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Monthly Fashion Horoscope: Taurus

The last month flew by since the last installment of my Fashion Horoscope series, but we are entering the month of Taurus,  the second sign of the Zodiac, so it's time for the next installment of this series by the *Internet's Foremost Fashion Astrologer. (*Self-proclaimed, no credentials required.)

Anyone with a birthday from April 20-May 20 falls under the sign of Taurus, so let's take a closer look at some traits of this sign, summarized from this article.

About Taurus:
  • Symbol: The Bull (and as expected, they are usually bull-headed and stubborn)
  • Element: Earth
  • Flower: Poppy (for all Zodiac flowers see here)
  • They love the good life in all its forms: from fine dining to material goods
  • A happy home life is very important and it includes a partner and a stable relationship
  • They are true romantics and loyal to the core
  • They are extremely patient and dependable, among the most practical and reliable members of the Zodiac
Famous Taurus Women:
  • Jessica Alba, Tina Fey, Nikki Reed, Kelly Clarkson, Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz, Cate Blanchett, Renee Zellwegger, Tori Spelling, Audrey Hepburn
Taurus Style:

Nikki Reed:

Jessica Alba:

Audrey Hepburn:

Shop a Taurus Look:

Jessica Alba (stank face not included):
Jessica Alba-style outfit via Express

Pink Floral Split Back Tank / 22 Inch Cotton Sateen Jacket / Ultimate Double Weave Columnist Ankle Pant / Pave Chevron Necklace

Audrey Hepburn (with a current spin on her classic look):
Audrey Hepburn style via Express

2 inch High Rise Cotton Sateen Shorts / Striped Boxy Crop Top / Laser Cut Pointed Toe Flat

And for the rest of us non-Taureans, we can turn to the Astrological Color Chart (Source) for our Fashion Horoscope this month:

Taurus Month Horoscope

Sagittarius: Patch Pocket Denim Jacket
Scorpio: Twist Back Top
Libra: Stella Zip Ankle Legging
Virgo: Green Cami Sundress
Leo: EXP Core Strappy Sports Bra
Cancer: Laser Cut Pointed Toe Flat
Gemini: Fringed Bandeau Swim Top / Strappy Bikini Bottom
Taurus: Double Zip Front Satchel
Aries: Five Pocket Twill Pant- Red
Pisces: Lattice Yoke Tee
Aquarius: Lip Gloss- Plum Passion
Capricorn: Rhinestone Embellished Hi Lo Hem Tee

I hope had a little fashion horoscope fun and that you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Taurus style. Thanks for stopping by and Carylee and I would love to have you link up below for Manic Monday. Any topic is fine- recipes, fitness, fashion, lifestyle etc.

P.S. Free shipping on every order at Express today, plus it's the last day of the 40% off storewide!

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  1. Love love Jessica Alba's style. She looks incredibly chic in her monotone outfit. I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well. Thanks for hosting this week's manic Monday.

  2. I love the fashion horoscope series!! Such a fun read!! I hope you had a great weekend!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  3. Yay, I love the monthly horoscope posts! And thank you for including Audrey Hepburn, a true style icon. So much fun seeing how you recreated her look with Express.

    1. Thank you Cynthia! It was fun to see how classic her style really is!

  4. I love this! "Stank face not included" ?!?!?! You kill me!!! You are so good at this! I love that outfit and it's amazing that I can find it all in Express and 40% off! I just don't know how you find these outfits! So impressive and I just love everything that you come up with! Fan for life girl, fan for life!

  5. I love my pick this month, that little dress is too cute. I'm trying not to go crazy after my shopping ban so I'm staying away from Express for now.

    1. Yessss...after the Virgo sweatpants debaucle last month I'm glad to hear you are more comfortable with a sundress. ;)

  6. Cute post! I'm a Leo but I don't like yellow all that much (except in accessories). And I love Audrey Hepburn's style, as well as Jessica Alba's -- great picks! :)

    Jen @ Librarian for Life & Style

    1. Hm, I will have to refine my astrological skills for next month to see if I can find some different inspiration to accommodate those who aren't tuning in with their astrological color! Thanks for reading and for the feedback!

  7. Audrey & Jessica are definitely my style icons both on the red carpet & off!


  8. I love how you show Horoscopes! So cute. I didn't know Audrey Hepburn was a Taurus! As always great post!
    xo, Lee

  9. HAHAH! "Stank face not included". I love these posts, Gina! You do such a good job!!

  10. I love jessica Alba's outfit's! Great outfit posts with celebs!

  11. Gina, I always look forward to your unique posts and Monday link-ups.

    This post in particular was great because you know I'm a Taurus. My Birthday is in 2 weeks. I knew Audrey Hepburn was a Taurus too. And I absolutely adore Jessica Alba's style. I pinned her looks.

    I didn't know about Poppy being our flower so thanks for that info. ;-)

    Have a Great Monday, Ada. =)

    1. I didn't remember that you were a Taurus but that's fun to know! Happy early birthday, and glad to know you connected with your sign-style icons!

  12. I have been waiting for this feature to come out! Which is weird bc it's my my sign! Haha!
    I just love Nikki Reed. Love love love!
    I think I could come back as a Taurus in my next life!

  13. You always pick such awesome outfits, that it makes me feel like I really belong on all the signs :)


    1. Thanks Natalia! I'm glad to hear that! I'll be interested to see if you still feel that way in a few months- we have some unique sign styles coming up!

  14. I love Jessica Alba's style! She always looks great!

  15. Such a fun post! I love Jessica Alba and Nikki Reed's style!


  16. I love this post. Great job.


  17. I really love Jessica style!!! great one:)

    Patchwork à Porter

  18. Yay! Another zodiac post. These are so fun. I just love Jessica Alba and her style. She always looks so well put together. She has to use a stylist. Wouldn't it be nice to tell someone to pick out a bunch of outfits for you even for just running errands??

  19. My best friend is a Taurus! We get along very well :) All of these lovely ladies have great style! Who can beat Audrey? No one in my book!

  20. I'm a Taurus! Yay to us!! ;-) I like Nikki's style and lol at Jessica Alba's stank face.


  21. Hey, can you give a few more details on what the "vibrationally sound" portion of the color wheel means? (I assume I'll need a hit of LSD to fully understand :) I had no idea Hepburn was a taurus...i guess she's a tiny little bossy all the looks!

  22. You can't go wrong with the ageless look of Audry Hepburn....!!! :)
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  23. The Monthly Fashion Horoscope is back and I LOVE it (like always) ! The more I looked at the Taurus celebrity outfits, the more I thought I may have a bit of Taurus in me although I am a scorpio. Or maybe because my hubby is a Taurus; it rubbed on me a little too! :-)) I would definitely wear all of both Nikki Reed's and Jessica Alba's outfit happily; and my favorite Audrey Hepburn is also a Taurus lady! All around love for this fashion sign! <3 XOXO, Elif

  24. Nikki + Jessica have seriously envious style- love 'em! :)
    Happy Tuesday, babe!


  25. I love the white shorts and the striped shirt. Thanks for sharing and linking up again with us at the #WWDParty - have a wonderful weekend!

  26. Too fun. I love the yellow cutout flats, and I'm a Cancer. Go figure! :-)

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