Back in February, I posted my opinion that a little black dress is kind of overrated for how often I actually need one and how it's not nearly as versatile as say, a little black tee. (See post here.) I would like to hereby amend that opinion to say "little black dress*." The asterisk (*) would refer to a footnote like this:

* By Little Black Dress, the author implies formal or semi-formal attire. This excludes the Casual Little Black Dress, which shall hereinafter be referred to as a CLBD. Further due diligence has shown the CLBD to be quite versatile, and the author submits Exhibits A-I for your consideration: 

 Pin Sources Top:  A / B / C
 Middle: D / E / F 
Bottom: G / H (via Seams for a Desire) / I

Last week Ellen of Everyday Fancy wore her casual LBD in three different, creative ways and it reminded me that I have yet to find even one way to wear my CLBD. And I'm closing in my 30 day "wear it or return it" window, so it's decision time.

I picked up the Zip Back Drop Waist Dress on clearance but they still have a few sizes and colors left in stock.

For spring weather I always need some kind of jacket or long sleeves to start the day until it warms up, so I thought I would try mine with my denim jacket like this pin:

Dress shown with Express Patch Pocket Denim Jacket and Target Tori Sandals

This was a fail for me. The drop waist dress didn't look right with the cropped jacket. NEXT. (I hate even showing pictures like this but I'm doing it for the good of shoppers everywhere. Don't try this at home.)

I grabbed a few of my favorites pieces to see if they would work with this since I'm always looking for excuses to wear them, and I was basically content with this result. I didn't feel nearly as glamorous as the inspiration pictures, but good enough for real life where no photographers follow me around. I also tried on a couple of different sandals and would be content with either pair depending on how much walking I have to do.

Express Dress shown with  Linked Mixed Metal Chevron Necklace and Twill Moto Jacket
Left Sandals: Old (Very Similar) / Right Sandals: Sam Edelman

And whoa, everything is 40% off at Express right now! So if you're still hunting for the right CLBD the deals are great:

Express CLBD option

1) Black Cami Sundress  2) Rayon Hi Lo Hem Trapeze Dress  3) Lace Babydoll Dress
4) Lace Top Babydoll Dress  5) Smocked Waist Tube Dress  6) Slub Two Pocket Tube Dress 7) Embroidered Tiered Babydoll Dress

I could actually see myself getting a second CLBD option with a different neckline, waistline and fit for variety. Luckily I'm not in politics because this kind of asterisking and flip-flopping causes people to lose elections. In fashion, it's just trying something new, stepping outside your comfort zone, or expanding your horizons. Those all sound like positive things to me, so I guess this is my official #sorrynotsorry post for backtracking on my LBD* stance.

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  1. lovely! the longer jacket that almost meets the drop waist looks fab!...and both sandals look great. I love the second dress from Express too...I wonder if it would look cute on me or just like a giant potato sack? :) Thanks for the shout out :)

  2. What a cute dress! A drop waist can be difficult to style, but it's different from what you normally see, which I love. You make a good point; I have a LBD of the more formal variety, but a CLBD in my wardrobe would be a much more versatile option. Great post!

  3. Definite score on the second look!! I agree...a CLBD is probably a must for everyone. You can really do so much with them! 40% off at Express....may have to do some shopping!! Like that necklace that I see you and Carylee wearing from time to time...love it!!
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  4. To me it's not really about a LBD but just any solid color little dress, they come in handy when you're not sure what to wear. My must have is a little white dress I cannot remember a time when I didn't have one. Also being dark skinned black is not always my first choice. I love the one with the denim jacket.

    1. This is such a good point that I honestly didn't even think about (maybe because I rarely wear dresses at all). It really isn't the fact that it's black, just that it's a solid color that makes it so versatile. And yes, you look AMAZING in white!

  5. Loving the second look!! I have sadly only one LBD, it can be dressed up or down, but I know I need to get more CLBD's. I have been investing more into L(fillcolorname)D's over time, but now black needs to be brought back!

  6. This post is perfect! I love black dresses, not just the little ones either. I love the maxi, midi, mini, - the whole lot! Thanks for the inspiration on how to repurpose them for different outfits!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  7. I have a LBD that can be casual or dressy depending on what accessories I pair it with. It also happens to be my most comfortable dress that I own. So, yeah, I'm obviously pro-LBD in all forms :-) You can see what I mean here.

  8. So cute! A LBD is so essential!
    xo, Lee

  9. Ahhhhh love that we are on the same page!! Haha!
    And I totally agree. Whenever I have to be dressy, I stray from an LBD, but I abso love me a CLBD! Love that new acronym!!! Can't wait to shop your suggestions!

  10. Thanks for posting this, so many great suggestions! I even remember pinning some of those pics in the past, looks like it's time for them to be revisited. :)


  11. As much as I've claimed in the past that you can't go wrong with an LBD, I don't wear mine very often! I honestly only have one that I like these days ( and its from express). I like jeans so much more! They are so versatile!

    1. Yeah, I have to see how much I ACTUALLY wear this before I get a second one. I get sucked in sometimes to cute stuff but then just go right back to my favorites.

  12. I really need to get a new CLBD! My old one has gotten too short and I sold it to Plato's closet a few months ago. this post makes me miss it!

  13. So many chic styles! I definitely need to upgrade the LBD section in my wardrobe!

  14. If I saw you out in that outfit with either sandal I would think you look really cute!! Just as good as the inspiration photos. I have a bunch of CLBD that don't get enough wear. This post reminds me to pull them out of the back of my closet. The weather is perfect for this right now.

  15. I have a couple of CLBDs which I buy almost anywhere & I can't stop wearing them anywhere. I love adding a vest or a blazer or a denim jacket!


  16. Cuteness! I almost bought a dress last night, then I passed on it. One day mon cheri, one day!

    1. LOL, you and me both! I will be watching!

  17. Love the roundup of CLBDs...I want the first one! Thanks for taking one for the team and posting your "in process" photo...I really like how it turned out though. Also, I'll start dropping CLDB into my casual conversations...let's see if we can't get it into the dictionary next year!

    1. If not the dictionary, maybe 10 more bloggers will use the term? I make my goals low so I feel like a winner when I accomplish them. :)

  18. Great post! I personally don't wear black very often, but I have at least 3 LBDs and a CLBD...Barely ever seen!

    Thanks for linking up to Beautiful You!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly


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