Coast-to-Coast Trend Report: Part 2

Today is Part Two of my Coast-to-Coast Trend Report, with details about specific fashion brands and how popular they are in each region of the U.S. (If you missed Part One of the Trend Report, you can go back here to read current fashion trends like rompers and crop tops rate in each region.).

Once again, the same group of bloggers are bringing you their observations today. You can see which region of the country they represent as well as their specific state underneath the image.

Top Row:
SOUTHWEST: Adri, Adri Lately (CA) / NORTHWEST: Elif, The Box Queen (OR)

Middle Row:
MOUNTAIN WEST: Kellie, ie-Style (CO) / MIDWEST: Carylee, More Pieces of Me (IL)  NORTHEAST: Erica, Casually Styled (NJ)

Bottom Row:
SOUTH: Nicole, Nicole to the Nines (GA) / SOUTHEAST: Rachelle, PinkSole (FL)



Southwest: Even though I don't own anything thing from this line, I do think it's a quality brand. I definitely think it appeals to women here.

Northwest: I shop a lot at Nordstrom, and see many ladies walk around in Tory Burch flats. I love Tory Burch myself. On some parts of the town though you wouldn’t see them as much. 

Mountain West: Her flats, sandals and handbags are very popular here!

Midwest: Such a big thing here. This brand is everywhere.

Northeast: I see Tory Burch all the time. I have to be honest: I stopped buying Tory Burch a while ago because it's become too popular for my taste. 

South: Epitome of classic, chic American style.  I think her stuff is expensive, but I see a lot of her tunics, bags, and shoes.  At one point every woman was wearing the Reva flats. 

Southeast:  Tory Burch is a huge hit in South Florida. The other day I saw a mother and her 2 daughters and all three were wearing Tory.

Southwest: This is a classic brand and well known in all of LA.

Northwest: Coach is BIG in the NW. I don’t know many women who don’t own at least one Coach bag in their handbag collection. Seriously! Now I know surely there are thousands of ladies living in my state who can’t care less for it; but on the streets strolling around, or at the mall there are Coach bags everywhere. I think the premium outlet store so close by is a reason for this too. 

Mountain West: Another big time seller for Colorado - handbags and sneakers for sure.

Midwest: This brand is everywhere too!

Northeast: Ah, Coach. It used to be one of the most had-to-have brands when I was in high school! I haven't seen anyone wearing one in a long time. (Unless you count my daughter, she plays dress up with all my old ones!) 

South: I love the non-logo bags and they have great shoes. Everyone was wearing their logo bags but now I feel as though they have moved onto Michael Kors and Tory Burch.  Some of the new leather bags are great though.  

Southeast:  You cannot swing a dead cat without hitting someone with a Coach purse.


Southwest: I'm not personally a fan, but I can see it working for areas closer to the LA beaches.

Northwest: Yes, there is a Vera Bradley presence in the NW; however it feels like I see it more at stores such as Hallmark than on actual people. It may be my selective perception though!

Mountain West: I see more of this product in stores than I do on any person, even in blog world. 

Midwest: Yep, this brand is also everywhere.

Northeast: Vera Bradley used to be popular here a few years ago. I don't think so much now but I own several travel pieces and I love them and use them every time I go away somewhere! I do see more pieces at the airport than anywhere else.  

South: Surprisingly, I don't see her products as much anymore.  Growing up, it seemed like everyone and their mother had her bags, especially the travel bags, but she just isn't as popular anymore. I've heard she has modernized her style a bit, but I can't imagine wearing any of her things.

Southeast:  Vera Bradley is more popular in the Palm Beach area, not that common on the 18-45 crowd.


Southwest: I haven't seen these around here...yet.

Northwest: They are EVERYWHERE. Literally. It’s not a trend for the NW, they are a lifestyle here to which I have never become accustomed! 

Mountain West: Ugh...I think Birkenstocks were made for Coloradans, much to my dismay!  They are back in stores with a fury just recently. They're big sellers in this market.

Midwest: These are pretty prominent here and actually have been even before their big comeback this year. But I see them worn more by middle aged type woman and not in the fashion forward kind of way that they are now.

Northeast: I've only seen maybe one or two people wearing the style in the last few weeks. However I wear mine all the time! 

South: The vast majority of people I see wearing these aren't really in on the ugly chic sandal trend!  This one is growing on me, especially since Birks are so comfortable. 

Southeast:  Yes, sadly I've seen those a few times around here.


Southwest: I've only seen one person wearing these and I know they aren't the real ones.

Northwest: I have seen these quite a bit at my favorite store (Nordstrom), and I have also seen them around town. Seems to be especially popular with moms. Maybe I should get them? 

Mountain West: I had to Google this one to even know what it was!  Apparently not the hype here!

Midwest: I never see these. I didn't even know what these were before blogging.

Northeast: I honestly didn't know that these sandals even existed until I saw them on a few blogs recently. I was even more shocked to see the price of them. I don't understand the blogger hype on these. I personally don't like them. 

South: I don't own a pair, but I like them on other people.  I live in the South, so I see them all the time.  They even have a store here in Atlanta. They are pretty much the epitome of Southern preppy style.

Southeast:  I have seen Jack Rogers a few times but not a lot to be honest.


Southwest: don't really know much about this brand, but it makes me think of bright prints. Actually, I feel like I can't tell the difference between this brand and Vera Bradley.

Northwest: Now I must say I don’t see that much of Lilly around. This is one brand I know because of my own interests, and partly due to my blogging. 

Mountain West: Again, I had to ask my friend Google about this one.  I've heard the name, but not familiar with the brand at all...not a name that gets "dropped" here.

Midwest: I have never noticed this brand anywhere.

Northeast: I'm not sure about this one. I personally don't stay on top of this brand, so I can't even comment if I've seen it anywhere. 

South: Considering I live in the south, a.k.a. Lilly territory, I would expect to see more of her clothes, but I don't see her a lot.  She does have a store here though so someone must be buying her clothes...

Southeast: Lilly is from Palm Beach so yes, it is popular here.


While putting the survey results together, a few brands that I didn't originally ask about (it's my rookie season as a surveyor) got quite a few mentions from the ladies on the panel. I sent out a last-minute email to get a little more detail on these from those who had time to respond and here's what they had to say:


 I know I do see it around every now and then, but isn't as obvious as other brands.

Mountain West: Michael Kors is very trendy around here...purses, shoes and watches for sure!

Midwest:  This is definitely a prominent brand here in the Midwest. It's funny because I do have my cognac MK tote that I love, but I'm otherwise more drawn to MK shoes than I am his bags. I feel like Coach and Michael Kors are the gateway into designer handbags. 

Northeast: Michael Kors is extremely popular here (purse wise). I can't go anywhere without seeing a couple pop up. 

Southeast: Michael Kors is everywhere in South Florida. That's one brand that is as popular in real life as it is in the blog world


Southwest: This is a brand that I think is very cute and well loved on blogs. However, I really only see the occasional handbag being worn here. It might be a bit more preppy for the laid back style in LA.

Mountain West: I don't think she's as popular here as Michael Kors and Coach, but it seems like I see her accessories (sunglasses, phone cases, wallets, etc.) now and then.

Midwest: You know I'm a Kate Spade addict. I don't really see it much around here, and to be honest, I'm ok with that! I've always liked Kate Spade, but I have friends that consider Kate Spade very old lady. I could definitely see this as more of a Midwest, New England, or East Coast brand. I don't feel like it's quite trendy enough for places like SoCal. That's my perception anyway from visiting family in SoCal. Interested to hear what the other panel members have to say about this!

Northeast: I occasionally see a Kate Spade, but rarely on someone under 30. The Kate Spade Beau bag was a huge hit on the blogs but I have yet to see someone carrying it in person. 

Southeast: Kate Spade is another popular one but not like Michael Kors.


Southwest: This is definitely a brand you see all over town. It's a classic and women seem to love it!

Mountain West: Louis Vuitton doesn't seem to be very popular here.

Midwest: I notice this the most in blogs and in real life. And when I say blogs - I mean "everyday" bloggers, not necessarily the HUGE ones. I wouldn't say I'm an expert on designer bags though, so it's quite possible that this is just the most immediately recognizable.

Northeast: Louis Vuitton is a big brand here as well. I see tons of women daily carrying one around. The Neverfull is the most popular style that I see.

Southeast: OMG Louis Vuitton are everywhere here, specially the logo totes. Before Michael Kors they were the ultimate IT bag.

Image via: Madewell

Carylee (Midwest): It was both comforting and disturbing that all day athletic wear was so prominent all around the country! I wonder how this compares to other countries? It's also made me quite conscious of certain trends, and you know I'll be alerting you the next time I see a romper! I'll be honest and say I used to be very self conscious wearing my Louboutins to work - like I was being too showy or pretentious because it's just not the norm here. But someone reminded me that most people wouldn't even know what kind of shoes they are in the first place, and they were either right...or people are simply just talking about me behind my back!

Rachelle (Southeast): Handbags overall are big in South Florida, a few that I see a lot are the Alexander Wang Rocco, Celine Luggage tote, Classic Chanel flap, Balenciaga, Chloe and believe it or not I've seen quite a few Birkins too. I would say that in South Florida you will find the ones that are not into fashion at all, the overly flashy ones, and last but not least the stylish and sophisticated type.

Erica (Northeast): One of the biggest trends last season on the blogs was the midi skirt, especially the midi skirt made out of tulle. However, considering their huge internet presence, I never once saw someone out in real life wearing one. I do wonder if the bloggers that wore the tulle skirts wore them outside of their blogs (since most were dressed down). 

Adri (Southwest): For sometime, I've realized there are many trends that seem to be started on blogs like print mixing and take time to see people on the streets to wear them. But with many different neighborhoods and cities within LA, trends and brands worn really can vary.

Kellie (Mountain West): I would be curious to know about Hunter boots and how popular they are in other areas. They seem extremely popular in blog/Pinterest world, but have never caught on here in CO.  Perhaps because we're more snow than rain??  

 * * * 

Personally, for this round of the survey I was really struck by the strong response on Tory Burch. Before the survey I thought of the brand as fairy popular but I didn't realize it was so big coast-to-coast! I guess I could say the same for Michael Kors considering I didn't even think to add it to the survey originally! But it drew strong popularity responses as well.

Thanks for all of the great comments, feedback and discussion on Monday's portion of the survey and of course, I'm looking forward to your thoughts on this one as well!

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  1. I really want birks to go away, I can think of many other shoes that are comfortable and not ugly. But hey to each their own. I'm not surprised but this Tory and MK are IT brands in most part of the country I think.


    1. I agree with Rachelle, not only on the birks, but on the trends, Lilly Pullitzer, Vera Bradley and Jack Rogers are very Palm Beach, you see them on a daily basis.


  2. I agree Michael Kors is HUGE in South Florida!

  3. I love that Adri confirmed my suspicions on Kate Spade in the Southwest! :)
    Sorry a couple of my answers were dry! Vera Bradley was bigger here a couple years ago, still everywhere but mainly on high school and college girls.... And their moms. And good point about hunters. I don't see them nearly as much in real life as on blogs!
    Thanks again for this intel!! Http://morepiecesofme.com

    1. PS I also agree that Tory is so much so everywhere, that it turns me off. I will stick to my over 30 KS brand :)

    2. Haha! Yes, I thought it was perfect the way your comments complemented each other.

  4. These posts are so fun to see what others are wearing in the U.S. I am from the southeast in N.C. and Jack Rogers & Lilly are HUGE here. They have been for a few years now. Very interesting!
    Have a great day! :-)

  5. I have to say that I am quite shocked to hear how popular Coach still seems to be in other areas of the country. Despite the fact that we still have serval Coach stores in my area, I rarely see anyone carrying a bag. After a quick browse on Coach.com, I wouldn't be so opposed to possibly carrying one of their newer bags, maybe I can get my area back onto the Coach bandwagon?! I was also not surprised with the Jack Roger's sandal responses. Literally, if I didn't just see someone wearing them on a blog a couple days ago, I would of had to google them when I was asked about them.

    To anser Kellie: I see a lot of Hunter boots in my area (NJ). Mostly, when it's raining or snowing, not just to wear them on a regular day as seen on some blogs. They are also very popular for the younger kids here as well.

    Thanks again for including me on this, Gina!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

    1. Thanks so much for your contributions, Erica! This survey made me wonder if your area isn't kind of an early adopter on handbag trends, hence the reason you are "over" brands by the time they're in full swing everywhere else!

  6. OMG this is SO fab! I would love a pair of tory sandals. A nude pair I think are classic. As for Birkenstocks, sorry just don't get glowing white sandals that scream hippy to me. Guess I'm a little more refined. Thanks for the info on the other items!
    xo, Lee

  7. I have a couple pairs of Tory Burch sandals that I wear all of the time and they look exactly like they did when I bought them. The quality is very good. I live in a wealthy "family" town in South Florida and 2 out of 3 moms have a Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag (I don't - yet :-)). A lot of the time, the rest of their outfit is kind of schlumpy but you also have the very over-the-top Miami looking mom going to a school conference looking like she's going to a club. This bugs me. Ha ha

    1. I have a very good visual of this type of mom, but maybe I've just seen one too many episode of The Real Housewives franchise. LOL!

  8. This is such a cool post series!! I love reading about the trends in each area. Personally I've never heard of Jack Rogers or Lilly Pulitzer-not sure if that's because I'm in Canada. Thanks for these great posts.
    Marta, xo

    1. Thanks for the feedback Marta!! Interesting to hear how your perspective varies in Canada! The popularity of those brands definitely seemed very limited to the South/Southeast so not too surprising they haven't made it your way.

  9. I love this series! Its so interesting to hear what people are actually wearing.

    I am sitting at home in Chicago in athleta and lululemon with a toddler so I am definitely a mom in active wear as everyday wear...

    1. Thanks so much for the comment Sara! I'm glad you are enjoying the series. I am planning to do it again when fall is in full swing and there are new trends to discuss. And hey, nothing wrong with knowing what works for you and choosing practical clothes for your lifestyle!

  10. i really enjoyed this series! i'm almost glad i didnt answer fast enough because i dont think i would have been able to answer these questions properly because i dont even know some of these brands and stuff (oh, how NOT a fashion blogger i am haha) but I like Kellie's note, I would love to know if Hunters are as popular in the real world as they are on pinterest. Because I totally want some, not that my husband would let me spend $100+ on rainboots.

    1. You know, I don't think I've seen a single pair of Hunter boots on a person here in San Diego. But we're in a major drought and it never rains, so maybe people are just waiting for it to rain and I'll start seeing them! In Seattle I saw them sometimes, but they weren't everywhere by any means, even in the very affluent areas. And it rains all the time so there is every justification for having them!

  11. This was interesting! Vera Bradley is very popular with the college crowd... not so much once you graduate. I graduated a year and a half ago, and when i was in college everyone owned Vera Bradley. I bet if you walk through a college campus you will find plenty of Vera Bradley totes, notebooks, etc. I still use one of her bags for a weekender bag, but thats it. At my friend's bachelorette party, literally every. single. person. brought their Vera Bradley weekender, haha! Also, I think Lily Pulitzer is not very big here at all (I agree with Carylee) but if it is being worn it is on much younger people. My fiance's cousins (9 and 13) LOVE Lily Pulitzer. And as for MK and Coach I totally agree that they are everywhere! That is one of the main reasons I tend to stay away from their products... I would rather have something that I won't see on everyone else! (sorry for this insanely long comment, I just thought this was so fun!)

    1. Love the feedback here Darcy! It was interesting hearing your experiences so thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I love insanely long comments!! :)

  12. Very unique post, loved reading what's popular across the US. I hate Birkenstocks but love Jack Rogers! I'm on the fence about Tory Burch, way too expensive.

    1. Well now I have to check your blog to see where you live! If you hate Birks and love JR I'm guessing somewhere in the South or Southeast based on the survey! :)

  13. Super interesting , love the article!

    Would you like to follow each other ?


    Emily from PTT

  14. I love the comment from Rachelle about a mother and her two daughters ALL decked out in Tory Burch, lol. :)

    Great post, babe!


  15. This 2-part survey was long but so interesting. I am on the fence about Birks but Jack Rogers are kind of cute and preppy and would love to own a pair. Some TB Flats and Sandals, also. =)


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