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Monthly Fashion Horoscope: Libra

If your birthday falls between September 23 and October 22, you are a Libra, and this post is all about your style.

To start from the beginning of this series you can go back to each of these posts for a fashion overview on each sign, :

Part One : (Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer)
Part Two: (Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn)

If you're one of the first six signs of the Zodiac, you can view the full style details for your sign in these posts:
Aries / Taurus Gemini / Cancer / Leo / Virgo

Now for this month's Astrological Sign, Libra. Here are some key Libra traits, summarized from this article.
  • Element: Air
  • Flower: Rose (Source)
  • Symbol: The Scales. 
  • Just like their balancing mechanism symbol, they want to stay even, fair, and do what's best for everyone. 
  • They abhor conflict and do whatever it takes to avoid it.
  • Libras are cultured, refined and love beautiful things and beautiful people. 
  • They are companionable, sociable people. They are true team players at work and feel most complete in their love life when they are coupled up.
  • They are adept conversationalists, but can sometimes be seen as vain and gossipy.
Famous Libra Women:
Kim Kardashian, Hilary Duff, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Monica Belluci, Alicia Silverstone, Fran Drescher, Sigourney Weaver, Camilla Belle, Kate Walsh, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jessica Stroup, Freida Pinto, Angela Lansbury

Famous Libra Men:
Zac Efron, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Will Smith, Matt Damon, Eminem, Bruno Mars, Usher, Simon Cowell, Snoop Dogg, John Krasinski, Sacha Baron Cohen, Stephen Moyer,

Libra Style Inspirations:
Individually, Libra style was all over the place from sophisticated and ladylike (see Camilla Belle) to edgy rocker chic (like Gwen Stefani):

Camilla Belle:

Gwen Stefani:

One popular color choice (especially for red carpet events) among Libra women was Cobalt Blue:
Libra Style, Blue Dress and Evening Gown

Coincidentally, cobalt blue is a big color this fall, and even though I don't have any red carpet events in my near future, I do plan on wearing some of my favorite blue pieces from Express this fall. Rachelle (center below) also has another great fall option from Express, the Twill Moto Jacket  in Ink Blue:
Left: Portofino Shirt in Tile Blue  / Center: Moto Jacket on Rachelle / Right: Barcelona Cami in Tile Blue

For some other everyday-friendly, Libra-inspired outfits, Hilary Duff  has a lot of easily duplicated fall outfits and seems especially into plaid.  I tried out some of her style options with my plaid shirts from Express:
Hilary Duff Style, Libra Fashion Style

Blue Plaid Shirt Outfit: Shirt: Express / Gray Jeans: Old Navy / Booties: Nordstrom (Similar) / Bracelet: Express / Belt: Target

Red/White Plaid Shirt Outfit: Shirt: Express / Scuba Leggings: Express / Booties: Express (Similar) / Bracelet: Express
* * *

Of all the signs we've covered so far, this is the first one where I know very few people in real life who fall under this sign. I often use the characteristics of people I know as a foundation and compare details from the articles I read to stay on track. But this one was a nearly blank canvas, so I'll be interested to hear from Libras and people with Libras in their life how this compares with their experiences!

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  1. It's funny I have 3 libra girlfriends 2 are very sophisticated and the other is very edgy like Gwen. I love that moto jacket and I hope to get the black one soon. I love Hillary's style, she seems very down to earth.


    1. Love hearing how your Libra friends match up to the post! And funny - you want the black jacket, I want the blue one now thanks to you!

  2. Me me! I'm a libra! I like that you describe a libra's style from sophicated to edgy rocker because I don't think I have a clear "style." I see some bloggers who have a clear sense of style or a specific type of "look" and I dress for the vibe I'm feeling. I love plaid and cobalt blue so that makes sense and I'm obsessed with Gwen Stefani! It's nice to know I am in good company! I couldn't wait for this post!! So fun!

    1. Yay! Thanks for checking in Marianne! I love hearing how you compare to the details and I added you to the blogroll in the original posts. :)

  3. My brother is a libra but I'm not sure he is any of the above. But I alos am not sure how I would describe my brother- fun, carefree, joker, social, caring, easy to get along with. So ok, maybe he does fit the bill with some characteristics. Oh hey, and you know where his favorite place to shop is? Yep! Express!
    I love Hillary Duff!! Both her style and just her as a person. The plaid plus grey skinnies is def a look I need to try! Http://

    1. Ha! Next time your brother will have to come shopping with us. :)

  4. My husband is a libra and I could relate his style (me dressing him, lol) to Bruno Mars, although when he dresses himself it is more like Eminem and Snoop Dogg haha. I absolutely love Gwen Stefani's edgy style!!

    Love the cobalt blue looks on both you and Rachelle! So happy its such a big color this year!

    Hope you had a great weekend, love!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

    1. LOL! I love the style analysis on your husband. I think the people in your family need their own blogs, Erica!

  5. How cool! I had no idea that there was a style horoscope! Thanks for sharing this fun read!

  6. You always come up with the best curations of great looks Gina - and how interesting to match it with the horoscope! I'm a fan of Camilla Belle's style and cobalt blue is totally one of my fave colors!


  7. I always look forward to your horoscope posts! Gwen Stefani has great style! I'm loving that cobalt blue is everywhere right now! Such a pretty color!


  8. The more I visit your blog, the more I love it. I'm looking forward to seeing the Scorpio style (I'm bias). Love these outfit and plaid are my favorite. Can you have too much plaid? I also really like the cobalt blue. It is just a lovely shade that matches everyone's skin tone.

    Kreyola Jounerys

    1. That is about the nicest thing you could say to me, Kreyola! Thank you!! And luckily you won't have to wait too much longer for Scorpio style!! :) I'll be keeping you in mind for next month!

  9. I always wondered if I was supposed to be a Libra -if I was born a week earlier, I would have been. Scorpio just doesn't fit me as well. How cool is Gwen Stefani??!! She's as old as me and rocks some edgy looks. I've always loved her. And cobalt is my absolutely favorite color.

    1. Oh that is interesting! You should ask your mom when your due date was and if you were early or late!

  10. I love Gwen Stefani's style. She's just effortlessly cool. I like cobalt more and more every time I see it. Just so eye-catching! And I'm still looking for that perfect plaid shirt but I think I'm almost there. Have a great day, Gina! ~Cynthia

  11. Confession: I love celebrity style. You look like you fit right in with them!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  12. Happy birthday to all of you Libra diva's! Love this post and all of the looks. The pics featuring one of my favorite colors "Blue" are hot!

  13. Camilla Belle is gorgeous, and I love all things cobalt blue. and Hilary Duff - she is always so freaking cute!

  14. very nice post!
    I really like cobalt blue i think it is stylish but not so classic


  15. Yay! A Libra here! I came to the right lace on the right time I guess :-). Great post! I can definetely relate to most of this description :)

    1. Thanks for checking in! It's fun to hear that I wasn't too far off! :)

  16. I know one libra for sure, and she's very sweet :) you're right though, I don't know many at all!

    1. What a funny coincidence that we both don't know many Librans!

  17. I love Camilla Belle's style and cobalt is one of my favorite colors. Hope your week is off to a great start:)

  18. I'm a libran. It seems I am in good company. I think my rising sign may have obliterated some of the finer libran style attributes :) Thanks so much for hosting - have a great week!

    1. Ha, yes, there are definitely some complexities to Astrology Characteristics that are beyond my fashion-focus!

  19. That blue shirt looks strikingly beautiful on you especially when paired with the white denim. Have a wonderful week, Gina!

  20. My best friend is a Libra!
    Great style profile, babe!


  21. absolutely love camilla belles outfits! and all the blue! my favorite color! I just stumbled upon your blog! And wow it is amazing, definitely one which is great for inspiration. I love this post specially the great vivid pictures! I would love for you to check out my blog, which by just scrolling through your page, I know you will love!! Keep up the good work

  22. Thanks for sharing this ! I love Camila's black leather outfit :) x

  23. I can't think of any Libras I know in real life either - are they very rare LOL?

    Love Camilla's ladylike style - she has such strong features and is seriously stunning in every pic.

    Your plaid shirts are such great buys - they look so cute on you!

  24. I think you were pretty much on the money; seeing as though I am a Libra!

  25. Love this post - Gwen has the best style... I'm so proud to be a Libra! :)


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