Summertime Plaidness

I normally associate plaid shirts with fall, so when I went into Express recently and spotted a bunch of new plaid shirt options, I told myself to look away. I'm not in any rush for summer to slip away and there will still be plenty of plaid shirts left when fall comes around. But...while I was there it couldn't hurt to try on a couple right? Just for future reference, of course.

First I tried on the Large Plaid Portofino (with 2.5 inch Pleated Cuffed Soft Shorts):
Stock photo vs. fitting room

Yeah...I loved it. It ran true to size for Portofinos, although the fabric is more sheer and lightweight than most of my regular, solid color Portofinos. (Of course, the lightweight factor would come in handy for summer...)

Then I tried on the Plaid Portofino in Navy (with 2.5 inch Pleated Cuffed Soft Shorts):

I felt this one ran a little boxier than other Portofinos so I didn't fall in love with it (I'm wearing an XS in both tops). Also, the top button fastens a bit lower than my other Portofinos, making it a deeper V neck than I normally prefer. It's also even more sheer than the first one I tried on, so I would need a cami or shirt underneath, making it a definite summer no-go for me.

I loved the first shirt but needed to feel like I could really get some use out of it this summer without feeling out of season. Do people wear plaid shirts in the summer? Why yes they do, at least celebs do, anyway:
Celebrity Style, Plaid Shirts for summer

That was pretty much all the convincing I needed to get a plaid shirt for summer, but just to really seal the deal, I looked for some styling options for a blue plaid shirt for upcoming cooler weather. Blue plaid specifically seems to be a big hit with celebrities:
Celebrity Style Blue plaid shirts, jeans

And of course there's plenty of blogger inspiration for styling blue plaid shirts in every season:
Blue Plaid Shirt Outfit ideas
One / Two /Three

I originally wore my shirt similar to how I tried it on in the fitting room, then I did a little experimenting for styling it in cooler weather using some of the inspiration above:
Express Blue Plaid large print Portofino shirt style options

Left:  Large Plaid Portofino: Express / Shorts: J. Crew / Watch: Fossil / Tassel Bracelet: Express / Sandals: Vince Camuto / Hoop Necklace: Express

Middle: Large Plaid Portofino: Express / Tank: Target / Necklace: Express / Bracelet: Express / Black Skinnies: Express / Booties: Target (Similar)

Right: Large Plaid Portofino: Express / Chain Link Bracelet: Express / Dark Skinnies: Express / Boots: Target (Similar) / Hoop Necklace: Express

* * *

Did I need another shirt this summer? Definitely not. But I do love this one and know I will be using it year round, so I don't regret it. That said, I've put myself on a shirt-buying ban for the rest of the month. Not before I grabbed a couple of other Barcelona camis, of course. But it's not official until I post it, so now the ban begins!

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  1. I NEEEED that plaid shirt I have an obsession with some plaid patterns and that is one of them. Ok I'm traveling later today I'll try to squeeze in an express trip lol.

  2. i have been all about some plaid this summer. LOVE it!

  3. The sheer plaid I can totally see going from late summer to fall but wearing any more cloth than that is way too hot for this southern gal.
    Love the blue plaid and how you styled it!
    xo, Lee

  4. What a great sheer plaid top!! I love the blue and how you styled it the 3 very different ways! I started getting into plaid last fall & now can't get enough. So much plaid outfit inspiration in this post!
    Marta, xo

  5. Ooo, I do love that shirt on you!! And I love that its a different material than typical plaid (flannel)...makes it more versatile for dressing up and down!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  6. oh i love the plaid top you got! very cute. i have not jumped on the plaid bandwagon yet, i just dont think its my style. its everywhere though!

  7. So are you wearing anything under the blue plaid in your last group of outfits? I did see that it was sheer-er than the others but I do really love it and may need it. I bought a plaid top from express a couple years ago that is my go to for everything when I don't know what to wear. I love that it pairs with jeans and shorts pretty much universally! Http://morepiecesofme.com

    1. Nope, just a nude bra. :) Aside from the center photo in the bottom collage where I am obviously wearing a white tank, of course. It is sheer, but maybe on the level of the True white portofino. If you can wear that without a cami, you can wear this.

  8. Ohhh how perfect, a way to do plaid without melting here in Florida, and the color is perfection, maybe that way I can trick myself into believing it's fall, even though outside it will probably be over 90 until Thanksgiving :)


  9. I love how shear that cute plaid shirt is, and it definitely makes it easier to wear all year round!

  10. This is a lovely post dear! I absolutely adore plaid shirts! Xoxo

    Breakfast at Lizzie's.

  11. You wear those shirts so well, Gina! I would have never thought to wear plaid in the summer but you rock it. Love both versions.

  12. Cute Gina! I love that plaid on you, the coloring is really nice and more unique than the red and black. I love the way you styled it in number 2, with it opened and with a white tee underneath. Genius! I need to try that with my portofinos! I still need to make another express run but then I'll probably go on a ban because it's just getting out of hand!

  13. I love every single plaid shirt on you and all the combinations are great!!

    ♘ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♘

  14. Plaids for summer seem like super cool to me, but for some reason each summer I crave wearing pastels and cream/ivory tones, so I can't say I've ever manged to wear them in this season, though I like them a lot!

    Have a lovely week,
    Mary x

  15. I LOVE plaid and am currently wearing a blue plaid shirt! Something about plaid button downs are just so effortless.

  16. There's nothing quite like a plaid shirt no matter what the time of year. I like it worn open with a crisp white vest underneath.

  17. Plaid is seriously such an effortless classic that looks so chic and amazing!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  18. Ok.... this may be one I have to get. I LOVE paid. It would be awesome to have a dressier, lighter material. Love all your styling options.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  19. SO cute! i have held off on portofinos lately and I am ready to buy a new one now haha! Also gotta ask, how do you feel about the new Express website?! I am not a fan yet!

    1. I'm with you Darcy...not a fan of the new site. :( It's slow and hard to browse with such huge images.

  20. Plaid shirts with denim cutoffs and flip flops - very CA indeed! :)


  21. I tend to forget about my plaid in the summer- need to fix that because it's a cool look. :) Love the way you styled these pieces!


  22. Amazing inspo for me
    Thank you for sharing
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary

  23. Great post and love the plaid shirt on you.

  24. I love plaid year round and the one you bought is perfect! Love that it is light weight so it is great for summer too! I really like the larger plaid styles and the color is awesome! I think this is a great purchase!


  25. Very cute flannels girl! Nothing wrong with planning ahead! haha

  26. Cute plaid! You will definitely be wearing this through all seasons! Love that it's lightweight and it looks great with the white shorts and with jeans and boots!


  27. Great post! Thanks for sharing! I am going camping this coming weekend and wanted to wear plaid, and this post gave me so much inspiration that it can be done! Thanks so much!

  28. gina, I love these shirts you picked out! I don't have a lot of plaid in my closet as I feel like it doesn't look good on me but this is definitely calling my name! I love how they are great for summer but are also the perfect transition to fall shirts! I am loving the 3 different ways you styled them, my favorite is the one styled with the tall boots!! great styling, Gina!


  29. oh man a great transition piece...I want one now!

  30. i love plaid shirts. They are so cool from summer to winter

  31. Love the plaid! You've totally inspired me!!'xoShannon

  32. I have the same Express shirt and I'm obsessed with it!


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