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Fitting Room Reviews

It's been a minute since I did an extended fitting room session, but last weekend's in-store only promotion of $50 off $100 gave me the motivation to go in store and take advantage of the deal. There are so many things I've featured here that I wanted to try on in person to see if they would work for me. Er...I mean...I went in out of the kindness of my heart to give reviews for Express shoppers everywhere!


I'm showing these side-by-side with the stock photo for comparison of how they fit on the model vs. me. I'm 5'4" and I thought all of these looked quite a bit longer on me.

Ruffled Zip Front Romper (In Bright Salmon)
Ruffled Zip Front Romper Details: If I were going to get a dress-up type romper, this would be the one. It was pretty easy to get on and off, has pockets, and is just totally cute in person. I usually wear a 0 in Express dresses and that's what I took in this romper. The color is also prettier and brighter in person than in the stock photo.

Other color options:
Ruffled Zip Front Rompers

Lace Trimmed Woven Romper: (Currently sold out online)

Lace Trimmed Woven Romper Details: I saw this piece on Natalia and loved it. I also loved the way it looked when I got it on. But...I did not love getting it on and off. It's a button up, so you have to undo and redo each of those buttons every time you get dressed or go to the bathroom. I just don't have the patience for that, so it's a no go for me. It comes in XS-L and ran true-to-size for me.

Strapless Slub Knit Romper:

Strapless Slub Knit Romper Details: I'm wearing an XS, and it was very baggy and roomy, so I'd say it runs a bit large. I liked the easy on and off aspect and the pockets, but I think I'd prefer something a little more fitted. I may check out this Old Navy Women's Jersey Tube Romper that Kellie posted since it looks very similar.


Pink Cami Sundress:
Pink Cami Sundress Details: Even though the top of this dress is a cami style like the Lace Trimmed Romper,  these buttons are just for decoration, so the dress came on and off easily over my head. This is sized XS-L and ran true-to size for me. I loved the fit, color, and pockets on this and would love to have a couple of colors for summer.

Other color options:
Cami Sundress - Express
Blue / Black / Green / Batik Print 

Lace Inset Trapeze Dress:

Lace Inset Trapeze Dress Details: This is a comfortable, lightweight, relaxed fit sundress that comes in Ivory and Royal Blue (which is more like navy if you ask me). There were no surprises with this one in terms of fit or fabric. I didn't get it because I didn't feel it suited my personal style, but I had no complaints with it either.


Fitted Denim Shirt and Portofino Shirt (in Mars Red):
Also wearing : Halogen Kyla Sandal / Stella Extreme Stretch Jeans / Target Tassel Necklace (Current Similar) / Target Belt

Fitted Denim Shirt Details: I didn't really find this shirt to be fitted despite the name. I'd say it's more of a relaxed fit denim shirt. I also thought it was little short in the waist, making it difficult to tuck in. I have it tucked in for the photo but it would not stay that way moving about throughout the day. Sizing was basically the same as a Portofino (XS), but there's no tapering at the waist and it buttons all the way to the top.

 Portofino Shirt Details: I didn't need to try this on for sizing since I already own this shirt in just about every color. Except red. So I just needed to see if this particular shade of red worked for me. It did, and I hope to own this ASAP.

Strappy Two Layer Trapeze Tank and  Striped Linen Cuffed Shorts:

Strappy Two Layer Trapeze Tank Details: I love the back detail of this and the flowy vibe for summer. I would need a bandeau bra to go with it, though. It's cut pretty low on the sides and is flowy so it would be hard to stay properly covered without a bandeau.

Striped Linen Cuffed Shorts Details: I really wanted these after seeing them on Darcy here. They didn't feel as short as they sounded with a 2.5 inch inseam, but they sit pretty low on the hips so that might help. I vary between a 0 and 00 in Express shorts (as well as pants) and the 00 fit in these.

Zip Front Cami  Space Dyed Short Sleeve Baseball Tee / Rolled Sleeve Zip Back Top (Also in Black, White and Blue: Here) / Cotton Pocket Tank

Details: No surprises with any of these pieces in terms of sizing. I'm wearing an XS in all of them and except for the Cotton Pocket Tank (far right), I was happy with the fit. (I would probably need to size up to a small for a better fit in the bust on the Cotton Pocket Tank.) The Zip Front Cami was my favorite of these pieces, and naturally, I want it in every color now!

Baroque Tiered Lace Tank:

Baroque Tiered Lace Tank Details: I. Love. This. Top. Many of the lace tops I've tried from Express in the past have not worked for me due to lack of stretch and an overall awkward fit. That was not the case for this lace top. It has some stretch so it's easy to get on and off. It runs true to size (I'm wearing an XS in the photos) with a slightly relaxed fit. As of now, the Natural color (far left photo) is the only one available online. I didn't even know there was a black version until I saw ONE left in my size in store.  Needless to say I couldn't leave the store without it, and I'm already planning ways to dress it up and down this summer.

Left: Stella Extreme Stretch Jeans / Necklace: Old (Etsy maybe?) / Cami: Target / Shoes: Zara
Right: Sandals: Target /  Shorts: Target / Bracelet: Express

So I left the store with just the Lace Tank and the Striped Shorts since that took my total to just over the 50% off promotion point.  And I also left with a wishlist a mile long and the confirmation that I am not a romper person. I hope you enjoyed shopping along with me and found some useful product details here!

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  1. Gina, thank you for these fitting room pics! It's always nice to see how they fit on a regular person. I love the first romper on you. The color is so pretty. I might have to grab this up for myself =) Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Wow, that Lace top looks stunning on you...great pick!!! I also love the coral/red colors on you! I really like the first romper you tried...I especially like that its a zipper for easier on-off abilities. Great round's always nice to see how they look in person rather than the stock photos. I've noticed with Express that the colors are most likely more vibrant in person, and yes, everything looks longer on you vs the stock photos. Good info!
    Kellie @
    p.s. Thanks for the shout out girl! ;-)

  3. It makes me sad when the picture online doesn't show how bright a color is! You did a great job here! Love rompers this year but the picture's always make me think they are shorter than they appear! So cute.
    xo, Lee

  4. i just love that first romper on you, and the cami sundress, and the lace top. haha!
    i know $40 isnt that expensive, but that is just too much for me for a sundress :( boo, because it is really cute. how tall are you though, as it looks like it would be too short on me.

  5. Such a cool post Gina, and I love that first romper, would have never picked that color from the model, but I love it on you, so bright!!


  6. What a great post! The dressing room in your EXPRESS is so bright! Mine is like a dungeon! Ha! I LOVE the first romper and I didn't give it a second look online but it is SO pretty on you and the color is so vibrant! Last week's sale was so good! I cannot wait until their next one since I have a few new items on my try on list (thanks to you!)


  7. Okay, you look good in seriously EVERYTHING you put on! I love the coral color on you. I've been looking for a romper, but have a hard time finding one that fits right since I'm 5'10''. You're right, it's hard to find the exact right one. I also loved that white trapeze dress and lace tank when I saw them. Glad you got it! May have to go back and take another look...

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  8. I'm reading this during our lunch break and I know I have to read this in my privacy of my own recliner so I can enjoy it and further digest all these goodies! But I know I need that lace tank to wear over my new teal bandeau!!! Http://

  9. I love rompers, I wish they fit me the way they look on everyone else!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  10. I loved this post and thanks for linking back to me!! You are just making me so anxious for my shopping ban to be over with all these great items, haha!!

  11. It's so helpful to see everything on a real person versus the stock photo! Love that Cami sundress and lace shirt! Can't wait for my May shopping ban to cease!


  12. You are rocking those rompers, wow! I want your arms...and legs. OK, creepy much? :)

  13. I totally agree that my clothing must come on and off easily. Gina, I think back to my original comment on your blog. It was about the black joggers being featured in Redbook and how they were perfect for a date. I can't remember your exact snarky comment, but it was along the line of how perfect for them to be easy to remove during a date. When you mentioned the button up Lace Trimmed Woven Romper, that 's what I thought about. What is wrong with me...? :-)

  14. That first jumper is so cute!
    Thank you for linking up

  15. Gina the cami dress, & woven romper look adorable on you. I also love that sexy, girly lace tank (I'd want one in black and one in white lol) and the cute 2-colored baseball tee. But I agree clothes shouldn't be a chore to put on or take off. =)

    And BTW your comments always make my day, Keep them coming!! Come vote for Vivian today (read today's post). Thanks so much!

    <3 Ada.

  16. I love those striped shorts. Thanks for the post! I'm so over online shopping. I feel like I am returning more than I keep these days.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  17. Oh my gosh, that first romper is adorable and LOOKS great on you! Isn't it crazy the difference in length... I'm over 5'9" so things tend to be very short on me :( Also, loving the lace sheer tank!

  18. I've been to your blog a handful of times from different linkups and I hadn't realized until this post and your disclaimer that you post a lot of these posts reviewing different Express clothing items. What a great resource!! I've never actually purchased anything from Express but have been recommended to try them. Thank you so much for all the great info!
    Stopping by from the What I Wore to Work link up
    Exploring My Style

  19. Love the peach one :D


  20. I'm a sucker for a good romper- looks like Express has some cuuuuute ones for spring and summer! :)


  21. Yay! I'm so happy you did another fitting room review. I've been loving Express and their Summer collection so I have quite a wishlist going! I was able to snag three tops last week (two are more cropped but I'm not wearing them that way, and I was able to get a sleeveless portofino). I really want a romper! Like I said before, I'm not sure if I'll get one due to the comfort factor but they are so cute! I also love the little sundresses you featured. I will be stopping by Express again soon LOL.

  22. Adorable romper! Looks so cute on you!!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  23. Great post! I love seeing the pieces modelled on a real person and your comments about the pieces are really helpful. FYI I think you look better than the models :) The lace top is gorgeous!! I wouldn't have been able to leave it behind either. Rachel xx

  24. Your Express posts are the best; seriously I want to go buy every piece! :)) Ok if I have to be a nice girl and choose, I have to have that romper. I pinned it before but seeing it on you it is even more gorgeous. Also the lace tank- amazing!!! I am glad you bought it, looks great on you and you don't have to limit yourself to summer with that. You can layer it for winter too! XOXO, Elif

  25. Oh, I'm so bummed that you didn't get the hot pink looked fabulous on you and was adorable! :( The strapless black one was cute too. The lace tank and stripe shorts are also really cute, so I guess I can't be completely disappointed. :)

  26. I really do want to try a romper this year. Great picks!

  27. I love seeing pics of real people wearing the clothes! The sleeveless romper is my favorite - I may have to check that out!

  28. I actually think the romper looks great on you!
    And this is getting freaky cuz I'm totally 5'4" too and we are both Gina's! Lol!
    Love your blog~

  29. I have not yet tried the romper trend, but you are making me want to give it a shot! Thanks for linking up!!
    xo, Steph of White Coat Wardrobe & Bethany of Perfectly Coutured

  30. I love the bright salmon romper at the top but am gutted as I live in UK. I also like the black lace tank which surprises me as I'm not a fan of black at all but I like the way you wear it over a light top.

  31. That first romper is so cute! Really love the idea of fitting room reviews!


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