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Lots of bloggers do Insta-Lately posts, and they happen to be some of my favorites to read with all kinds of random fashion, food, and fun. Even though I'm not on Instagram, I decided nothing's stopping me from sharing random pictures from my phone on the blog. So if you're wondering what I'd post if I were on Instagram (I know it's unlikely that you were, but just play along anyway), this post might give you an idea.


One of the benefits of making friends with another blogger is that I no longer have to make fashion decisions on my own. Keep or return this thing? Which shoes go with this? Any time I have a question now I just take a picture and text it to Carylee.

For example I ordered a pair of J Crew Factory Chino Shorts in Vintage Kelly. On the website they looked like a nice emerald green, but in person I wasn't convinced. So here's how I made my decision:

The lace cami I was unsure about in that last message? It's the Baroque Tiered Lace Tank.  She had re-assured me that it could look cohesive with tank underneath, then I played the phone-a-friend option again for deciding which shoes to wear with it.

Lace Tank: Express / Tank: Old Navy (Neon Orange Sherbet) / Shorts: Old Navy (Magic Island)  / Metallic Gold Sandals: Forever 21 / Cognac Sandals: Target


Food seems like a popular thing to put on Instagram, but the only food photos I have on my phone are of different kinds of cobblers. Why cobblers? Because I try to be a good friend, that's why. So when the same friend who gives me free fashion advice asks me to remind her to take a pair of her shoes to the cobbler, I take my responsibility very seriously, and periodically send photos like this:

Cobbler image and recipe: Source

That was from Memorial Day, and I'm pretty sure Carylee still hasn't taken those amazing shoes to the cobbler, so feel free to stop by her blog and drop a maybe mention your favorite kind of cobbler. (Mine's peach!)


I throw in pictures of my own outfits whenever they make sense with the context of my posts here, so there are always a bunch of outfit selfies on my phone. That's pretty embarrassing in real life, so anytime I show someone a photo on my phone I give them this warning:

Swiping would lead to the discovery of some of these "might find a reason to put them on the blog" outfits:

Left: Blouse: Express / Shorts: Express / Bracelet: Express / Sandals: Target / Necklace: Express

Middle: Tee: Express / Shorts: Express / Bracelet: Express / Spike Necklace: Express / Sandals: Macy's

Right: Lace Tank: Express / White Cami: Target / Mint Shorts: J. Crew (Similar J Crew Factory Version) / Bracelet: Express / Sandals: Macy's

Shop the Outfits:


If you've followed this blog for awhile, you know I see Express stuff everywhere. On TV, in magazines, in name it. Even driving around town I see Express stuff, and I feel compelled to take pictures of it when I do.

This looks like a nice place to live....

Am I being paranoid or are they following me like everywhere now??

Well, I'm sure it wasn't exactly like Instagram, but I think I covered the major categories for participation there, so thanks for indulging me!

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  1. I love how you styled the layered tank and I need that neon berry portofino. Pretty please start an IG account, you can even put it on private if you want to control your following, because I need a non creepy way to stalk you lol. Ok ordering that baroque tank now I can't never find my size in stores :/ I hope my coupons are still valid.


    1. Cannot wait to see how you wear the lace tank! I haven't ruled out IG completely...I'll keep you in the loop if I join!

  2. Hahahahah I don't know where to start! But you're an IG natural!!
    I'm dying! And ok- I really am grabbing my shoes right now!!!
    And in other news- the cobalt tee and striped shorts are awesome!
    And did I tell you I ordered a lace tank? I got the black!! Ok I think that's it! :)

    1. I will be stalking you (as always) to see how you wear it. :)

  3. I'd love to follow you on IG if you decide to join =) I refuse to give my phone to strangers. I get so nervous when people looking on my phone. Nothing bad to hide but you know what I mean. Have a great Wednesday, Gina!

    1. Yes, definitely! Budget data, other personal one else needs to see that.

  4. Can you please join instagram? Lol! Loved today's post! It was fun taking a journey into your phone! You and Carylee are too cute together!

    Hope your week is going well!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  5. So cute! I love phone pics. Cause I usually snap stuff that I don't post on IG but it's fun to share.
    xo, Lee

  6. Lol-cute post!! The texts are hilarious. I'm really loving your mint shorts and the lace cami such a pretty and summery look!! Have a great Wednesday:)
    Marta, xo

  7. You bought the blue and white striped shorts!! Yay!! They look so fab on you, haha!

    1. Thank you! And yes, I bought them back on the Memorial Day sale (I think??) but haven't found a place to put them on the blog until now.

  8. Lol, I love the texts between you and Carylee! I have very similar conversations with my friends.

    Nicole to the Nines

  9. I actually love the color of these shorts!! It's a great green!! And I was laughing so hard about the don't swipe to the right or left...just look!!! That is so me!! Also, glad you now know that I am not Shane-uh!! Ha!!

  10. Love this post today! Your texts are so funny! The lace top paired with the mint shorts is my favorite!


  11. You should join Instagram if only to entertain me. I know you'd have hilarious posts and some great fashion posts too. The train and restaurant photos are hilarious. I usually don't think fast enough to take pictures like this. My iPhone photos are really bad, blurry photos with 5-6 in a row of the same thing. I am a terrible phone photographer. I really love that lace tank and what a great idea to layer a regular bright tank underneath.

    1. OMG, I'm the WORST photographer. As evidenced by my entire blog. But...I keep trying anyway!

  12. That lace tank is super pretty, do you have it in every color Gina???


    1. I just have Black and Natural. I didn't know they added white until I was preparing this post, and now I'm freaking out a little. I want the white one but it seems ridiculous to have white AND natural since they're so similar!

  13. I love that lace tank too! I send outfit selfies to by Gubby every time I shop because he is always honest! The number of neck-down selfies on my phone is slightly embarrassing.

  14. I LOL about the leprechaun green. I also really liked the blue top and blue and white striped shorts.


  15. Hey, nice post! I’m Cameron and I’m very interested in fashion and style. I think you would enjoy my posts; I would really appreciate you checking out my site! Thanks!

  16. You are seriously so funny! I love that you and Carylee are real life friends. Also, you totally need to get on Instagram already! It is seriously my favorite social media. It is easy and positive. I love getting to see snippets of people's real, everyday life. It's like a mini blog!!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  17. That neon berry-colored Portofino is gorgeous- need it!
    Happy Thursday, babe!


  18. haha what a great post! i love following people on instagram, so duh i totally wished you were on instagram. i text my real life friends with help on clothes and they were getting a bit sucky so now i text my blog friends and they respond so much faster and more honestly.

  19. I'm glad you got the lace looks really cute with the neon cami. The green shorts are a really pretty color too...I hope you decided to go with them :).

  20. This was hilarious. You know I don't have Instagram either, but you should because your life is exciting enough to have one. I laughed so hard while reading this. And the white lace tank looks gorgeous with the neon tank underneath it. Love it. =)


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