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The Spending Habits of Fashion Bloggers

Let's be honest, we're all a little curious about the spending habits of other people. How much did they pay for that? How do they afford that? How do my spending habits compare? If you've ever been curious about the spending habits of an average fashion blogger, today I have some answers.

Spending Survey

Over the weekend, I polled 14 fashion bloggers about their typical fashion spending habits. I promised to keep their specific answers confidential, but you can browse through their links below and find that they're all regular women who blog as a hobby, not a full-time job. There might be an occasional courtesy item or sponsored post on their blog, but for the most part they are spending their own hard-earned money on the clothes they buy. (I also included my own responses in the survey to get a larger data pool.)

For each of the following items, I asked the women to share what they spend on average for each single item purchase (or pair in the case of shoes, etc.). Then I calculated the mean average for the group, which is the AVERAGE dollar amount listed below each item.

Take a look and see how you compare on these 15 items:


AVERAGE: $64.53
Highest Response: $150
Lowest Response: $40 (3 respondents)

AVERAGE: $18.13
Highest Response: $30
Lowest Response: $0 (doesn't own or wear this item)

AVERAGE: $41.25
Highest Response: $60 (4 respondents)
Lowest Response: $20

AVERAGE: $18.03
Highest Response: $30 (2 respondents)
Lowest Response: $8

AVERAGE: $43.91
Highest Response: $65
Lowest Response: $25 (2 respondents)

AVERAGE: $48.13
Highest Response: $75 (2 respondents)
Lowest Response: $25

7. SPECIAL OCCASION DRESS (e.g. wedding guest or holiday party dress)
AVERAGE: $115.31
Highest Response: $200
Lowest Response: $60

AVERAGE: $235.94
Highest Response: $1000 (2 respondents)
Lowest Response: $40

AVERAGE: $86.41
Highest Response: $200
Lowest Response: $27.50

10. JEWELRY (Perceived average per piece across all categories, e.g. Necklaces and Bracelets)

AVERAGE: $34.38
Highest Response: $100
Lowest Response: $15 (3 respondents)

AVERAGE: $ 23.57
Highest Response: $45
Lowest Response: $0 (doesn't own or wear this item)

AVERAGE: $30.16
Highest Response: $70
Lowest Response: $10

AVERAGE: $69.69
Highest Response: $120
Lowest Response: $30

14. BRA

AVERAGE: $40.69
Highest Response: $70
Lowest Response: $10


AVERAGE: $8.13
Highest Response: $20
Lowest Response: $3.50


I asked the participants to select the top 1-2 fashion categories where they are most likely to make a "splurge" purchase. Here are their answers:

1. Handbags: 11 out 15 respondents chose handbags (73%)

2. Shoes: 7 out of 15 respondents chose shoes (47%)

3. Special Occasion Dresses: 4 out of 15 respondents chose special occasion dresses (27%)


There was no one person that was the highest spender in all categories or the lowest in all categories. The participant with the most highs listed the highest price in 4/15 categories. The participant with the most lows gave the lowest price in 4/15 categories.

This survey wouldn't be possible without the help of my participants, so thank you to each of the following bloggers for letting me snoop through their spending habits! I will definitely be looking forward to your feedback on the survey results!

More Pieces of Me / It's Mostly About Fashion / Ella Pretty Blog / A Memory of Us / Pink Sole / Leaving the Corner & Dipping my Toes In / Casually Styled / ie-StylePetite Career Girl / Everyday Fashion by Lee / My Rose Colored Shades / The Box Queen / Fashion, Bling and Other Girly Things / The Real Arnolds

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  1. This is so informative, I believe in never buying anything full price unless it is likely to sold out quickly or is a designer item that never goes on sale (like a classic Chanel bag and such).

  2. This was interesting to look through! I think the shoe and handbag category shocked me the me, I'd love to have the budget to spend the "average" in those two categories, but it's just not my reality right now. Other categories, such as jeans, swimsuits and undergarments, I felt I landed right there with the "Average". Thanks again for this peek into others habits....very interesting!! Oh, and thanks for allowing me to participate! :-)
    Kellie @

    1. Thanks for playing along Kellie! I think I was surprised that everyone really was pretty average! No major outliers.

  3. This is so interesting! I enjoyed taking the survey, thank you for including me! It doesn't surprise me that handbags and shoes are the highest splurges. Speaking of shoes, I totally clicked on those denim heels that you linked! LOVE them! All in all, I would say I would fit in the average category for everything listed.

    Hope you had a nice weekend!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  4. Great post, Gina! I agree with your survey. I totally would splurge on handbags than on anything else. Sorry for the late reply again. Hope you're having a great Monday!

  5. Thanks for this great FYI post Gina! I feel (and try my best!) like nothing has changed with my spending habits since I blogged. I still go to the same discount stores like Marshalls & to my fave F21, H&M. Although I wish to have that Chanel or YSL bag someday....but it's not something I would do because I am a blogger. :-)


  6. Wow it's so great to see how I compared on the survey. Very interesting what everyone would spend and the average! Great post!
    xo, Lee

  7. This is such a helpful post, Gina! I have to give it to you for great post ideas. It's a good gauge to see if you're spending too much or not. If most people are spending less than you on an item you know there are better deals out there! I try to never buy anything full price but there are always those few items, mainly classics, that you know you'll be wearing forever that I don't mind spending a lot on.

    1. Thank you so much for the nice words Cynthia! I'm glad to know my topics interest other people sometimes, and thank you so much for participating!

  8. Great post. I love the coral bathing suit.


  9. This is so great! It is nice to remember that bloggers are real people who just happen to have a shopping habit, ha! I enjoyed seeing all the averages and where I am within the range. Thanks for the information and for including me! You always come up with the best things.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

    1. Thank you so much Amy! There's definitely a different tier of professional fashion bloggers, and while I'd love to survey their habits, I don't happen to know any. :)

  10. Very interesting! I love seeing data like this and I think for the most part, I fall in line with the average. Now that's also what I "think" I'm spending. Now if you averaged out my receipts, perhaps that may be different?

    1. Haha, yes, there is definitely a margin of error to be assumed considering this is all self-reported data. But still it gives an idea of what people consider to be normal, even if reality is slightly different.

  11. This is such an interesting post! I have only been blogging a short time but I still get comments from friends about my spending even though I'm not spending anymore than before. I'm glad to see that I fall into the average for most of the categories!


    1. I think at some point I'll have to do a follow-up with a similar survey for non-bloggers. I'd be curious to see how their average compares to that of a blogger!

    2. should do that! I wonder if the difference is that we buy more clothes as a blogger...even if the price per item is still the same? I feel that I do.

    3. Merrie- I had exactly that thought (that we may just buy MORE items, if not spend more PER item). I feel like there will have to be a series of follow up surveys to answer all the questions. :)

  12. This was a great idea for a feature. Very helpful! - J

  13. This is very interesting! I've always wondered how I compared. I think I'm pretty average in most categories, except shoes, but I knew that already, lol!

    Nicole to the Nines

  14. Definitely such an interesting post and insightful to see if blogging effects spending habits.
    xo Adri

  15. I'd say that I'm pretty average for this data, but there's one outlier: handbags. I've bought 1 in the past 5 years (and gotten a few as a gift) and it was on major sale! I carry a computer bag to work and I've been wanting a Lo&Sons bag, so maybe I'll break out of my rut there!

  16. Great post! I tend to thrift shop and buy discounted pieces. :-)


  17. I certainly splurge the most on shoes and bags! Its an expensive habit!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  18. Oh gosh, this post is a reminder to watch my spending, haha!! It's so interesting and so true, great post!!!

  19. This was so interesting to read! It is definitely interesting to see how what things people will splurge on!

  20. This is something I have always wondered! I'm so glad to get a little insight!


  21. We have to thank VS semi-annual sale for cheap underwear (LOL!). Handbags and shoes are definitely a splurge, however, I will always stand for quality over quantity. Very informative post!

    1. So true about the VS underwear! I had *several* respondents indicate their underwear was priced at 6/27 or whatever the going rate for a VS sale is. :)

  22. Oh No! I totally forgot to respond to your questions this weekend, I'm so sorry Gina! Next time I'll do it right away.
    I will say that I'm very much in line with the girls who participated. The only thing I really enjoy spending money on are handbags ;)

    1. No worries Noelle! The wheels are turning in my head for another survey so I'll be sure to include you again!

  23. I was very surprised to see that my answers were pretty "average". I thought for sure I'd be on the lower end. I do spend more for handbags but I only buy one expensive bag every year or every other year. I'm shopping around now for a cognac colored one. That zebra skirt is fabulous but I really don't need any more skirts for my stay-and- work- at-home lifestyle

  24. I loved seeing the averages of these categories! I was a little all over the place, sometimes I was above average and some I was on average. Such a great idea Gina! Thanks for asking me to participate!!


  25. I absolutely enjoyed taking part in this survey; thx so much for including me Gina! I am with everyone on spending the most for shoes and handbags. I find a lot of cute clothing items on sale as paying full price seems silly. Bags I like usually get discounted less than the clothes so I have to splurge on those sometimes. :) I was a bit surprised jeans didn't make the splurge list, it can be hard to find the best fit on those, maybe its just me or maybe I should try Express for jeans. (which I am re-loving more and more everyday thx to you:) A lovely, informative post. XOXO, Elif

  26. This is totally awesome!! Thanks for sharing all these fun facts. Great post. ~ The Fashionista Momma

  27. It's interesting that the handbags were so much...$! I expected the shoes to be the highest. Thanks for asking me to be a part!

  28. This was very interesting to read! I do spend a little more on shoes and handbags too, but more so handbags than shoes!


  29. Loved reading this - so interesting! I splurge on handbags the most, but even then I'll buy it on sale and would only spend over $100 if I really "needed" it, Lol. ;-) I don't spend much at all in the other categories, feeling pretty good about my spending, haha!


  30. This is a cool post, doll- being a blogger can get a bit expensive at times (or maybe I'm just a blogger because I also love to shop, ha!).


  31. Very interesting survey! Visiting today via Style Sessions, P x

  32. Loved this post! Since I've started blogging I've definitely spent more $$ on certain things than before blogging, but hardly ever pay a full price for anything. But I'm also older now and can afford things I couldn't years ago.

  33. What a great idea for a post! I loved learning what everyone spends. It makes me feel better about not having nicer things. A lot of fashion bloggers have nice things, but I don't have their budget. I like to spend around $10 for a tee or nice shirt and less than $10 for jewelry for example. Stores like TJ Maxx and Ross are my favorites, but even then I shop sale and clearance.

    Thanks again for this post!

  34. I just did some damage at the 70% off express sale...eeeeee..... can't wait to get my packages!!! I'm sure you'll be reporting on some coveted sale items soon!

  35. this was an extremely interesting article. wish I would see more of these from the fashion blogging community. i am all about the cold hard details but don't do a very good job of sharing about it. thank for inspiring

    Colour Me Classic

  36. how fascinating! i definitely fall into the lower end, not that i'm a fashion blogger at all. great read, thanks for sharing! :)

  37. Oh wow, perfect example of why I'm not able to be a fashion blogger. I just blog fashion when there's something special going on, or maybe I'll try once a week, but wow, it surely must get expensive if you do it full time.


  38. interesting~ thanks for sharing


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