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I think it's a pretty good sign that a product at Express is going to stick around for awhile when they give it a proper name. Not just the standard, descriptive, "Zip Back Blouse" kind of name. But something cool and catchy. You know, like "The Portofino."  So they've done it again with The Barcelona Cami, i.e. The Product Formerly Known as the Reversible Racerback Cami: (¡Viva EspaƱa!)

I find it helpful to see how different people style the same piece in different ways, so I tracked down three bloggers who recently wore this exact top. Kat (above left) styled hers with shorts, Ellen (center) with a skort, and Kimberly (right) with culottes.

And P.S. Kimberly has the Palm Print Barcelona Cami. The solid colors of the cami are reversible (except for white) but the printed options are not. I tried this top on back in March (original post here) and and showed the significant size difference between XS and S below.

Size XS vs. Size S in The Barcelona Cami 

After deciding it was too cold to wear this top in March, I finally purchased my first one this week, but I opted for the Lace Inset Version:
 Shown with 2.5 Inch Pleated Cuffed Shorts / Sandals: Macy's

And by the way, those shorts are also great if you're in need of dressy white shorts. They are fully lined...bonus. The top above is considered "White" and the shorts are "Ivory." And yet...they look the same color to me. Go figure.

I also have some bad news today. I posted two weeks ago (here) about finally ordering the Express Leopard Clutch after seeing it on a few blogs. Rachelle warned us that it would sell out in no time, and guess what? IT IS SOLD OUT. You might be able to find one in store but it's sold out online for now.

Confession time: I know for sure that it's available in one store because I just returned mine. I loved the print and the look but the size and function were not working for me. It simply came down to personal preference, and the fold-over styling was just not my preference. It was too difficult to quickly access my phone or lipgloss or whatever I needed. I also prefer something a little smaller for an evening bag.

And wouldn't you know it, there is something a little smaller. And it's pretty special. This is the Express Tech Haircalf Portable Wristlet Charger (in leopard, of course):

IT HAS A PORTABLE CHARGING PACK FOR YOUR PHONE!!! Compatible with iPhone and Android phones. I mean...that's pretty freaking brilliant. I don't know what else to say.

I took a quick picture as I was making the exchange in store so you can see the size comparison of The Foldover Clutch (top) vs. the Portable Charger Wristlet:

If you want something bigger than a wristlet but are digging the idea of the portable charger, they also have an Express Tech Leopard Clutch (below right). The two look almost identical in stock photos:

As far as I can tell, the difference seems to come down to the dimensions:
Wristlet Dimensions: 5" tall x 8 1/4" wide
Clutch Dimensions: 7 1/2" tall x 10 1/2" wide 

I have yet to use the wristlet and try the charger, but I'm sure this won't be the last time I post about it.

* * *

Thanks for reading today! I have some more fun stuff lined up for next week: another Astrology post (Leos!! Rawr!) and a very unique collaboration, so thanks so much for your support and I hope to "see" you back here next week!

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  1. Love the Barcelona Cami! It would be easy to style in the summer or under a cardi in the fall!
    I am like you I can't do fold over clutches. I love how you showed a side by side pic!
    xo, Lee

  2. oh those little wristlets / clutches with the charging pad! brilliant. that tank looks kind of boring on the rack or online but now i want one after seeing it styled so many different ways. i do like the white one :)

  3. I love that express cami. Cami's are so essential to summer style but I always hate wearing strapless bras lol

    1. Yeahhhh...that's the one big drawback, isn't it!!

  4. Portable charger?! Okay what!!! The purse will charge your phone, am I reading that right? Hello I need one in every color!

    1. YES!!!! Either I am easily amazed or this is really cool. :)

  5. My favorite top ever! I can't get enough of it
    xo Ellen

  6. Cute cami top! I love the lace version you purchased! I think I need that writstlet with the portable charger! That is genius!


  7. I completely condone you returning the foldover clutch for the wristlet! It's definitely freaking genius, and they do the leopard print really well. Not all leopard prints were created equally, I tell ya! And I feel so disjointed because I had no idea the cami had a name, and I don't own A SINGLE ONE! I really love the lace inset one! That may need to be my first!
    And YAYYYYY!!! So excited for your astrology post - I've waited all year for my turn! No pressure! :)

    1. It's true- they have a non-tech leopard wristlet and the leopard print isn't as cute as the tech print. I'm sure they did that on purpose!

  8. I love that lace cami you picked up! It is so pretty!

    Nicole to the Nines

  9. Ooh. I like that lace inset cami. I bet you'll get a lot of wear out of this. It can be layered for fall too.

  10. Loving those white sandals!

    Happy Weekend!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  11. I'm obsessed with my Barcelona Cami! One of my favorite things I've ever bought from Express!

  12. I love the Barcelona cami you picked out - love the black lace on a white top! I have a similar leopard (after reading your post, I'm scared it's actually cheetah LOL) foldover clutch from GAP - I didn't know if I'd love it at first - but it's so different from all my other bags, I'm definitely glad I kept it ;-) But yes - foldover can be a bit fiddly and annoying.

    1. LOL, love your use of the word "fiddly!" Ha! But glad to know I'm not alone in finding foldovers a little fussy. Also glad to hear that I am making people think twice about animal names! Ha ha!

  13. I love cami's, I've got a whole wardrobe of them! I love the black insert, it can be worm casually or in the evening. The leopard print clutch is the perfect accessory.

  14. wow what a great top! It looks so different on each of the girls but they all are gorgeous!


  15. That lace cami is gorgeous and look perfect with the cuffed shorts! I'm all over cuffed shorts!

  16. Ooh Gina I think I am beginning to fall in like with the Barcelona cami! Unfortunately I try to stay away from tops that would require either a strapless bra or tops that show my bra straps!


  17. Portable charging!? That's just awesome. I know what you mean about the fold over being harder to get to. Love the lace insert tank you decided on and those sandals are awesome!

  18. I like your whole white outfit ♥

    I would like to invite you to my giveaway on my blog YOKO NGUYEN BLOG

  19. Portable charger - need that in my life, my phone has truly dreadful battery life!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  20. Absolutely love PPF and your lace insert versions! I need to invest in more silk cami's that can be worn as is.. Ha,the portable charger would be something I would use day in and out..LOL.

  21. Loving that portable charger! Such a great animal print, and definitely useful!

  22. I need one of these camis....the day I read Kimberly's blog, Penny Pincher Fashion, I knew I had to have one. Now you just sealed the deal for me!! Love the lace inset one you got! CUUUUUUUTE!!!

  23. That is so cool about the portable phone charger! It's crazy how fast my battery goes down! Love that cami on you! It's such a great go-to summer top!

  24. You have convinced me! I need this cami! I got an email that it was on sale so I need to get my toosh to Express. I am totally into the leopard clutch. I just purchased one on Etsy. Such a great trend!
    Love your posts!

  25. Wow - this cami is just gorgeous and needs to get in my closet! That wristlet is pretty amazing, too. And a charger?! Oh, yea.


  26. Ahhhh I wish I was there to get the insert lace cami and leopard wristlet. Both are great.


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