Features & Favorites: 7/11/14

It's Friday, and that means I usually share some of my favorite recent outfits and pieces from my favorite retail store. (Hint: It's in the title of the blog if you're new here and not sure which store I'm talking about...)

First up, I loved Marianne's styling of the Express Ruffled Maxi Dress. I actually thought it was far more flattering on her than on the stock model, and of course, the scenery in Aruba didn't hurt this photo either!
Outfit Details: Here

I loved how Alecia wore her Mars Red Portofino in a Patriotic-but-not-over-the-top way just before the big Star-Spangled holiday:
 Outfit Details: Here

And is it just me, or does Alecia remind you a little bit of my favorite Express-shopping local news anchor? Not just for their taste in Red Portofinos, either!

My Red Portofino is one of the pieces I took on my trip last week, and I did end up changing the styling from my original plan due to the weather. I intended to wear it with shorts but packed white pants just in case, and I was glad I did!
Plan vs. Reality

Speaking of packing, I was patting myself on the back for completing my 5-day packing plans (here), until I saw Kristen's epic two week packing plan for her trip to Australia. Among the things she took? The Voile Tunic, the item that finally broke her non-Express shopping streak that had lasted "for years."
(Cat not included in the packing plan.)

From time to time this blog has been rumored to influence a purchase, and apparently this post of Reader Favorites (including the Voile Tunic below) was the one to make Kristen take her first sip of Express Kool-Aid.

It's delicious, isn't it? Let's just throw this in here for good measure here:

While I'm passing out refreshing summer beverages, I might as well bring up my favorite summer top from Express this year, the Baroque Tiered Lace Tank

I spotted it on Rachelle:

And Kellie immediately emailed the pic on the left when she took her first sip (it was that good!), then gave me two more ideas for styling the black version for dressy and casual settings:

I featured Carylee's look with this tank last week, then brought everything full circle by copying her outfit this week with pieces she made me get. Leopard sandals? Check. Chain Necklace? Check.

Friends don't let friends miss out on good Kool-Aid!

Thanks for reading and thanks to all of you who leave comments or email to help me find new friends and style inspirations! Have a great weekend and I hope you'll check back on Monday. I'm working on a fun survey about fashion trends from coast-to-coast (and everywhere in between!) so come on back and check it out!

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  1. LOL...everyone likes kool aid!! Hmmm...suddenly I feel like a refreshing cherry beverage... :) I'm behind on reading my OtDE posts so I can't wait to checkout ur packing one!

  2. hahaha love it! friends don't let friends pass up on good Kool Aid. We are a bunch of enablers lol, now gimme that voile tunic. So cute!


  3. I'm flattered/love your recreation of my outfit. Down to the necklace! You like me. You really like me!
    The kool aid made me LOL. Can I get some grey goose in mine? Happy Friday!

  4. I love reading your posts! Your kool aid comment made me laugh! I am coveting that lace tank. I can see it going with so many different things. Have a great weekend!


  5. Thank you so much for your sweet words and the feature. You are too too kind!
    Just updated my blog post with the link! All of these looks are fab!
    Another great post Gina!

  6. aw if you arent the sweetest person ever! seriously. stop it, you're making me blush.
    reading your blog has definitely made me want to purchase more express things, but i definitely need to wait till they are on sale! I think the Portofinos might be my next stop, maybe - is the white one see through like the Voile tunic? PS how cute is my kitty? she's pretty cute.

    1. The white Portofino is definitely not as sheer as the Voile Tunic. But maybe about as sheer as the Target sleeveless blouse from Wednesday. :) I have a high tolerance for sheerness but I think many people will prefer to wear the white portofino with a cami.

  7. Love your recreation of Carylee's outfit! Seriously looks fab on the both of you!

  8. There is that lace tank again. Darn it. I really don't need it, but I feel like I have to get it :-)

    1. *If* you choose to get it - you won't regret it. :)

  9. Oh thanks for being so fun and being at {*FiF*} each week Gina! Yes, can't wait to wear that great infinity scarf. I think I almost have figured out a way to make it stay on my bald head too. LOL ♥

  10. red and white is seriously such a classic! Love it!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  11. Great looks! What a fun blog!
    Dawn Lucy

  12. gorgeous dress!

  13. I just took my first client into Express the other day. I saw the Baroque Tiered Lace Tank and thought of you!! Thanks for linking up for Stylish Saturday. xo ~ Megan

  14. Uh oh, you had me coveting the red portofino...& then suddenly I remember that I have another red blouse with similar type material that I could use instead, yay! Red has been on my mind alot lately, and I'm loving it with the white here!! Thanks for the shout out (embarrassing pic and all)!!... ;-) LOL
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  15. I love your twin outfit with Carylee - you both look amazing! I have a feeling Express is going to be selling a lot of those Lace tanks thanks to you (including to me, if I find it on sale LOL!)

  16. Great picks! I love that dress on Marianne! I bought a short sleeve version of the Lace Baroque tank from Express after one of these round-ups. They are so dangerous for my wallet! I hope are having a great weekend!

    Nicole to the Nines

  17. Great outfits! Love them all xoxo


  18. My fav? The white shorts and red top! Fantastic, casual and still super chic!!

  19. OMG, I love that red top. I don't think I wear red often enough!


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