post are ones I gotta try! I have really been into pink lately. In fact, I've been on the hunt for the perfect bubble-gum/berry v-neck sweater. I think brighter pinks look better on me even though I also love pastel pink.

    1. Aw, thank you Tracy!! I think it might just be the shoes. I honestly didn't think of this until just now but maybe with knee boots I would like it better. It's just too warm for me to think about wearing knee boots, but otherwise I like the top & scarf and the color combo.

  8. I rarely wear pink but I am loving pink with burgundy right now! Such a fun combo, love this post :)

    xo, Jasmin

  9. ooooh I want a light pink top now. I love the first inspiration look, and your pink cami is soooo pretty. i don't think pink is really me though, sigh.

  10. You do such a good job at finding the most inspirational looks! I love pink and olive! And that pin of Wendy's has always been one of my favorite of hers! Pink looks so great on you also! I love your touches of leopard! Great to see you co-hosting - thanks for the new linkup! Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

  11. I love pink and olive but unfortunately I look AWFUL in pink. My skin has the worst pink undertones so as soon as I put it on I look like a weirdo!
    ~Elise @ highheelsglitteringeyes.blogspot.com

  12. I'm finding that I really like pink, hot pink to be exact, so I am especially in love with the hot pink portofino shirt you are rocking with the black denim! I definitely need more pink in my life. These looks here are great style inspirations. I also really love the olive moto jacket with animal print flats. Lovely :)


  13. Love your combos here! I mentioned it on IG, but I'll say it again - really love the texture of that first pink button down! I also am digging the soft pink and olive combos...definite thumbs up there! Don't be so hard on yourself...I think the hot pink and black combo is great! Like you said, try a different shoe if you're not feeling the vibe from those. Hm, maybe I need more soft pink in my closet ;-)
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  14. For some reason I never thought of wearing pink and olive, thanks for the inspo xoxo

  15. I never would have thought of pink with olive. It's such a great combination!

  16. I completely adore pink - but surprisingly have no recent outfit post to share LOL! When I was presenting the Dove workshop last night - one of the mom's asked me - is pink your favourite colour? Because she had noticed my pink tee...pink jacket...pink waterbottle & pink laptop...I'm such a cliche LOL!

    Love the pink & olive combo you featured here - will definitely have to try that out!

    1. eek...I wrote mom's instead of moms...one of my personal pet peeves LOL...I didn't get my second coffee today!

  17. I love the pink and olive combo! I think it's the perfect way to integrate a little pink into your fall wardrobe!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  18. Adore all of these looks. Olive and pink is one of my favorite combos. Fabulous post, love. If you get a moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xx


  19. Thank you thank you thank you for this post! I love pink but I needed something to get my creative juices flowing to style it for the fall. I also have a leopard clutch that I have had for months that I have not yet styled for the blog! Olive and pink is my favorite of the combo's above but pink sure does go with everything. Hope you have a great weekend!

  20. The pink and olive has to be the most surprising mix for me and my favorite. Love it!! I really want to get some light plaid shirt now (in pink of course).

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  21. Never thought to pair pale pink with olive. I love wendy's look. I like some of her older looks from her blog more than her recent ones

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  22. Pink is one of my favorite colors and I love all of the inspiration in the post!! Wendy's pink and olive look is great. I can't wait to try some of these looks out. Have a great weekend!!

    Nicole to the Nines

  23. I don't know why....maybe it's my blonde hair and skin color, but I always shy away from this color. I looks great on everyone else but ME!? Ha!! No fair! Maybe I will give it another chance. Great inspiration!! xoxo

  24. Wow, that first row of girls all look scarily alike. I much prefer the second and third combos, with olive and darker pink. You look great in the hot pink color!

    Another Beautiful Thing

  25. Loving the combination of light pink and denim :)


  26. You look absolutely stunning!

    i love this :).

  27. Great choices, amazing post!


  28. Great selection, love these pink outfit!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  29. The pink linen top with leopard belt and jeans has to be my fav outfit! I love love this look. And because I love this look, I bought a shirt this color from Loft. It will be my new Damnnnnn Gina outfit!


  30. BTW...this is a great post. I love all the colors and I love the fact that you are supporting BCA. My family thanks you!!!

  31. So many great color combo with pink. Thanks so much for joining in BBCA.


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